White Castle

101 US-20, Michigan City
(219) 879-5837

Recent Reviews

Brad Sanderson

I do not have White Castle near home so always try to stop when traveling. Not a fan of burgers but love the chicken breast sliders they are the best! ? oh and be sure to get an order of there mozzarella sticks they are the best of any ff place I have had.Food: 5/5

Drew Potter

Great White Castle! Best hamburgers I’ve had from one in a couple of years actually. Small place attached to gas station, but really good!

Danielle Jones

There were a few strange people hanging around out side but that really all over the place in Michigan City so it's kind of normal but overall they had good food.Food: 5/5

David Uitdeflesch

Super slow. Only had drive thru open. I know that they were short handed but fast food this was not. Prices were very reasonable.Food: 5/5

Michelle Sconce

They say crave sacks, had to stop while I was in town. Food was good ole White Castle. Only drive thru.Food: 4/5


Other than the lobby being closed because of Covid or short staffing or whatever the case still, everything went perfectly fine.Parking: The adjoined Speedway gas station gets extremely busy so out front there is no parking. But along the side there is plenty so not an issue

Char Haller

I had a wonderful and caring experience with Kathie at your drive thru window…I will be back!

Jaime Collis

My boyfriend loves this place I can't stand the smell of the meat but for those that love meat I. Sure it's amazing lol

Taylor Mielke

Same guy working everytime, and he's the bees knees! I believe his name is Twan/Tuan, I hope that's right. He works his rear off each day. They're lucky to have him!

Drew C

The dine in is closed but the drive was was fast didn't wait to long and we order 40 cheese, 30 chicken rings, everything came out fast.

Amy Coney

I don’t get White Castle very often so it’s almost always good when I do, but it was soooo good today…even though the wait was way too long. They got my somewhat complicated order correct and the food was hot and fresh. The ghost pepper sliders are perfect.

Saw D.

Been eating White Castle since the 70s very hard to stop eating. Enjoyed finding them again and it's still best lil burger "EVER". This place bring back good memories and they do a good job. I remember when they cost .25 cents each.

Billy Halfacre

I've always liked this place. This one was decent took forever which is why I gave them four stars but I suspect they're suffering from the same short staffed issue that everybody seems to be suffering from.


This was a very clean very fast White Castle. I was on my way from Chicago to Michigan to visit my parents I had flown in the night before ftom Florida. This was the last convenient White Castle to hit before my parents and since I was flying out from Grand Rapids the last one on my trip. So I stopped and was impressed by the friendliness, speed, and how fresh everything was. I will hit this WC next time I’m out visiting.

Sylvania Nipper

I always love White Castle! This location isn't bad at all, but very busy! So I'd you're in a rush not the spot to stop in. If you got time, stop in and get you some! Clean with a friendly staff, plus you can get other snacks at Speedway.

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