Knolla's Pizza

3817 W 13th St N, Wichita
(316) 942-0344

Recent Reviews

Gerald Baker

I went to the 13th and west restaurant to buy my first pizza from knollas I ordered the meat lovers chicago deep dish it was the best pizza I have had in wichita for more than 20 years. I will be repeat customer for many years to come. Anyone who hasn't been here please make this your next stop for pizza I gave them a 5 star review because that's all there was, in my opinion it deserves at least 20 stars or more.

Tammy Miller

Delicious pizza. The crust is phenomenal. Friendly staff!

Maxwell Hoisington

Where do I begin...the pizza was fantastic. We came in from out of town and knew we really wanted pizza from Knolla's. We had the Buffalo Chicken pizza with deep dish crust. This was by far one of the best pizzas I've ever had. On the other hand about the service, it was probably the most unprofessional establishment I've walked into. I am a big fan of supporting local businesses rather than chain companies, but I can not walk into this establishment ever again. The gentleman working the counter was the main problem as I was worried about my safety and his safety during this unsure time. I wanted to make sure the pen I used to sign the receipt was sanitary, so I grabbed my own pen. I was locked out of the building, and then the employee at the counter flipped me off due to me requesting to use my own pen to sign the receipt. I proceeded to call the GM once I got back to the hotel to make him aware of the situation and the unsanitary measures taken. The only thing the manager had to say was "alright". I hate to say that I will not be returning to this business as my encounter was awful.

Steven Roeder

They put plenty of toppings. Very good

Terry E Smith

sure if you want the wrong thing. Screwed up my taco pizza for the third time and while asking the cook after him telling me to calm down. my LAST TIME. the one they screwed up before that they insisted on telling us when we had to pick it up

Kay M.

This is the worst location in town. The rest are great. This one is always out of everything, closes early, and delivers only when they feel like it. If they make a mistake, they won't apologize, and the pizza is cold. Every.Time. It's like someone gave their spoiled kid a restaurant and then let them run it into the ground.

Patricia Fields

Ordered extra thin and got this....looks like extra thick. ?I usually get what I order - thin crust - not today, sigh

Christy Kay

Favorite pizza place in town.

Sydney Thornburg

Pizza had absolutely no flavor to it, and my dessert pizza was so dry it’s unbeatable. When I went to pick it up I noticed they weren’t wearing gloves when making the pizzas. Such a waste of money.

Robert Henry

Awesome pizza....Love the breadsticks more!

Rhonda Nikkole Burney-Johnson

I made the mistake of ordering from this place on Door Dash now I am HOOKED!! Hands down best pizza in Wichita!!

Dan M

Best pizza in Wichita! Finally tried their Chicago style - it's Awesome. The Works is epic and the people were very nice

Matt Christman

These guys rock! They usually get ingredients fresh from Dillon's right across the street whenever possible.

Adam Converse

This is the best pizza in town in my opinion. It is kinda expensive however.

Nikky Smith

I work for a third party vendor delivering food. I walked in and tried to order food and was told they wouldn't take a customers order because they went through a third party vendor and not their own personal driver. Even though the customers tried to call and couldn't get a hold of anyone.

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