5816 Franklin St, Michigan City
(219) 878-2642

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Bryanna Schneider

manager on duty was rude and did not communicate properly to tell us that they couldn’t give us a shake and we’re just going to take the money from us.


I bought two happy meals for my grandbabies , drove 12 minutes to give them their food and 1 chicken nuggets box was filled with tartar sauce. I had to drive all the way back. I zipped right to the window and asked for a manager. She came to the window , I filled her into and she gave us the food. As tacky as this is, before we could drive away she started laughing she said" oh well someone's gonna get nuggets instead of tartar sauce. How can a manager be a role model to the other employees when she finds food mix ups funny?

Tanya Bice

A couple times in the last 8 weeks I have stopped at the drive-through around 3:30 AM and have been told it's cash only! This last time the girl told me it is always cash only this time of the morning. I rarely carry cash, so I guess McDonald's won't be getting my business when I get off of work!

Mark Huffman

The sandwiches I ordered were thrown together in such a way it had to be purposeful. And this is the second time in a week. Big Mac with two patties on the bottom with cheese underneath sauce and little lettuce all on the bottom zero/nothing on the top portion of the bun.most of the lettuce was outside of the sandwich zero onion. Quarter pounder a little splat of ketchup, no pickle, two little pieces of onion. I have to wonder what else they are doing to these burgers? No other car in line so you were not busy. Stopped going to McDonald's on Michigan Blvd same reason, stopped McDonald's on 3500 block of Franklin (the worst) for same reason. Sunday 6th around 5:20pm fire the cook they are ruining your business! Morning crew way better!

Bernadette Benson

Was some kind of confusion with my debit card, that I still don’t understand. And the hash browns were way over done. Egg McMuffin and sausage McGriddle were good though, and the people were friendly.

Heather Locke

Food is always exceptional. The employees don't seem to enjoy their jobs too much and it shows. They aren't always the friendliest group.Food: 5/5

Jason Ross

No water from dispenser, ketchup is out, and for some reason they just call out the number of your table tent for you to come pick up. What’s the point of the table tent then???

Chandra Z.

20 minutes waiting curb side for a basket of fries, 2 pies and a milk shake. When I went in to find out what was going on with my order the person yells...I'm waiting on your pies. No apologies. Just rudeness. I asked for a refund on the pies then she yells again...THEY JUST CAME UP. Still no apologies. I don't need to patronize ANY business that finds it acceptable to yell at guests coming in! Customer service in this organization has definitely went downhill!

Terry Okrzesik

I'll tell you what I have been to a lot of McDonald's but that one in Michigan City today September 24th around 11:00 12:00 this Crew had their stuff together I give them 10 Stars

Jamey Prentice

The fastest best tasting McDonald's I have been to in a while to bad had to drive to Michigan city for it ....maybe buchanan mi McDonald's could go there for training

Brandy Prentice

One of the fastest and actually cooked McDonald's been to in a long time to bad had to drive all the way to Michigan city for it

Meranda Burkhardt

This location is hit or miss. The staff never look happy to be here and the food is sometimes gross. But it's fast food, I don't expect muchn

Laura Levin

Normal McDonald's usually pretty good but I didn't eat this time...was for a friend!

Jeff Longfellow

Customers treated the staff poorly but they still did a great job feeding everyone!

Jerry Galvez

I Ordered A # 9 With A Extra Pattie And This Is What They Gave Me And In My Sandwich There Was A Chewy/Plasticy Thing I Thought It Was A Straw But It Turns Out To Be A Onion Stem...

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