Indiana Theatre Event Center

683 Ohio St, Terre Haute
(812) 232-8076

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One of the most beautiful and architecturally impressive in the country. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997. The theater opened in January 28, 1922. It would make a nice venue for weddings or parties of all kinds. If passing through Terre Haute don't miss this incredible photo opportunity of this historic building.

Bob Beck

Love this theater. A great flashback to old time Terre Haute.

Robert Evans

Unfortunately, it's closed. Reopen date uncertain.

Nate Hemmerling

It's not so much of an experience. I want to have that experience. I am getting married next summer. I was wondering if any couples have been married at this location and how much did it cost?


A beautiful historic building. Marble stairs are just amazing. There is just so much old but still fancy things in this building. I got to go upstairs and see more of this place, it is simply amazing. It was the place to go at one time. Not as popular now as it was in it's day but it's a beautiful place and worth visiting. You wont regret seeing this place.

Debbie White

A journey to the past every time I go

Sandy Davis

Quaint place, unique structure

Nikki Lovelace

Very nice and vintage looking I really loved it My niece&the class 2019 masters&bachelors scholars had their

Tobé Ekwealor

Very unique and historical building. Very pretty inside.

Nicole Edington

Went to a concert here and absolutely loved it.


love visiting the pokestop gym. there are two gyms right next to each other that you can battle at while sitting on their bench.

Doris Brucken

Saw a great Christmas concert here by a group similar to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra , venue was great, unfortunately it wasn't a packed house so this group probably won't come back to Terre Haute. The theater looked wonderful inside they've done a nice job restoring it, definitely worth going to see.

Schmoo Smith

What a beautiful venue!!! Vintage sheek all the way. I was a speaker and the facility was nice and people where friendly and super helpful.

Andrew Novotny

Awesome place. I was here for a small presentation, but could see it being a great place for a casual concert or a formal gathering. The building itself is beautiful and really takes you back in time to when Terre Haute was a more happening place. If you haven't been here it's worth stopping by just to see the lobby when you first walk in.

Lee Draper

There’s seems to be very few buildings left from the earlier years The Indiana Theatre is a historic theater in Terre Haute, Indiana. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 13, 1997 and is located in the Wabash Avenue-East Historic District. It opened on January 28, 1922. The theatre was built by Terre Haute resident T. W. Barhydt and was designed by John Eberson. Eberson, who later developed the atmospheric theater style of movie palace, first experimented with atmospheric design elements at the theatre. Eberson stated, "Into this Indiana Theatre I have put my very best efforts and endeavors in the art of designing a modern theatre such as I have often pictured as what I would do were I given a free hand.

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Indiana Theatre Event Center

683 Ohio St, Terre Haute, IN 47807
(812) 232-8076