The Shook Shack

Co Rd 790 N, Monterey
(574) 780-9545

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Lynn Townsley Davis

Great cook and creative food.

James N.

A delicious burger that is very unique and a great taste! Love the ambience of the restaurant and the location is optimal for University Students. However, it is definitely hard to achieve satiety in an affordable manner.

Young J.

Bring dis place df back ! Hurt my heart to see bouta month ago it's closed down since da lease is up. Former employee, since den I'm a long standin customer. Burgers are just remarkable every time. Can't believe wit all da filth & nasty ass places to eat in university city DIS is da business dat closed down. Renew da lease & keep da ball rollin

Donnita S.

The service here is unbelievably slow. All I ordered was fries and I waited over 25 minutes while I watched 6 employees stand around in the kitchen area and one employee walk around in the kitchen with an outside jacket on come from the kitchen with her own order of fries . After watching the staff look at me several times I had to go ask how much longer my fries would be. Finally got them and they're cold. This is not the first similar experience I've had like this from this location. Guess it's my fault for coming back but this will be my last time!

Huda S.

Came in today because I was craving some of Bobby's awesome sweet potato fries. I've been to the spot several times before and had their burgers, which I have generally been a fan of. This was my first time at this particular location in Philly. I hadn't eaten all day, so I ordered a salad from Sweetgreen, then decided I wanted some sweet potato fries along with it. I came in around 8PM. There were a few people in line, but it moved very quickly. The employee behind the register was extremely friendly. She took my order quickly, and I paid with the app for the first time. For some reason, to my pleasant surprise, the app allowed me to get my fries for free. I'm guessing it's probably because they have me some kind of promo credit for using it the first time. After about only 5-6 minutes of waiting, my order was called and brought over to me. My fries were given in a very generous portion. They tasted amazingly fresh and had that exact flavor I was craving upon entering Bobby's. Again, being a fan of the chain for quite a few years, I would definitely frequent this location again.

Cynthia W.

This is probably my fav burger place in Philadelphia. I've been trying to give up meat. But do you know how hard that is when there's places like this up and running? The best thing they ever did was invent the mobile app. I order my burger thru the app. Go pick it up and it's ready. The place is always clean. The staff is cool even when it's very busy.

Azeem S.

This place sucks. The manager was condescending and they took 45 just for my fries. I paid way to much for the free burger i got.

Montserrat A.

I ordered the LA burger for pickup, and when I opened the box, I found my burger, partially assembled. There were 6 people working (barely), yet no one could figure out where my order was (I waited 5 min to pick up the order). The top bun was missing. The avocado relish was on the slide. 1 sad piece of spinach. What a depressing burger. This place used to be great... Bobby Flay, please take note & shut this location down. I called to inquire, and the manager told me to call back later. Then I called back, and they hung up the phone on me (by accident). Is this customer service??

Chris O.

I still like this place, but barely. Today i watched my burger sit on a shelf for 5-10 minutes while every one if the six employees seemed mesemerized by one customer complaining. There were also several people waiting in line, no one took their order. They gave and went next door to Chipotle. Shaking their heads in disgust as the sulked away. Bobby!!! Get control of this place. HR is weak. Maybe stop paying so much rent for a giant empty place and retrain these peeps w that rent $. Then someone will stay at the register and take orders and someone will make the food while someone talks to the unreasonable customer. Otherwise I see this burger joint closing down. I ordered the Northwest pacific burger w blue cheese. It is good but irritating to see it sit around in a NOT BUSY place. Btw the waiter said. "We had a lot going on, It is still hot. " 9/26/20-2:35 PM

L P.

Don't waste your time or money on this place. I'm sure there must be better burgers in Philadelphia. The service was practically nonexistent & indifferent even though the place was almost empty. I would have left but I was visiting Philadelphia & really wanted to try the food here but it was just a big disappointment. The burger was dry & cold.

Karen D.

Ordered through DoorDash. 2nd time ordering Bobby's Burger Palace. Signed up specifically to leave this review b/c this was Exceptional! Order: The Pacific Northwest Burger, September (2019) Burger-Of-The-Month w/The Undecided - onion rings w/choice of fries - my choice: sweet potato & black & white shake...Absolutely scrumptious!!!! I see/"Taste" what all the fuss is about! I did put in special instructions & called to confirm. Burger ordered well-done, sides' sauces on side, no salt on fries, w/extra straw for shake. Manager, Adam/Freehold, NJ = job-well-done! Everything as ordered! (A tiny bit salt; a speck compared to last order.) Thank You! Pacific Northwest = best burger (so far! I've only had 2, to date) Will order this one again, before September ends! That's how good it is! White American Cheese, Cremini Mushrooms w/red wine & bbq sauce on sesame bun. A good size, hearty burger. Not a sloppy mess, either. :) The sauces which accompany the fries/o. rings are yummy, too & the b&w shake so delicious, sorry I didn't order 2!

Shannon M.

Burgers are phenomenal, taste fresh and flavorful. I usually get the brunch burger which is quite tasty. I like that they service liquor here. The onion rings are not very good but I liked the ranch dipping sauce

Belinda S.

I was hooked when I tried my first burger at Bobby's and it was awesome ! The establishment is very clean and the employees are pleasant . I tried their cactus margarita and I wasn't too fond of it because I was expecting a drink a little sweeter . I would recommend this restaurant if you want a good burger.

Jeff C.

Decided to reward my recent hard work with a bloody pile of meat jammed into a seeded roll. With only one person in line, what's there to lose? Well, about 45 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. The restaurant was perhaps 1/4 full, and there were plenty of people working at the time. Three different staffers approached me during this time to inquire what I was waiting for. Not one of them came back to update me on progress. When the gentleman in front of me patiently asked what the ETA was on his meal, staff ignored him, then mocked him after turning his back. Waiting is one thing, hard to swallow when you're overly busy, but not a deal breaker. Getting back to my work and realizing the burger was tasteless and done over-well was the last straw for me. I'm done patronizing this restaurant.

Dylan Z.

Great Burger place near where I go to school. The atmosphere was really nice and clean, and the set-up of everything was very nice. I got the LA burger and it was tasty, and I tried the mudpie shake which was also really good. This place is a tad pricey, but definitely worth the price! The only issue is that the wait for some people's food was a bit long. But if you are in the area or go to school around here, give this place a try!

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