Proper Coffee

303 N Green River Rd, Evansville
(812) 402-1100

Recent Reviews

Smoked H.

Soooo good. Our favorite doughnut flavors are French toast, maple pecan, and blueberry. We go every time we're in Evansville!

Melanie W.

They have so many tasty choices. Something for everyone. It's more of a cronut than a doughnut but oh so good! Staff is always so nice and super helpful.

Tres B.

Donuts are amazing. Not like your casual donut but delicious. It is like a croissant-donut mix. I had the strawberry shortcake donut and it was amazing. Nice, comfy place to grab a sweet bite. Little on the pricy side but it is well worth it.

Mary Taylor

The coffee shop is attached to a salon school, which I thought was kind of an interesting conflation. But otherwise everything was great.

Rupa S.

This place has some amazing doughnuts. I think they are more like cronuts - so soft and flaky yet so delicious. Everyone should try this place atleast once whether you like donuts or not. They have unique flavors available and they glaze it with the flavors you like once you order it so it's nice and fresh.

Shannon H.

Beautiful location on Green River Road. Doughnuts are huge and delicious! Coffee was great, too!

Tammy S.

Donuts or what ever those glorious hot delicious things are, are Heavenly the vanilla latte are as delicious as beautiful.

Lindsay H.

Can't decide if you want a pastry or a doughnut? Look no further! Parlor Doughnuts is the best of both worlds. They combine flaky pastries with flavorful glazes and toppings creating a delicious treat that will have you coming back for more. The flavors are unique, my favorites being: raspberry pistachio, orange cream and the coconut cream pie. They also have an excellent coffee menu with lattes that are as beautiful as they are tasty! Both locations offer their own unique atmosphere, equally inviting!

Amy E.

This is by far the best donuts in Evansville! The donuts are lighter than air and so many flavors to choose from.

Heather B.

If you want to find Evansville's BEST donut or Cronut- look no further. This place is so delicious. I have a hard time picking just one and usually end up with a dozen and one of each flavor to try. They are freshly made and even taste good warmed at home. Their coffee and lattes are so good as well. I love the feel of the place and staff is super friendly and helpful.

Daryl Bradhust

Since today was my first visit to Bert's Diner, I chose to order the "Bert's Burger," as I prefer to order the "classic," or "stock" burger during my fist visit, as that will give me a good idea of what the restaurant is all about. Of course, I went with "Bert's Fries," as I can't resist fries with my burger.

Tyler Byars

Pretty good coffee and fairly decent WiFi. My vanilla latte tasted great (even though the didn’t have any pour overs available while I was there) Staff was very friendly and honestly the only bad thing I have to say is that the bathrooms didn’t smell great (but they were still pretty clean) Would definitely recommend visiting if you’re in the area!

Haley A.

I love Parlor Doughnuts and Proper Coffee, but I'm a little disappointed in my experience at this location. We came on a busy morning and everything seemed a little hectic. The workers seemed stressed and ordering food was not the most organized. There were a few different lines to order but no one was directing customers of which way to go. I tried to order the chorizo burrito, but they were out before 9:45 am... so I settled for the bacon egg & cheese sandwich. My friends got the pitaya bowl and the spinach pesto. We found our seat and quickly noticed that none of the tables had been cleared off. Nearly every table was dirty and had dirty dishes on them as well. After getting our food, something was wrong with every thing. My sister's spinach pesto was missing avocado (no mention of if they were out of it or not, they just didn't include it.) My friends pitaya bowl was frozen as if they had just taken it out of the freezer (so not freshly made). & My bacon egg & cheese was served in a styrofoam to go container that had melted from the heat of the sandwich. (pics included) Maybe if someone had been cleaning off the tables they would have had fresh dishes..... I really enjoyed my latte per usual and the sandwich was tasty itself, but I think there are some kinks that still need to be worked out before I will return.

Veronica Reed

Stress free atmosphere, beauty, tasty, healty & cozy ????

Russell Brown

Very coffee and tea drink selections. Less expensive than Starbucks. Nice quiet atmosphere.

Anne Frobenius

Awesome drinks, great atmosphere, friendly, great workers and a great way to start my school day next door!

Sajad Al-Sumayin

The best coffee in town. Everything is decent. However, the staff should be a little friendlier.

Craig Seal

The coffee shop is attached to a salon school, which I thought was kind of an interesting combination. When asking to use the restroom, I was pointed in the direction through the salon to use their facility. This seemed odd to me, but I was okay with it, nonetheless. I will say, however, the restroom was not very clean and was out of paper towels.


The Iced Mayan Mocha Coffee was incredible. I stopped here once when traveling through town and was wanting a really good coffee for driving, and I was not disappointed in the least. The cinnamon, chocolate and freshly roasted coffee bean taste - wow, they nailed it. I definitely plan on stopping by here again whenever I'm in the area. If someone is looking for a more traditional coffeeshop ambiance/atmosphere, they may not be so inclined to Proper Coffee since it adjoins with a hair salon.

Jess Ehm

Interesting concept, this place is attached to a beauty school. Different vibe.

Percy Williams

The ideal place to be, outstanding service, very good food and great coffee.. supreme is strong..

Sydney Dowling

pretty chill atmosphere with good coffee and food.


Wonderful atmosphere and amazing coffee! Love their breakfast meals as well! Customer service is wonderful!

Justeleen M.

Best coffee & best service in town! The only place I will go to for speciality coffee.

Michael Gray

I recently discovered the Green River "Proper" location, and they have become my favorite coffee shop...or shall I say "cappuccino" shop, which is my drink of choice. It's ALWAYS perfect, no matter which employee makes it. And that's hard to do. Kudos to the owners and staff!

Travis M.

It would be my preference to assign 4 stars, as you proffer a fine product, and your prices are fair. Unfortunately, a coffee house that doesn't open until 8:00 AM is problematic. I would encourage ownership to consider opening times of other like establishments. A cursory review of the area revealed that Proper is 1 of 2 who are late to the gala. I arrived at 7:40 and nearly left because I had to wait 20 minutes. Your only save was the fact I loathe Starbucks, and I'm an "out of towner" who enjoys vetting various blends of coffee abroad. Best of luck Proper - you've got the right product, just need to tweak a couple administrative items.

Marian Martin

This is a very trendy, modern-ly decorated coffeeshop, which was so fun to experience! The employee working was patient and helpful as I took time deciding what I wanted to enjoy during my first visit. I decided on an iced coffee with some cream and was delighted with my choice!

Bee C.

A bit tricky to find. Look for the sign for the hair place. Inside is super cute- like designed for instagram cute. The rose iced latte was good- but super rose flavored though. I like that they served the espresso in real- not paper cups. Definitely worth a visit!

Emily C.

Proper's coffee is excellent! I loved the honey cinnamon cold brew this morning. They have a limited breakfast menu, but I have enjoyed everything I've ordered. Today I got the breakfast bagel that had avocado and egg white with salsa verde, and it was delicious! The location is very convenient on the East Side and has a really trendy ambiance.

Lyvi M.

I have personally met the owners of Proper and got to know them fairly well, they work so hard and have AMAZING coffee. I go there for breakfast (açaí­ bowls yum) and always get some kind of espresso while I'm there. I go there for meetings, dates, bible studies... it's really nice.

Melissa Savino

I love this place! The exterior was beautiful and very unique. The coffee was good. It had nice latte art which is always a plus. I got the vanilla oatmilk latte. The iced coffee was alright but my latte was good. I think it's good they offer non dairy options.

Jessica Parsons

The interior is absolutely lovely. I enjoyed the aesthetic and atmosphere. It's like rustic travel. However, the coffee wasn't necessarily great. I ordered an iced honey cinnamon latte and it just kinda tasted watery. Awesome place to come and lounge with your laptop.

Cory Carpenter

Regular here, good coffee. Amazing staff

Megan Stephens

Came here to do a photo shoot to escape the rain, the staff is incredibly welcoming, the coffee was delicious and hot, and the atmosphere is chic, inviting, and very relaxing. Would definitely recommend checking it out!

Katherine Leiva

Tasty and healthy breakfast options such as the everything bagel with egg whites and avocado. Love the lavender latte and their non-dairy options.

Bee C.

A bit tricky to find. Look for the sign for the hair place. Inside is super cute- like designed for instagram cute. The rose iced latte was good- but super rose flavored though. I like that they served the espresso in real- not paper cups.

Rob McDowell

Excellent coffee! They roast their own beans and they are fresh. The Brazilian coffee beans they use as their espresso is very complex... Chocolate, Pecan, and some floral notes come thru which excites all the taste buds in your mouth...a very delicious experience. The shop is very comfortable.

Adam Mason

Coffees and teas

Adam Mason

Coffees and teas

Adam P.

We stopped in here while in town for a concert right before they closed. We glad to find a local roaster in Evansville and they did not disappoint! They barista was super nice and brewed a really nice cup of coffee. It was a little strange that the location was in the front of a hair dresser school which made it hard to find, but according to the barista they are opening a new stand alone place in August. Be sure and check them out if you are in Evansville!