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Joe Andrews

Had a wonderful dinner at Wendy's this evening. A traditional double burger with extra fixings, chocolate frosty and fries. The food was hot and tasty. Wife had a similar meal. Food was ready very quickly. Good service by associates. The restaurant has had an interior makeover which is very comfortable and attractive. A Great mealtime dinner.


This Wendy's is extremely slow. I go on my lunch break from the post office and it always takes 20 minutes, leaving me 5 minutes to eat. It's almost like none of the employees know how to multi-task. They take one order at a time so you wait at the drive thru menu for at least 10 minutes or longer until the person at the window gets their food, THEN they finally decide to take your order. They either need more help, better training, better employees or all of the above.

Brian Getz

I visited here twice. First time I was in the drive through for 20 minutes as orders were taken. Then one car before me the computer went down and they told me they couldn't take any more orders. Second visit, in the lobby the drink machine had almost half its options out. I told them about it, but when I left 20 minutes later, they hadn't come out and refilled anything.

Ryan Roberson

Everytime i visit this location the fancy Coke machine is either broke or out of several flavors to choose from. Most are doing minimal work standing around while could be replenishing the machine. Many times lobby is dirty and same scenario.

Elizabeth Loubier

Nice facility but wait was at least 20 min to get food while dinning in. Forgot to give kids toys in the 5 kids meals we ordered. Later got after going up to ask.

Theresa Flores

Like the updated dine-in and the employees on Sunday evening were very nice!

Fred Duncan

Very friendly. Good food. Clean and neat.

Helen Braden

Good food, good price. Just make sure they read your order back to you. Otherwise they will probably forget the bacon

Jason Gross

30 mins for a few sandwiches fries and nuggets and they still forgot half the food! The sandwiches were made wrong! Manager was back there f this f that! Telling me they wont refund the money for the food i still havent gotten! Drive thru cashier in green winter coat touching all over food with no gloves and never washed her hands! This place is a mess stay far away! No spoons in the restaurant at all! Filthy restaurant! Just miserable experience!

Crystal Zimmerman

Food was good but i was not a big fan of the service; went through the drive through with my room mate and she asked for dr pepper; the drive through cashier put in the wrong drink.... My room mate corrected them, and the cashiers attitude changed and she told us our total, went to pay and they still didn't give us the right pop


Good food and near the Convention Center. Just a short couple of blocks of fresh air and you’re there!

Raymond Murray

The food is okay and the menu item's are reasonable. Great friendly oriented staff that are willing to assist you.

Derricka Best

I went last nigh Friday 4/27 they didn’t get my order right. Came back today for the correct order and even more disappointed. Food was temperature COLD and undercooked. So disappointed.

an ma

I stopped by this location at 12:30 because Google said it closed at 1. Im waiting at the drive thru window waiting for someone to take my order and finally i get told "sorry we're closed" as im looking at the hours on the speaker stating Open 10 am-1 am. I didn't even want any food! Just a Wendy's lemonade.

Chris's Luxe of Music

Fantastic location. If you need some sun, they have plenty of windows. New employee in training was in good spirits.


Passing by Wendys I thought stopping by sounded good, after all its only 20 degrees this evening. Dexter, the young man that took my order was very kind and professional! His Co worker was making fun of him because he was doing his job she said 'I can't believe you are so nice to your customers.' Talk about peer pressure. I told her one should be nice to their customers. Dexter... You did a fantastic job!!!!Oh and my Chili was awesome!!!Drop by Wendys on the corner of Clinton and Washington and say hi to Dexter!

Brandon Wolf

I don’t usually leave fast food locations 5 star reviews, but today was different. One reason the place was recently renovated and it looks great. But the bigger reason was Barbara, she was the manager running the counter with a new hire. I have never seen someone more patient or friendly towards both the trainee and the patrons. In 40 years of life and 18 years in customer service I have never seen anyone better! She managed the staff and customers with ease and was super friendly and anticipated needs before people even had to ask! We will be back, hopefully when Barbara is working!


I always love Wendys baked potatos, so I bought some for my family to have as a side dish...Sorry no pictures on baked potatos but of the location I bought them from. I recommend them.

Harold R

We had a late lunch at the Wendy's in downtown Fort Wayne, IN. The food was average. The sweet tea was weak. The restaurant was busy because of events occurring in historic area. There is a homeless man that is harmless but occupies a seat inside for hours.


We had a late lunch at the Wendy's in downtown Fort Wayne, IN. The food was average. The sweet tea was weak. The restaurant was busy because of events occurring in historic area. There is a homeless man that is harmless but occupies a seat inside for hours.



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