6150 N River Rd, Rosemont
(847) 825-3100

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Jeffrey S

It’s location was good and the food and service was fine since my hotel did not offer breakfast it was a quick walk. Seating is limited due to COVID 19

Thomasb Northwest

They are very energetic and friendly and they really go for a second effort to get the order perfect.. . Excellent family attitude GOLD STARS

Sharon Johnson

Went late placed a mobile order, went to the drive to retrieve order cashier was telling me to pay again, had to inform that it was already paid. Then when picking up order I inquired about the ice cream machine being on and was informed that it was so I asked if I could order one and was told I had to drive around again. ARE YOU SERIOUS. And I didn't get my complete order.

Kenzie E.

So tell me why these employees are so rude! I ordered about 10 minutes ago, when I pulled up to the window they gave us the wrong order, so we had to pull up and wait in a stall. They left us with the food so we began to eat the fries cause we were hungry and waiting forever! So "Maribel," comes out and takes the food from us, then she comes back out with our food. We ordered 10 pieces spicy and 6 pieces regular plus fries. So we were given 2 sauces... When she came back out I told Maribel we needed sauce, she literally screamed at me and said I had to get back in line and I only had a 6 piece, I hope she never becomes a manager! She was so rude!!! She literally screamed! I had to walk up to the window. I asked the manager for her name and he literally asked her, her name in Spanish as if he didn't know her name, he repeated after her, Maribel, not sure it's correct! He said I didn't ask for sauce and that was twisted cause we specifically asked for our sauces! I can't believe her anger, I should have been angry... I got the wrong order. I can't believe she took the food back during the Pandemic! I don't believe this Mexican woman treated me as if she was better than me and the manager encouraged it. I'm sure this isn't her first time. The only professional was the little brown skin girl at the window. She had excellent customer service...I hope they don't corrupt her!!!

Justin Hartman

While I am all for fresh food, this McChicken was overkill. It was so hot (temperature) and obscenely juicy (not in a good way) that it burned my mouth and I had to immediately spit it out.On the lighter side, the fries were perfectly salted.

Larry Jastper

Comon...its McDonald's its convenient and overpriced. Great fries?

Sampson Ieshia

Manager added onions on my sandwich when I told her not to and caused me to be sick for days ....poor customer service from managers on down....they don't listen to special order

Smoov 1.

This McDonald's always has the worst coffee this morning I ordered a Columbian coffee and it tasted like water with dish soap it's worth the travel down Higgins to the other McDonald's

Bianca E Bucio

Super friendly staff! One of my favorite break stops.

Bobby Shmurda

I ordered a big breakfast with hotcakes and the food was cold, the hashbrown was old and cold, so were the "hot cakes". On top of that the meal comes with a sausage and since I don't eat pork, I told one of the managers if she can replace it and the only thing she said she can replace it with was another pork item smh.

John P.

This location is not following through with the Covid-19 Protocols for Social Distancing and Contactless Delivery for food, payments and drink. The guy who seemed like supervisor or manager on Tuesday, September 8 should be reminded of Protocols once again.

Karen Larson

The nice thing about McDonald's is it is always consistent no matter where you are in the world...employees polite

scott groce

515am and I see plenty of employees walking around but the drive drivethu isn't open yet for breakfast and neither is the lobby when it states you open at 5am

Phil B.

I do love that most places you go there is a McDonald's someplace close. You can count on them for a pretty decent breakfast. Our hotel was not serving breakfast because of Covid. McDonald's was only a few miles down the road. I got my normal bacon egg cheese biscuit and husbands egg McMuffin. Quick drive thru and order was correct. Thank you for staff wearing masks.

Beckie Cattani Ellis

Super clean. Convenient. Caring employees

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