760 W Champaign Ave St, Rantoul
(217) 892-5144

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Gwynne Anderson-Beck

Great customer service; clean restaurant; for a break away from the regular burger chains, its Arby's!

Tim Oyer

Great service! Hot and fresh food. Definitely recommend when you are in Rantoul!! Thanks

Dustin L. Derry

It's Arby's... if you are going here, you already know you want a pile of roast beef and cheese, however, do yourself a favor and l9ok at the rest of the menu. Some of the market sandwiches are actually healthy choices and FREAKING DELICIOUS!

adrienne eldridge

Very pleasant young man working the drive through. Our order was perfectly made and was still nice and hot when we arrived home.

Micaela Noel

Staff is always so sweet here. Food is always amazing. Keep up the great work guys

Dakota Sieple

as far as Arby's goes you can't expect much however this location always friendly and food always taste great

Jennifer Childers

Food was very good. Service was also excellent. Went to the drive thru cashier was very friendly. Food was fresh fries were hot.

Jim Hart

The place is dirty with fly's everywhere. The food is cold and without and flavor. Wouldn't suggest this place to anyone. Way over priced.

Melissa “Liss” Fiumefreddo

Only went through the drive thru for a milk shake. Whomever was there was so polite & courteous. Thank you.. not like being around Chicago.

Lori Bailey

Had the chicken salad sandwich w/curly fries, the sandwich was pretty good, just needed a little more salad on it, but the curly fries were great ?

Tara McFadyen

We visited this Arbys on 5/5/22 in the evening. The employees were so rude. It was about a half hour before closing time, so they made it clear that we were an inconvenience. My classic roast beef was slathered in cheese sauce & Arbys sauce, it was too gross to eat. Another person in our party ordered the steakhouse burger and only got a small cheese burger with only lettuce on it. When we asked for bbq sauce & ketchup, they obnoxiously filled a whole bag up to the brim with bbq & ketchup packets. We had been traveling all day and just wanted a bite to eat, little did we know we were driving thru a hornets’ nest!Thank you, management, however the web address you provided does not work, is there another?


I great on Talking To Peoples I liked Roast Beef I Lived in Paxton IL I Do liked the best is Doing Put money away I don't not Liked Peoples Bad Things

Samantha Miller

Clean restaurant. Helpful staff. I ordered the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap and Mac & Cheese, which both were good. Try the Mac & Cheese, for sure, because it is so creamy, cheesy and delicious.

Jim “Chubbs” Pearson

Short wait in line, polite intercom operator. They asked us to pull forward and then didn't put any condiments in the bag when they brought it after a 9 minute wait. They provided only one napkin per meal ordered, which seems kind of stingy. I take half blame for not remembering to ask for condiments, but by the time I could check the bottom of the bag the person who had brought the food out was back in the building; I drove through so I wouldn't have to go in because of COVID, so I wrote the horsey sauce off.Food was very fresh and hot. The roast beef sandwich was packed under the large curly fries so it got smashed. It still tasted fine.I want to be clear, all my complaints are minor, I'm just being transparent of what mistakes *were* made. Even considering those minor dings, it was, overall, a very good fast food experience. I'll definitely be back.

Sally Durkee

Delicious crispy chicken sandwiches. Husband loves there Ruben sandwich.

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