6150 N River Rd, Rosemont
(847) 825-3100

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Kris Begley

Depending on whos working the inside, you might spend 20 plus mins waiting for a couple of items! In addition, some of these people here need to know how to interact with people. The cashier during my last visit is one of them. Steer clear of this hot mess!

RyanandAlina Addison

While waiting for over 10 minutes to place my order, with only one other person in front of me, two items were missed. While waiting for my food overheard a rude interaction between the cashier and a patron where the manager was called over. The food is always pretty standard so no complaints there, just sad to wait that long and not receive correct items and hear others treated poorly.

Tina Tranfaglia

Did you know that McDonalds is a great place to meet up with clients? I love the 99 cent drink special for fountain beverages. I can treat everyone to their drink of choice without spending a lot (since I meet with people outside the office almost daily). At this particular location, the counter server fills your drink, so it is hard to get a refill due to the line, though I am sure they would do a refill. I do prefer when the fountain is not behind the counter. Otherwise, this is a very large McDonald's with lots of booths and high top tables, as well as ample parking, close to OHare Airport.

Carolyn Myers

I love this place...even tho the Manger acts special @ times...The other workers have AWESOME customer service..

Nic Feutz

Trying to decompress from a long day at a noisy hot convention, but all I hear in your lobby is beeping from the kitchen. That beeping, stop it! All of them!

G Party

Regarding the food, it's McDonald's; the quality is as predictable as the sunrise. There are 3 things I wish were different here. They are...

Jessie Sanchez

Asked for ketchup packets and manager said u don't like the ketchup in the counter I said I always ask for packets of ketchup. This was at 8:00 am. He only gave me 3 and its fine but got up for more. Mcdonalds food is good. But service sometimes have to be more professional because customer is always right.

Family First

They need to fix all their problems first of all you couldn't use your credit card on purchases on the drive-thru cash only for the month of May. Their ice cream machine is always down no matter the day or the hour I'm starting to think it's an excuse not to serve customers... this McDonald's is very expensive from all the other locations you would think that they would invest in fixing their ice cream machine and fixing there other issues... maybe one day I'll have time to call corporate or maybe they see this review but for now I will just have to drive to the other McDonald's on Mannheim Rd because that location never disappoints me...

Brent B.

Drive thru review. Faster than Jimmy Johns check. Correct order check. Polite staff check. Coffee tastes fresh and unburnt check. Enough condiments check. Enough napkins check. Maybe I got lucky? Maybe the actual Ronald McDonald manages this place?


Location next to my hotel. Went in for an ice cream cone late night. Place seemed ok. Staff was friendly. Cone was good.

Jonnathan Oyervide

The credit card system has been down for over 2 weeks....what a great place

Mark Geiger

Good food reasonable prices. Fast service


Prices neither too low nor too high, but they're pretty good quality and open reasonably late, and for the area that's a plus. The store is relatively clean, though the gate and several conspicuous anti-loitering signs may be off putting for first time visitors. The same can't be said for the McDonalds on Mannheim up the road.

Daniel Lin

Nice restaurant right next to the river (or some kind of water reservoir). After our visit we went outside and enjoyed the water view from the side walk, unfortunately there's some trash in the water. The establishment was modern and well decorated. Staff is friendly and bathrooms were what you would expect, clean. Parking filled up fast, but there is an overflow parking lot in the back. Location is close to O'Hare airport. Sure you can go to the O'hare cell phone lot but coming here is better as it is only 10 minutes away from the airport.

david lecapitaine

Customers called. Said they were starving and they asked if I would pick them up a bunch of burgers and fries at McDonald's quick. It was quick. Grabbed the food and headed to O'Hare to get my customers

D.D Harley

Very nice people and good service. Got my food quick with time to spare to get back on the road.

A Syed

It's a good place to eat and have a quick bite before you go to airport or coming back from a trip right at the corner of Higgins and Mannheim road in Rosemont Illinois USA

Ryan Johnson

The muffins are great. Also a decent place to take a dump of you don't want to do it an the alley behind the place. They could definitely clean the bathroom up a bit though.

Miguel Azpeytia

I give for star for the fact that they don't take 100s. But the fact that the guy at the window did his best to get someone else to break it down for something smaller made my day. But i for got his name. How ever in my book he deserves a 5 star.


Came here because it was the only place open at 1119pm in the area. I had missed a flight due to my first flight being delayed and I was staying in a hotel nearby. Service was mediocre at best and charging for extra sauce is just the most annoying thing ever,



6150 N River Rd, Rosemont, IL 60018