It's Just Wings

88 Gore Rd, Morris
(469) 731-3467

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Unique Forbes

Im a usual customer and I’ve been realizing the quality of the wings have been dropping over the past few months but never would I thought it would get this bad, the wings i just ordered were horribly made looks like dog food literally just from the sight of it i wont even eat that garbage …. You guys have lost a loyal customer

Stephanie Jones

ordered a 32 piece and were not disappointed! got Nashville hot and santa fe. Nashville wasn't very hot but still tasty. wings were great size and cooked perfectly. so juicy. fries also good. just needed a tad more seasoning. 8 out of 10 will order again!

Janet Hall Bond

Nasty chicken nuggets and didn't get my fries. Tasted like they were fried a few days ago and in used grease where other food was fried.

Ashley H

The last two or three times we have eaten here the staff and service have been less then great or professional. We have heard staff talking about other customers loudly and rudely . We waited a long time for change while staff were having personal conversations. The staff made us feel like they didn't want to do their job. It made us feel very uncomfortable. The food is great but staff and professionalism need work! We love it here but if it doesn't improve we will be going elsewhere.

Priscilla Ferrell Beeks

Just horrible! You could barely eat the wings. Overcooked and very tough. No flavor at all. The fries were like the bottom of the bag because they were in pieces. The food wasn't even hot. No!!!!

Judd Moore

Just ordered wings for the Super Bowl..First time trying this place…in Boynton Beach,FL. Garlic Parmesan and Mild….we ate 2 wings a piece and that was it…worst wings we’ve ever had. Right in the garbage. If all you serve is wings,I don’t know how you stay in business.

Kyle Warren

delicious food, quick service, excellent customer service. have ordered from 2 different locations now and both were great everytime!

Cesar Diaz

Waited 50mins for food and we were only ones in dining room and then when we got food , it was cold. Not coming back.

Parking: 40 or more spaces

Wheelchair accessibility: Ramps from parking lot

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 2

Service: 2

Joan Rim Botts

Terrible experience. Wings had NO sauce. And our dry rub order was drowning in sauce. Fries were gross and inedible. Total waste of $30.

Jason Hignite

Food was good, but I did not get my entire order thar I paid for and they would not answer the phone when I called. Not ordering again.

Jason Barnhardt

I've had them before and it was good. Last time, and especially this time I ordered food and there was almost 0 sauce on the wings. highly disappointing. Guess it's time to find a new wing place

Kathy Dukes

Absolutely disgusting wings! Will never order again.

Alicia Long

Wings were just “okay”. They were meaty but also fatty and super dry. Charged extra dollar for 2 blue cheese that we didn’t even receive. And they split our 16 piece order into 2 separate containers and split the fries between the two containers with the 8 wings instead of putting the wings in one container and fries in the other container. In turn, the little bit of sauce on the wings ended up saturated into the fries. Won’t order wings from here again, will go elsewhere next time.

Bethany Marcum

my wings were raw on the inside. absolutely disgusting.

krissy paradiss

Food it very good and yummy!!! I highly recommend this place :)

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