Crawford's Pizza & Pub

170 Debby Dr, Mt Zion
(217) 864-1691

Recent Reviews

Brian Hastings

Good pizza, it's just with this economy you're going to pay for it

Barbara Clifton

Sorry but not really impressed. Not wanting pizza (which was my 1st mistake). Not a big selection on menu. Crust on our sandwiches was too crispy. I kept losing little pieces of chicken from my sandwich and sausage pieces falling out and drowning in marinara or pizza sauce. ☹️

Nick Hanson

Ate at Crawford’s before the high school football game. Service was great and the pizza was awesome!!

Sharon Coombs (PashNflower)

They have very good food their pizza is excellent I love their bread sticks and it's not far away.

amber odell

It's a Wednesday. I called 3 times waited 15 mins each time. I wasn't even given a chance to say a word before being put on hold again. I love your pizza but at least give me a chance to speak before put me on hold for the 3rd time. I truly hope your bosses are at least getting down with you. I know things are tough right now, but I am ?


It was suggested by hotel and I was very happy. A bit of wait for pick up, but staff was really hustling.

Briana Vargocko

They have amazing wings and pizza for a reasonable price. Great family environment and laid back atmosphere.


I ordered an hour ago, I live in Effingham. When the delivery driver finally made it up to my doorstep, I could tell this grown man had been crying the entire way. He looked so utterly saddened by the fact that he had to deliver a salad just to see my ripped, masculine body. He even had a hickey (which he didn't cover up). Salad was pretty good. Only thing I'd like to complain about is the driver. He kept telling me how hard it is to deliver out here and how the tip wouldn't even pay for the trip back home. Boo hoo grow up.

Paula Shamhart

Food great cook did wonderful job. Waitress was caring and could see all employees work helping each other. Place very clean.

Azra Hostetler

Delicious food but way too slow for service

Brent Phillips

Great pizza, but they need to hire more staff! Our waitress did a great job but she needed help!

Carla Black

The prices listed on line did not match what i was charged. They would not honor the online pricing saying that they can only control items within their app, not what google puts out. Aside from that, pizza was good.

Beth Ballweg

Ordered large bbq chicken pizza on 12/18 for supper (ordered under last name Herbord.) Not sure if the sauce changed recently, but it was the best one we've had from Crawford's. Previous orders have been great too, but this one topped them.

Mark “Mark” Herbord

Just had another Chicken BBQ pizza. On time and done perfect as always. Very friendly staff and always clean.

Beth D.

We ordered a mushroom, pepperoni, sausage pizza with extra cheese. The extra cheese tasted really good like fresh mozzarella. The other ingredients were kind of hidden underneath that but it didn't bother me any it tasted good. We also got the fried ravioli which I thought was great. And the salad also had a lot of generous cheese, which I appreciate because I like cheese. I don't think they gave us the right salad dressings that we asked for but not a big deal. It was much tastier than monical's has been for a while. Would definitely order again

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