Kentucky Ale Taproom

4000 Terminal Dr, Lexington
(859) 254-7201

Recent Reviews

Raymond Swain

Great beer!

Travis K.

Had mediocre expectations my first time in this airport and restaurant. Blown away with the service, food, and drink. Server was spot on with his recommendation for a burger. Got the Cure burger. Surprised he asked how I wanted it cooked, can't find that everywhere. Burger was cooked to perfection medium rare per my request. Side of fries were cooked perfectly when I expected some double fried rejects for earlier. Server recommended a local light beer and it was on point for a non beer drinker. Overall outstanding experience. Honestly, super surprised. Would highly recommend. Winning.


Breakfast was overpriced for a typical breakfast. I would compare it to a Cracker Barrel or a Denny?s. A difference would be that the Taproom is a quaint place where locals go. Service was excellent.


Man the bet tender here is amazing. Didn?t catch his name but he made the experience excellent. Just a man that is good at what he does. Food wasn?t anything to call home about, but it didn?t even bother me. Good vibes at this place and he makes a mean ole fashioned.

Tyler VanAllen

Dean is a great person and phenomenal bartender. He makes any trip more enjoyable.

Christopher Massaro

Beer cheese burger was amazing. Friendly bartender(Brandi) as well.

The Engine-ous Mechanic

Fantastic pre drink flights

LaDonna M.

I travel out of this airport for business alot. I've seen the bartender (Dean) grossly over serve people several times, so much that airport security had to be involved. I've also heard him bad mouth former employees. I find his work ethic severely lacking. Now if I know he is working, I will avoid the taproom and go to Peppers instead.

Shuyun X.

I've stopped by here the last few trips through LEX. The food is great, especially for an airport. Breakfast is the only meal I've tried, and all of them have been delicious! In addition to the regular menu, there is also a deli. The deli food choices are relatively pricy. But if you are flying Allegiant, this would be a great spot to pick up some snacks. If you like Crank and Boom ice cream, they do sell them at the Deli. This is open until the last outgoing flight, which means if you happen to get in after that, if you are flying out as one of the last flights, you won't get to enjoy their food. The bar area is open a bit longer though, so at least you get a drink or two!

Olwen C.

Not bad for an airport restaurant! I visited with my priority pass so I got to enjoy $28 of free food. I got the wedge salad with chicken and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The chicken was tender roasted chicken and there was plenty of blue cheese dressing and bacon on the salad. The drink menu didn't have prices, so I asked how much the mile high tea cocktail was. I was a little ticked off that the waitress said "around $10" and when I got my bill it was in fact $14. Why not just put prices on the menu, it's not like this is some kind of fancy restaurant. Anyways, I'll definitely be back next time I fly the bluegrass.


I ordered and my order never went through. I had to leave hungry. But yes, they brought the check right away!


I ordered and my order never went through. I had to leave hungry. But yes, they brought the check right away!

Kemba Cofield

I was forced to post this today. I frequent this location at least 2 times a month. I order the same thing... tomato basil soup. I went and purchased a gift. Came back 10 minutes later to.... No soup. I wait another 3 minutes and they handed me cold soup. Had to wait 5 more minutes for hot soup.

Garland Lambert

Great place to wait for your flight.

Garland Lambert

Great place to wait for your flight.

John Bennett

Enjoyed a great breakfast here this morning. Coffee was strong and plentiful! Friendly staff and surprisingly reasonable prices (for an airport). If you have time while your passing through drop in.

Maria Shade

Food was great, service was a little slow when they got busy. Overall wonderful experience!!

Jen M.

I do like coming here and everyone is really nice. Good does take a long time, so not a great choice when in a hurry. I got the cheeseburger no bun with coke slaw. The cheeseburger tasted very bland. I loved the provolone cheese on top. The coleslaw looked yummy, but tasted like mayonnaise and slaw. It would have tasted good if maybe add a bit of sugar to it. Not too impressed by any of the restaurants in our airport, but always friendly interactions.


Airport food does not have to be bad. But it is when there is no competition. This is the only sit down restaurant that I know of at LEX. Check our my wine glass, I found a ring of red wine residue at the bottom of my glass of WHITE wine. Really? Server said the glasses were plastic and thus stained. Well then, use glass glasses or donâ??t re-use the plastic ones. Have some pride!!Chicken Caesar Salad had fresh lettuce and good dressing, but the chicken was squishy like it had been frozen, thawed, cooked, refrozen. No flavor and yucky texture. Great table service by all, though, a definite bright spot for this restaurant.


I was very happy with the charred salad I ordered and also very happy with the chargers placed frequently around the perimeter of the restaurant. Between those chargers and the screen clearly showing the current status of departures, I was able to eat, talk on the phone, and charge up my phone in great comfort. The server even brought my bill quickly and kept an eye on me while I was talking to make sure I had what I needed and could check out when I was ready. I'll be sure to go back if I'm ever in this airport again!

Jeremy M.

This review is only related to the bar service as I did not eat any food. The taproom was nearly empty aside from a few people at the bar. This airport is small so it's unlikely you'll have a problem finding a seat. I was just looking at the menu before sitting down but was immediately greeted by a server. After sitting a the bar, service was quick and friendly. The bartender knew that I was interested in the game on tv so offered to turn on the volume without me asking. The beer selection is small but it's a good opportunity for a last chance at sampling some of the local beer or bourbon if you have time.

Tiffany J.

This was my second visit here. First visit was fine - good food and service. Second visit was today. Not so good. We stopped in for a drink to kill some time before our flight to Charlotte. My husband had a beer, and I ordered an Old Fashioned. I ordered it made with a middle shelf bourbon. It was not a great old fashioned. It was just "ok". But then again, I was at an airport bar, so it met my expectations. Imagine my surprise when I looked at our check, and I was charged $17.75 for this drink!!! No, that's not a typo. Then I looked closer and noticed it said "double old fashioned". I didn't order a double. I called to the bartender, who had replaced the bartender who had served my drink (she was on break). She said "oh, all of our old fashioneds are considered doubles." Wow. I think she should have told me this in advance. Shame on me, I suppose, for not asking. But I would have never imagined it would be $17.75. A cocktail at my favorite upscale bar doesn't even cost that much. Will not patronize next time I am flying through.

joseph marine

Great selection but not my favorite place

Mike M.

Was really impressed with the service and food. Figured it was just a typical airport food. I was wrong! Had a ham, pepper jack cheese omelette. Deeeeeeeeelicious!!!!!!!

Jennifer C.

After my flight was delayed I decided to grab a bite to eat. I choose fried green tomatoes and coffee. The coffee was blistering hot. I sipped on it for a couple hours and it never seemed to get cold! The fried green tomatoes were over breaded and hid any tomato taste. The sauce on the tomatoes was good with a little kick, but over utilized and I found myself scraping most of it off to the side. Overall, I was not impressed. The service was what I expected from an airport restaurant - nothing fast or timely. Ask for your check when you get your food so you are not left waiting. The decor is nice and the eating area was quiet while I was there. Probably one of the best sit down options, but let's face it, stellar airport eateries are hard to come by.

Michelle D.

I stopped by the Kentucky Ale Taproom to have a beer while waiting for my flight back to Jacksonville. I asked for the lightest beer they had on tap and I received the Kentucky Ale. It was and not too hoppy for my taste buds. I'd give the beer three out of five stars. The restaurant had a ton of seating which was good as I believe this is the only sit-down restaurant in this small airport. I saw some folks ordering food but I ate prior to being dropped off at the airport. The bartender was friendly and let me sample the beer before I purchased it. There was a television at the bar so I could watch the football game. There was also a power plug right below the bar in front of my seat. This was a nice touch!

Ramonda K.

For an airport restaurant, it met my expectations-decent food, clean and plenty seats with outlets for plugging in my devices.

Stella J.

Wonderful place in the airport to stop for food and drinks. Sat at the bar for a few hours to work while I had a glass of wine and chicken fingers. They even made them for me at breakfast because I do not enjoy breakfast food. It was much appreciated. Staff was very friendly and helpful and the food was excellent. Would highly recommend and will return my next time in the area!

Bonnie Hardman

The Rueben sandwich was very good and so large with fries that I couldn't finish it all. The beer on tap is fresh and cold. Great friendly service and atmosphere was cozy and friendly.

Bonnie A. Hardman

The Rueben sandwich was very good and so large with fries that I couldn't finish it all. The beer on tap is fresh and cold. Great friendly service and atmosphere was cozy and friendly.

Chris Hathaway

Delish bar food and a nice lengthy happy hour. Bartender / Server Megan rocks!


I stopped in here to enjoy a lunch with my daughter before boarding our flight. This restaurant was part of the Priority Pass Lounge access. So we got to enjoy a meal and drinks for free. Of of course we tipped the waitress. We had the cheese fries and they were great. Was a bit crowded with not many waitresses that day. (Sunday after Thanksgiving.)


Great place to kill time before a flight. I stopped by while waiting for my flight. They had a great cloudy IPA! It was delicious! The service was real good.

Emily H.

This is a nice spot to stop if you've got extra time before your flight at Bluegrass airport. When I visited they were having a deal, your second bourbon pour was half price (after the first). So I got a double of 1792 and relaxed before my flight out. The great thing is at the bar they have outlets every couple of chairs, so it's also a great opportunity to charge your devices before your flights.

Peter Akpunonu

Friendly service. Food is good. Only thing open for early departure besides Dunkin Donuts. Love that accept priority pass! Open from 5am until last departure.

Elizabeth Goodrich

We didn't have any problems with the service - relatively quick for an airport bar! The amount of food for the price was a little underwhelming, but the food was good. There were plugs so we could charge all of our electronics while we ate and waited for our flight. Our waitress was friendly and was quick with the check when we said we needed to leave.

Isabel Prosper

The service was great, but I asked for my order to go, so I can't speak for dining in. I ordered the fish hoagie sandwich with fries and a ceaser salad. The serving size was actually too much food for me and I wasn't able to finish it all. The fish was a little flavorless and the batter was uber crispy and crunchy, also a little flavorless. I left without making sure I had dips for my fries, which was disappointing. Fortunately, there was tartar sauce on the side for my sandwich.


No greeter, seated myself. No waiter for a long time. By the time they got around to it, I did not have time to eat. Plus they had some issue with their computer. I would not recommend this place but travelers do not really have much choice at this airport so they survive despite themselves.

Aidan Hemas

Every time Iâ??ve gone to this place for a quick drink on my way out of town the bartender is unfriendly and shaming. It would be great if the Blue Grass Aiport came in with another bar!

Jon B.

Had to fly out of LEX to Buffalo last Tuesday for some family business on short notice. As always I get to the airport way too early. Breezed through Security so I had a few hours to kill. Hadn't been in the Taproom yet, so I took a seat and was promptly greeted by Lexanne. Very perky for 7 a.m. when my eyes are struggling to be open, but had nice conversation about my trip as she bounced between the few other guests. A few quick cups of decent local coffee and the very filling Lexington Breakfast (3 egg omelet and nicely crisped bacon) and I was ready for my trip. The food was good and reasonably priced for airport fare. The service was very good and the company was appreciated while I killed time before my flight.