Sonic Drive-In

110 Dunes Plaza, Michigan City
(219) 878-1950

Recent Reviews

Ryan Begg

Tried giving me a lukewarm hot dog. Then looked shocked when I gave it back ?. Not even asking for it to be remade. I will lose that $3.59 gladly.

Zach Z

Absolutely terrible! We come an hour and a half before close and they messed up the order and brought it to the wrong car. I would give it no stars if I could. In no way was the customer service adequate or helpful if anything they were combative and said we got our order from kiosk 9 when we were kiosk 12. Im severely disappointed and deserve at least a cash back when we were given no receipt and the food took an extra 20 minutes. Wasn’t expecting much in the first place from a sonic but this experience lowered my opinion so low I won’t be returning.

Brian McNeal

Ordered Buffalo sauced popcorn chicken and was charged $.27 for each ranch packet. The manager then proceeded to tell me I should have ordered the ranch when I placed my order as now I am holding the line up. Not a pleasant experience and won’t be back.

Karen White

somewhat pricey, for just a sandwich for my son and small tater tots, was just over $10.00He liked it and it made me hungry because it smelled very good.❤❤??

Princess Amy

First time here was today, since 2020. I had two very bad experiences two years ago and refused to come back bc they were so bad.

Dray Terai

My tenders were burt and not fresh,i didn't get my onion rings.Toast was okay . Fries were hot.Disgusting for my first time. Never will I ever again

Amanda Hotwagner

Worst sonic store there is I was told my items couldn’t be refunded by a “manager” then told by another after driving 30 min that the information wasn’t correct after being told by corporate that I would get my money back they didn’t want to refund the amount that corporate told me. Was not apologetic at all. I won’t be back. My items were not cooked well at all. All I wanted was a refund at the time of sale and I was given the run around and lied to by people. Trash store.

Mary Dulla

I've been here before and had faster service. They didn't seem to have enough employees working. We waited a while there. Of all days, I was in a hurry. The food was alright, a little skimpy on the chili and they forgot my cheese. I ordered a chili/cheese dog...

Tessa Bean

I would give it less of a star if I could. I ordered a bacon toaster sandwich with no cheese or onions. There was no bacon, the bread wasn't toasted, and they didn't add any sauce to it. On top of that the French fries that came with it were beyond old and stale and the French toast sticks were black they were so burnt. The worst part was that they shorted me on the shake I ordered so I had to go back for that before I even realized everything else!! Just HORRIBLE!!

Eric Wilson

Great food, fast service, nice employees!

Stacey Blackmon

I ordered 2 all beef premium hotdogs and they were terrible...I could have done better with boiling hotdogs at home.

Christian Stanek

Us and the family were hungry and decided to dine at this establishment and our order was completely wrong! It was also not busy, we were the only car, no excuses! We ordered a single cheeseburger, instead we received a double bacon burger! We ordered a chili cheese dog, we received a Chicago dog! We ordered a chicken sandwich that was supposed to come with lettuce and mayo, it came plain! We ordered sides of ranch and mustard and did not receive either one! We ordered an Oreo shake and it came with no Oreos! Fries were cold and tasteless, we also waited for upwards of 15+ minutes, holy cow! This overall dining experience left my family unhappy and disappointed to say the least. I’m not sure what type of shady business they run here at Sonic but I can certainly say I will not be back!

Jordan Jansen

I give this restaurant 1 out of 5 stars, if only I could leave a zero. The food I ordered was NOT the food I received. After reading other reviews, this seems to be a reoccurring theme. A restaurant, just full of disappointment, heart break, and let down. I highly recommend that the manager in charge retrain this poorly operating staff. I will NOT be back, I will take my business to other places where I receive what I expect and receive what I pay for. This experience ruined me and my families night and filled our day with sadness. Do NOT eat here!

Katelain Hutson

Waited over 20 minutes in drive thru for milkshakes . Mine tasted spoiled and I spit it out. My kids tasted it and also spit it out. I cannot get this disgusting taste out of my mouth. Last time I was here, the staff was super rude but I was trying to give them another chance. No thank you. I’ll stick to Dairy Queen.

lucky lefty

Night shift lady manager is extremely rude and disrespectful... not good for business...please find another job if you don't like your job... when people choose to spend money at your sonic...please get better people to treat customers nice.. and not give them the middle finger in the drive thru window just because i asked for my drink that comes with the combo meal i paid 10 dollars for.... never ever going back to that Sonic..

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