Culver Coffee Company

634 E Lake Shore Dr, Culver
(574) 842-6326

Recent Reviews

Theresa E

Delightful service and excellent coffee. Thank you for making the pistachio orange latte for me. It was wonderful!

Matt Kilbourne

Their coffee is terrific. Their scones are fantastic. And the warm Ambiance with brick walls and Tall ceilings and hardwood floors is awesome.Food: 5/5

Seana O'Kelley-Hooker (O'Kelley)

Drive from Plymouth to get their great coffee and amazing service.Food: 4/5

Cindi Leeper

I stopped in this afternoon while in town for winterfest. The staff was so friendly and my coffee was so good!!!!! I will be back!!!!

Alexus Vogel

My absolute favorite place in Culver! I make sure I visit every time in I'm town!Food: 5/5

James Hall

I’m so glad this exists in Culver. They’ve always been friendly and helpful. The coffee has always been good. Atmosphere is nice and a good place to relax. Dawn and her staff have made a great place!

Christopher Stevens (Chris)

As far as I could determine, Culver Coffee is the epicenter of Culver (aside from the dining hall at Culver Academy). Great coffee, food and polite service makes it even easier to recommend.

Maggie D

Honestly we’ve loved and supported this place since the day it opened. This morning on August 14, 2022 we had an extremely rude woman with short brown hair talk to us. Your hours online and maps say it opens at 630am. We went at 645am and the sign showed 7am but the 2 workers were inside. I knocked on the door at 6:58 and said excuse me, I just wanted to let you know that your google maps and the internet both show that you are open at 630 and you’ve watched me wait the past 15 minutes. I understand you open up at 7 per your sign but it’s confusing for your customers and you should let management know. Her response was with a rude tone and said we are open at 7am which is in 2 minutes and shut the door AND locked it. She didn’t even seem to care nor said she would speak with management about changing the hours. Hire people with better customer service attitudes please. You just lost 4 customers this morning

Trisha Westwood

Has Some very good coffee ☕ ❤

James D.

The website and Google all say the hours are 6:30 am. We waited outside while they stared at us. We politely said that their website conflicted, the woman who greeted us said " we open in two minutes and locked the door" Not very customer oriented.


Nice little cafe coffee was really good staff is very friendly

Robbie Ringer

Best coffee shop around! Great part of the Culver ambiance!

Dark Envy22

payed $5 for a glorified cup of coffee that i ordered iced and they gave to me hot. when i explained the problem all they said was “we mix those up a lot” which is just an excuse as it was not busy and there was only one of group of people there. they gave me a cup of ice to fix it myself and it was just watered down because the drink just melted all the ice. was not worth the high price at all especially for a mistake that they made and i had to fix myself.

Demond Jefferson

When you need an early afternoon break, before the kids get home from school and life keeps bringing you surprises, CCC is a great place to hide away. Management cares about its patrons and its employees, and the staff is wonderful... Plus they have a much bigger selection of sugar-free options than Starb**ks, for the sugar-conscious.

Noemi Gamel

The most vegan friendly spot in Marshall County. Great selection of coffee with plant milks, yummy avocado toast, sometimes they have vegan chocolate chip cookies. The hummus and veggies are wonderful.

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