824 N Lake Shore Dr, Culver
(574) 842-3331

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Julie Bonser

I have been coming here for 3 years and each year it gets better. Best waitress ever tonight. I let the manager know.

Linda L.

I ordered the Prime Rib, a featured specialty of the house. I ordered the 10 oz, cooked medium. The order arrived and half of the cut was fat and grizzle, and the other half was well done. I shared my disappointment with my server, who apologized and said she'd inform the kitchen. When I got my bill no manner of recompense was made. I asked the server if the manager was aware of my situation and she said yes. I must say, that to have this dish as a specialty is suspect at best. Very disappointed.

K Singleto

This place was the only place open in Culver today (July 5th). Gracie was our server and she was AWESOME AND PHENOMENAL. They were very very busy and she and the staff did the best they possibly could. We live in Florida now, but would definitely come back. Their pizza and nachos are top notch. Highly recommend!!! Thank you Gracie!!!?

DAulan Lea Collins

Food was excellent. Had prime rib and it was such a big steak, i had to take half home. Cooked perfect. Veggies perfect. Even the salad was good. They arent stingy on salad dressing like most restraunts.

Keicia Singleton

Papa's was the only sit down restaurant open tonight in Culver (July 5th). They were extremely busy. Gracie was our server and she did an AWESOME AND PHENOMENAL job, considering how busy they were. The entire staff pitched in and did the best they possibly could. The food was amazing. Thank you Gracie!!!!


The food is pretty good. Menu is plentiful. The pizzas and steaks are surprisingly good. The only thing that I can’t really understand is why the place doesn’t take reservations.

Kris Kingsbury

Side salad fresh w excellent house dressing. Margarite pizza very good but need more fresh basil. Service was wonderful.

Wendi Kinsey

Definitely not the best pizza in Indiana. Very pricey for the atmosphere and the sign outside says they open at 11AM on weekends and they don’t open till 4PM


Really nice quality place but cheese was just average... hitting it with some parm helped. An always busy place and might be resting on their laurels of the "place for pizza" in Culver - new places like Bourbon street may push them to raise their game.

Jesse Hardin

The filled mignon was top notch. Perfect medium rare; our party of 7 was completely amazed. Also patience was exercised with us extremely well, as 2 of the 7 were toddler twins. WAY better than the Harbour House in Bass Lake!!! Best steak dinner around period.

Lance Goodthrust

The steaks are totally worth every penny. I am now addicted to the horseradish crusted steak❤❤❤

Luk Cug

Worst dinner I have had in long time. I asked the waitress to have them cook my steak longer was still rare. All they did is put my plate in the microwave for 2 minutes and steak was still raw. She didn't offer new meal or a discount. 40$ for a microwaved raw steak. Will never return poor service and the cook needs a teaching lesson on how to cook a proper steak.

Alan Hogan

Nicest surprise of my covid coming out... Great food and wonderful people!

Kris Morrow

The food and service were great! Its a little pricey, but worth it.

Carrie Kinyon

Best pizza in indiana

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