1750 N Oakwood Rd, Oakwood
(217) 354-4205

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King Fred

This is the worst McDonald's I been to! I ordered table service on the app. I waited 30 minutes for an employee to bring my order to my table number, but there was no service. I went to the counter to check on my order and spoke with the manager. The order has been ready, but no one hasn't brought it to me. They end up giving me the same breakfast platter that they made 30min ago! Never coming back to this McDonald's!

Linda Williams

The last couple times I’ve visited this location, both the service and the food was excellent. My quarter pounder was hot and tasty with just the right ratio of flavors in every bite, and perfectly cooked fries. Hats off to all your employees for a job well done!

Kelly Rader

Ordered off menu item. I get their triple cheeseburger. Always fresh and made to order. Good food and fast service.Food: 5/5

Vickie Prentice

Always a friendly greeting and understanding my requests. Brayden and James are terrific employees. Oakwood, Illinois McDonald's.up until today everything was fine. The manager possible name Jordon yelled at me and said she hates to see us come in and special order and we complain too much (which we DON'T). She said we should find another place to go. To stop coming in her store. She was extremely rude. Very rude and mean. She needs an attitude adjustment. I said the first thing you learn in food service is that the customer is ALWAYS right. She said not really with her. ??. Don't special order with her around. You have lost a good customer now. Thanks to her. The order taker was very nice and so we're some of the other employees. I've never seen that manager smile at all. Just hollers grumbly at her workers in front of customers.


Listen you can't get better then this lol I ordered 2 for 6 and put my drink down to use the restroom and when I came back one of the workers had already grabbed my food and put it with my drink bagged and ready to go. I don't care what anyone says that's service.Food: 5/5

Darin Tabels

My wife ordered a double quarter pounder. The middle of the Pattie’s were frozen and inside of burger was pink. I suggest not coming here for dinner.

Unknown Pikachu

I love coming in the morning Matt is the best worker there always working hard they deserve some reward or something for all the stuff they do

Shelia Porter

We ordered our food and the food itself was good. The service was good as far as the employees themselves. The problem was when I ordered a mocha frappe and they said the machine was down for the night. Okay, it was 10 pm so I was like okay whatever. Then I ordered a hot coffee and the person taking the order says we have never served coffee at night! Since when???? I have ordered coffee at night from McDonald's for over 40 years, at night, since when do they not service coffee on a cold winter's night? This is Illinois for Pete's sake! So, I will not be back at this location for anything. If it was the middle of the summer I could see not having coffee at night. But the Speedway next door has good coffee and so does Love's Travel center. Go get your coffee there where it is fresh and they have coffee at night!

David Rice

Quite possibly the worst service I've ever had. The people refuse to acknowledge you standing at the front counter. Stood there for 5 minutes waiting to try and get ketchup, nobody would wait on me. They just kept looking at me.

Kyle Lyons

Shut it down. This McDonalds is consistently the worst it’s been my displeasure visit. Trash is always overflowing, tables dirty, orders always wrong, and management is extremely rude.

Kyle l.

Well. They've managed to do it again. Against my better judgement I gave this McDonald's another try because my 4 year old desperately wanted a happy meal with a toy. What a mistake. The problem wasn't so much that they screwed up my order (which they did) as was their response to it when I asked to get what I paid for. Not a big deal - or at least it shouldn't have been, but they forgot the toy as well as the two extra nugget sauces I asked and paid for. Again- not a big deal, just go in and ask them to fix it, right? Of course not. Not at this McDonald's. I was rudely told by the ample manager that she did indeed give me everything when clearly they did not. I can assure you, I am not in the habit of getting out of my car in -2°F when the winds are gusting to 48 mph just to pull a scam on McDonald's. This McDonald's has had a history of problems for a very long time. They treat their customers and employees like garbage. Speaking of garbage, their trash cans are always in a state of overflow and their tables are nearly always dirty. I genuinely surprised that they are still in business. I have been to a lot of McDonald's in a lot of places, I've even been pick-pocketed at one before. Despite being robbed - that McDonald's was 10 times better than this one. The Oakwood McDonald's is truly a disgrace. You would be better served by heading across the interstate to Hardee's. And please, owners, if you read this I do NOT want a voucher for a free breakfast from your pathetic establishment. I won't use them, and they won't placate me.

Harold Pygott

Food was cold fries either overcooked or reheated I have had McDonald's in all 48 states and the food in this one was by far the worst good service people friendly but the food was awful

Stacey Vice

Went through the drive thru and ordered 2 meals. Our drinks did not have any ice in them,was told to pull up to the first spot ,took about 20 minutes,people behind us got their orders first,still no one came out with our order,so went inside and our order was sitting on the counter. Chicken nuggets and fries were cold. Very poor service! Will not be going back.

Wendy Cox

Order took almost 25 minutes and was wrong. Understaffed. Priority to drive thru and Door Dash. If you order in the lobby you will WAIT and WAIT.

Bonny Gates

Waited in lobby 10 minutes, no one came to register, manager helping with drive thru mumbled something out of the side of her mouth with her back to me. Left with no service or foid.

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