Doo-Little's Shack and Snacks

24 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue
(859) 496-2753

Recent Reviews

Christopher Fehring

Great food, Pam and Shelby are awesome, friendly pricing for their effort to feed us all.

Chris Buemi

Great service and delicious food! Would recommend to anyone

Cheryl R Noonchester

Shout out to Shelby Doo-Little Fields and his crew for catering our MS Football celebration. The food was delicious and the service was quick and friendly. Definitely made it easy.

Tony Robert Escalera III

I had the Turkey leg with greens and coleslaw. This has been the best smoked food I’ve had in awhile.

Karen Criswell Burke

Stopped by for a Pulled Pork Sandwich. It was really good. So tender I really didn't need to chew...but I did because it was so good. loved it. We'll be back for some brisket and macaroni and cheese

Steph Tew

So good! Great for catering! That pulled pork bbq

Victoria Baer

Awesome awesome food. Awesome people. Awesome attitude. Very friendly people. The food was very very good. Will find this truck again and eat it. Thank you all.

Melissa Morandi

So delicious! I’m vegetarian but still had a great dinner! Sides are so good!! Highly recommend the Mac and cheese and coleslaw!!! Can’t wait to eat it again!

Kirk S.

Had Doolittle's for the first time tonight as part of "First Friday" in Bellvue, KY outside of the Fairfield Venues. I was the first customer as soon as they opened up and wow, I can't believe I've driven by their usual location in the parking lot of the Vets just across the Bellvue line so many times and haven't stopped before. I had the Pulled Pork sandwich, with baked beans and mac and cheese. Everything was very tasty. The beans were hot and fresh, which is a requirement, and I devoured them. The mac was also great! Let's talk about this incredible pork, though. It's smoked with true cherry wood and you can tell. The flavor is delicious and if the sauce wasn't so darn good, too, I'd have eaten the pork without it. In fact, the sauce portion seemed a little small until I realized how good the pork was on its own. I paid $15 for the entire meal (including a can of Coke), which is more than fair. Highly recommended!

Craig Parker

Wonderful first experience with Doo-Littles! Smoked turkey leg with a macaroni baked bean combo better than your mom makes! Super friendly staff and a great selection of food. It is a lil pricey but should be expected for the quality! Also get the spicy bourbon infused bbq sauce and thank me later!

mike deitz

Thanks for the smoked meatloaf and mac n Cheese and bbq baked beans , Awesome! Was going to stop at MCd's but forgot my mask (LOL) and on my way home found you were open today. God Bless .

Maggie Rose

Great customer service!

Ethan Gibson

Great food and people, would highly recommend!

Elana Nichole Clifton

Deliciousness! The owners are amazing and are a testament that there are truly good people in this world. Thank you so much.

Brandy B.

We had the pulled pork and turkey and it was amazing!! Great prices, several sides to choose from. The owners are so friendly! This is a must try!

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