Donatos Pizza

3070 Lakecrest Cir Suite 100 Suite 100, Lexington
(859) 224-7772

Recent Reviews

J R Trammel

Fine system for customizing toppings just as you want. Well done crusts. Not cheapest, but you get your money's worth.

Divya Gupta

We ordered individual pie size veggie pizza from Donatos and this is what we got- It was uncooked !- The veggies were uncooked and too cold!really Disappointed unlike earlier and when I called the employee just hung up phone on me …I hope they improvise sooner than later and focus on food that they are selling to save our time and money:(

Janice Steinpreis

Great fast service. Hot delicious pizza. Lots of pepperoni and sauce

John Ribeiro Lyle

Like some other reviews have pointed out, delivery and service at this location is not good at night. Donatos used to be a lot better. I ordered a 14 inch large pizza and got a 12 inch pizza (I measured because it didn’t look like a large). Didn’t get what I paid for. I will be avoiding from now on.

Trish Reynolds

Great food and awesome workers

Ryan Mclaughlin

Was in town from Ohio for the Morgan wallen concert. Walked in at 11:45 to order 4 pizzas and then some. The door says they close at 12:30. But the person working said he had already shut their oven off and their hours had changed.. he would not accept us as customers. Disappointed.

Jane Todd

Have been ordering Pizzas with extra shake for 20 years. But today I did and got NO shake at all. That is what make donatos so special. Called them afterwards and the worker said shake is only parmesan. I know that isn't the case. Spent 50 on pizzas with no shake.

McKenzi Peace

Donatos is always the go-to for a flavorful pizza. I highly recommend the thin crust pizza. Pepperoni pizza is always a solid go to. But I love the founders favorite or the chicken spinach mozzarella.


Always fast and friendly and reliable

Karen Farr

We order Donatos pizza at least 2 times a week from this location.. and here lately when we ask for sauces like blue cheese salad dressing we have not been getting it so we ordered pizza last night and some wings and I asked for four sides of the blue cheese salad dressing I told the little guy I don't care to pay for it just make sure we get it so guess what we did not get it so I told my fiance that I was going to call and complain because this has been happening too much there lately so I called and I spoke with a guy that took my order explain to him I did not get the blue cheese like he assured me that I would get he told me that he thinks Kroger's has blue cheese dressing and I told him I don't think I ordered my pizza from Kroger's very bad customer service very bad so we will not be ordering donatos at that location anymore

Amy Kelly

Great pizza, always!

michael farrell

Very good thin crust pizza and baked garlic wings

Bob Voll

Good, but not worth the cost.

Jacob Wardrip

I'm not a fan of pizza, but this place was great! The chicken bacon ranch was on point!

Bob . Voll

Good, but not worth the cost.

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