506 N Tyler Rd, Wichita
(316) 722-5371

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Megan A.

I never give ratings, but I had a horrible experience at this location. I waited patiently in line at the drive thru for 5 minutes. When it was my time to order, I waited an additional 10 minutes, while the other line was being helped and cars that pulled up after me were ordering ahead of me. Cars behind me were upset so I drove around and went to the other line. Once I got to the other line, I had to wait again and this time, only the second line was being helped. I waited and waited, I finally got my order in and waited another 5 minutes. This is why I now go to the McDonald's at 21st and maize. If your are in a hurry, don't go here

Chelsea Anne Brimer

Customer service is terrible

Jerold Bennett

Good fast food, with courteous service.

Lindsay Lott

This is the worst ran mcdonalds in Wichita. They have repeatedly messed up my order and generally have a bad attitude when asked to fix it. One time, I was handed the same bag of not my food FOUR times and had to just leave due to be being made late to work. Times when i have had to call to address a mistake, no one picks up the phone. It seems to be a second and third shift issue. Also, since COVID i have seen many employees not wearing or improperly wearing masks. I usually am very empathatic towards food workers because i know the work sucks and is stressful but most of the mistakes i have witnessed appear to be laziness and poor training.


Good quality, double lane drive thru also helps a lot with speed

Princess_ Lee_

I’m so sick of coming to this McDonald’s, I’ve tried mornings and evening and every time I ask for just Cheese nothing else on my burger they put everything on it. I would think it would be easier to just put cheese and nothing else but I guess not. Also my receipt will even say Cheese. Can you guys stop hiring anyone and actually interview them when they put in an application. These people actually want $15 an hour. ?


Every time I order a quarter pounder plain they put everything on it. Pickles, mustard, ketchup, onions. Also the fries could use some help! They could be thinner, crunchier, and could use some spice. The fries are so thick salty. They NEVER get my order right. You guys must love messing up people’s orders. Great business. Not.

Gene Trivitt

We stayed away for two months because this location could not ever get our order right. We were in a hurry so we decided to give it a try since it's the closest to us. Both our biscuits were under done and my round egg was raw and cold in the middle. We continue to drive to the one on 21st and Maize for good service and food.

Harold Albright

First we waited 20 minutes after being told to pull up to the next window. The we ordered one chicken nugget and one cheeseburger happy meal and got two chicken nugget meals. Next I had to go inside because they must have forgot about us The 1/4 pounder were not done all the way through and I got a coke instead of the dr pepper I ordered.

Joseph Koral

Where to start. This was the neighborhood McDonald's since my childhood in the 80s. It was where I got my first job, it was a job I'd come back to at this exact location a few years later. Service used to mean something to people. Now it seems they are just passed off and irritated that you walked in. We used to have the old guys come in every morning and get their coffee and sit and talk. You learn things from old men when ya actually talk to them.I dont think Ill ever come back. Mcdonald has gone down hill anyway over the last decade. This was my last visit. The food was incorrect and the service. Well. Id like to say there was actually service. But I don't like to lie.

Catina Saunders

Every time I order here is something they did forget things tell me to come back and get it I order door Dash for a reason because I don’t want to go out there today I called to ask the manager was the corporate number he said he didn’t know how to get the corporate number that’s a lie and then he just kept hanging up on me it’s just at this business is gone gone down every day. I need to talk to the owners

Chris D.

Why have an App and offer curbside pickup of you are just going to put the order on the counter and never bring it out. After 20 min..... I figured out the issue. Get it together.

Lucas Duncan

Good food quick service. Two lanes was genius.

Peyton A.

The screens are fucked up so I couldnt are what I was ordering. They did not redeem a code for a lower price of coffee and when asked I was not given directions on how to pull up the code. Would not waste your time at this McDonald's if all you want to get is attitude back and not straight forward answers.

Randell Poole

This place a is a joke. I haven’t been there in months because how inefficient they are but my daughter wanted to eat there and I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Terrible mistake. Every time I’ve been there, over the last 4 visitors, they always make me pull up and wait on my food to save their drive through time but they are quick to take my money before telling me I have to wait. Do they not understand what drive through is for? It’s not because I have the time to stop and wait. Of course to make things worse, they always mess up my order. Not sure how you can mess up a 4 piece chicken nugget happy meal and 2 plain double cheeseburgers but they do every time and to top it off they never give me napkins. These are the people that want $15 an hour, how about getting a marketable skill instead of burning patties on a grill! Gave this place 1 star because zero wasn’t and option!

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