1320 Shermer Rd, Northbrook
(847) 562-0064

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Meg P.

In times like these I like to support restaurants and businesses that are caring, compassionate, and ones that contribute to the community. Yet, this restaurant is utterly lacking when it comes to basic customer service and kindness. I'm pregnant and the sushi we received was placed all in one container. The raw fish & cooked fish/veggie rolls were not only placed together but the fish eggs (masago) got all over everything. Pregnant women cannot eat raw fish so this made the order unsafe for me. All I asked was to please remake my 2 rolls. The answer was NO and then we were blamed. Really?! We were previously ordering about 1x a week and now we will not be. What would have been an easy cheap fix is now something more. If you value restaurants that care please don't eat here.

Charles C.

I have always enjoyed the food here! Nothing too fancy but the food is great and the service is friendly and quick. I have done some curbside take out recently and the quality was still great! I will definitely be back to one of my fav sushi restaurants!

Ida's Salon

been ordering here for years...always good quality sushi...

Troy Orsini

I admire this venue very much. there is a special atmosphere. The meals are very tasty. the service is efficient and the team is very professional. The cost is satisfactory. greatly recommend.

marina abraskin

Excellent service, excellent food! Always accommodating and always friendly and welcoming! Highly recommended.

Thomas Ellis

Great food! They were out of guacamole today but considering the circumstances I’ll give them a pass. Overall great taco place with amazing food and are all reasonably priced. I will say two tacos is PLENTY for one person.

Stanley Williams

Great food, great experience. The staff was awesome as well. Returning soon!

Maria Jones

Delicious foods. Services are good and fast. Staff are very friendly.

Kate F.

Best food like this in the area! Love coming here and the food is fantastic. They have a beautiful tent set up outside and we had a wonderful night. We love the rock shrimp, asparagus and beef rolls, pork gyoza and spicy salmon and tuna sushi. Soooo good. Also Titina (who I believe was our server bc her name was at the bottom of our receipt) was a wonderful server!!! She was so great and made the experience all the better. 10/10 service and food!!

Taylor S.

We had takeout tonight and everything was amazing. They provided us with trays for soy sauce and many options of soy sauce. The spicy edamame was amazing, along with the vegetable maki roll. We will be coming back!!

Purnima Balachandran

Stale and really bad sushi. Even the avocado was brown and rotting. The rice was cold, the fish completely almost absent. The spider rolls were fried in old oil. Really the worst food in Northbrook. Also the prices are ridiculous for the horrendous quality of food. It took them an hour to prepare this sub-par meal. Must avoid- never again!!

Viola Matherne

First-rate ambience and super affable service. The food was fresh and enchanting. Will easily recommend this place to anyone. Convenient rates and generous meals. Good job.

Lewis Campbell

This restaurant is no doubt one of the tastiest place in the area. Whenever I come there I am awfully satisfied. They hold their high level service and the highest level of meals they give. You can never go wrong with this restaurant. Highly recommended.

William Franklin

They serve large portions and for convenient pricing. helpful owner. Fantastic work.

Ari R.

Great local business with good quality food. Definitely try the Godzilla roll (it's off the menu)!

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