Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

3360 Green Mt Crossing Dr, Shiloh
(618) 628-0300

Recent Reviews

tara williams

The staff was awesome but their bathrooms where very dirty and unkept.

Denise D.

First time here and with MY FAMILY!! Food is excellent for family. A great environment as well !!

Kabe C

We got there towards the end of the night but the food was still fresh and our waitress was excellent we enjoyed our visit very much

Sherree S

We went on Saturday morning at 10:50, they were switching over their breakfast buffet to the lunch buffet. I must say it was one of the best meals we've had. The buffet line was clean, all the pans were full, they offer a nice variety of breakfast items plus the lunch menu items to incorporate a brunch. Lots of options available.

Jan Gray

Huge assortment of fresh food. You better be hungry when you go there . Wait staff is friendly also. Very clean.

Dean Voelker

Good food and service. We always try to sit in Allie's area she is super nice and attentive.

Jason Stukenberg

We had a great visit, but not always. We had hot fresh food, and waitress was on her toes. Will always go back. Not every time it is off. Most of the time great service.

Janet Willard

The food, the atmosphere, and the waitstaff was amazing. She was so friendly, so funny, and attitude was top notch.


Long time employees tells you something about this place! Great service!! Marisa is the BEST!

Robert Koch

Majority of my food, other than my fish, was luke warm at best. Buffet was an untended mess. The one bright spot was the young man who took care of clearing our dirty dishes and refilling our drinks. He was friendly and attentive...the only reason for 2 stars rather than 1.


Best golden corral I've been to. Swore off this place a few years ago for numerous reasons but decided to go to this one. Most of the food I had was really good, some was ok (neither good or bad) and only had 1 or 2 that was absolutely disgusting. Place was really clean for a buffet style restaurant and the staff was really nice altho it looked like they might have been a bit understaffed.

Ahmed C.

I hate bad customer service, stained plates and it made my stomach hurt after when I got home NEVER COMING HERE AGAIN

Rustarah S.

This Golden Corral breakfast was pretty good. I'd recommend it. The staff was very quick and friendly. When traveling the area I would go back.

Michelle Kingston

Not bad. They've made somethings more sanitary, but the bathrooms still need work.

Ryndin Max

Congratulation! You win my personal nomination "most horible Golden Corral in USA".

Brandi Burden

The waiter was great, but the food on the other hand has gone down hill. I used to love this place. Nothing tasted good. The steak was 90%grissle/fat. It was 50.00 for 3 of us and 2 of us ordered water. And that was a complete waste of money. I will never go back. Your better off going to fast food it will taste better. And you won’t spend a fortune.

Jack and James TV

Great staff and variety. Bathrooms could use some TLC but other than that love this place!

Audrey Shelton

Always a good experience here. The food is hot, its clean, the staff is friendly. Their allergen menu is detailed, our son has an egg and peanut allergy and there's still plenty of options for him!

Robin Bishop

The food was cold and dry, many items were not replaced in a timely manner. Ordered a piece of steak it was cold and dry. Waited for fresh chicken and it was 30 min before it came out.

Izabella Carrion

What a horrible experience! Me, two friends, and our three children chose to eat here for dinner. All of the food was inedible and absolutely disgusting. Cheeseburger was rock hard, chicken fingers were slimy, pork steak was tough and chewy. The kids were able to eat the macaroni and cheese and the pizza, but the three adults left hungry. Horrible, horrible. Will never be returning.

Anthony Albright

Great dinner. Friendly staff. Love all the choices.

Betty Stewman

Very clean, good service. Someone needs to keep the food stored up so it doesn't get dried out

Sheila Lukins

Hard to find. Hidden behind other businesses. Had to wait to be waited on, no one was at register. Waiter was excellent He was friendly, helpful and checked on us often. Most food was good. There was some that was old and dried out, though.

Samarra Kahle

Love their chocolate milk the food was 8/10 the workers were nice just don't eat to much dessert

Elfriede Porte

Very friendly and food is good I visit the place every time lm in the area

Lorraine Boyd

good food and most of the employees were friendly

Marty B.

I've never been to a Golden Corral but by kids (adult kids) insisted we go. I have to say for a self serve buffet restaurant this place was very good. The staff not only was very nice but they came by frequently to clear our used plates. The food wasn't dried out, which is a big problem at most buffets due to sitting under heat lamps but they didn't have this problem. But those warm, fresh buttery dinner rolls...good lord they are sooo good!! I think my only quirk at Golden Corral the dirty carpet and the beverage area being behind the register as you walk in. I would like to be able to serve my own drinks as I'm already serving my own food. Plus when it came to dessert I would've liked to have a cup of coffee without asking permission to do so at a self serve buffet. Having to wait in line to ask for a refill with people coming in also was a bit annoying and an issue servers shouldn't have to deal with while ringing up guests. The carpet well that mostly because some have messy little eaters and I know that's not too much of a problem because children are the corporates haha. P.S...we tip, I know the staff gets paid hourly but when your service is more than you expect from a's nice to show them appreciation for being timely and courteous to their guests!! I hope more can feel the same to do the same

Tony Palomba

I like Golden Corral. But I’ve started limiting myself to breakfast only. The prices for dinner have gone way too high for me. Almost $20 per person. That’s just too much. Sorry Golden Corral. I know food prices and costs have gone up, but this truck drivers pay has not.

Billyd Dougherty

Always delicious, servers could of been a lil more up beat but the grill man was awesome!!! Good food tho, I'll change to five star if the person and the servers get a lil more pep!!

Sharonkaye Hoskins

Very good service, clean and friendly place. Great food!

Joann Rokita

Awesome place to enjoy a meal. Food hot. Awesome staff. Great price. Sad that so many people waste so much food. Why take four pieces of chicken when you can only eat one.Golden Corral is my favorite place to eat, they have the BEST soft serve ice cream, ever!

Douglas Knepper

Wish they would watch the line better sat and watched customers use there fingers to grab food and watch kids stick fingers in desserts and chocolate fountian. Food that I ate was good but family's need to watch there manners and sanitarion

Scott M

I rarely get to eat at the Golden corral why am on the road because they usually are placed close to the hotel I’m staying in. I enjoyed the steak and mashed potatoes that we got for carry out it was cooked perfect and had good flavor. Keep up the good work thanks.

Clint Jackson

Solid 5/10 stars. The concept was good, the customer service my friend and I got was excellent. I just felt that the food was SUPER basic. Hardly seasoned, mostly just greasy, which honestly is to be expected at a buffet but still, that’s what it is: greasy. I’d only go here again if I was in a group and we couldn’t pick what we wanted to eat so we just decided to get everything.

Kate Rehagen

I love Golden Corral! The food is tasty, the server kept our drinks filled, and the atmosphere is inviting. I fully recommend this place to everyone.

Aaron S

We went at 4:30 so it was pretty slow. The whole place was pretty dirty... Countertops, floors, kitchen. The majority of the food looked like it had been out well past it's prime. Probably won't be eating here again.

Barrie Mac

Food was plentiful and look for less fresh although not worth almost $15/ person! Employee at beverage and cashier area was professional but not friendly or nice

Lucy W.

We go here at least every other month. The servers, or wait staff, are always cheerful, even when overworked. The food is great, for the price.

Derek B.

Wasn't a good place. Server seemed annoyed that we were there, place wasn't very clean. Good food though! Some was cold.

Stephaine Edsall

It was good. I had breakfast for a change and I didn't have any complaints.