Burger King

1941 E Tipton St, Seymour
(812) 522-8218

Recent Reviews

Matthew Napier

Great place to eat a burger

Mark Hardy

Fast service and great food

Kristina Dunn

everything was way over cooked

Jesus Castro

Tasty food, was hot and ready served with a smile and very polite. What more could you ask for.

Ms. Lory

The people were friendly but none of them had masks over their noses. 6 employees crowding around each other, touching their clothes, faces,etc. Not ok..

Betsy Foster

Good meal deal, was fast service and food was good quality.

Richard Willhite

Never have I been charged for sauce for my fries. I simply asked for honey mustard and bbq, and was told they would have to ring me up again and charge me. I have never been charged for sauce from here before and I am a very frequent visitor as I literally work across the street. After I told the young lady I’d never been charged before, the window was slammed in my face and her back was towards me, so I felt I had no choice but to drive away due to the cars in line behind me. I then called to speak to a manager and was told “I am a manager.” So I stated the issue, and she said the same thing, they charge for sauce if you didn’t get nuggets. I feel like I will not be going back to burger king anytime soon if they’re pinching their pennies so much they charge their guests for sauce for their French friend. Highly disappointing to say the least.

Vince VanGilder

I appreciate these employees for making my food fast and fresh. I drive for FedEx Freight and they made it super easy. Thank you all at Burger King

Jack Phillips

Great experience with tasty food. Our family was glad we made the decision to stop on a road trip. We ordered the impossible burger and they did a great job.

steven mcelhiney

Honestly I had to bump them up to five stars from 4 I mean I go in always early morning nobody else is serving lunch food yet and I just don't eat breakfast food. And they're always me no professional courteous the food is made fresh that there's going to be a wait and they do their best to keep the wait time low. I mean that's everything that you should be able to expect from a restaurant and its staff

Bessie Ream

Close and quick food if it fresh on the way home

Alicia Seay

My husband just went there before closing to get food and when we got home he said my tea tastes weird. Well he dumped it out and there was green soap in the bottom of the drink. I tried to call the store several times but no answer. This is ridiculous

Mark Ralph

My sandwich bun was burnt. The service was good but that really ruined the burger.

Jason Jones

Drive thru was fast, my typical order is a double whopper with cheese, onion rings, and a soda. I've been to this location 3-4 times, service and food has always been great, thanks.


Clean, well run restaurant. Friendly, helpful staff. Attentive manager runs a good restaurant. Good, cheap ice cream cones as well

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