Kentucky Ale Taproom

4000 Terminal Dr Suite 206, Lexington
(859) 254-7201

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Melissa J.

Great service for an airport restaurant. I finally ordered a hot and brown. The portion size was smaller but great for lunch. The sauce was rich and creamy and a good combo with the meats. I also had the cheesy cauliflower- this was bland. I had to use so much hot sauce just to get flavor. What a missed opportunity. Prices were really inexpensive for an airport restaurant.

Harold Berens

It would be a great place for a bar! 15 minutes to get waited on! another 15 to get the check.

Mika Mack

Daily specials are awesome!)Contest with the chefs to see who's dish will be the special!) Meatloaf with Bacon jelly !& mashed potatoes was delicious. A skosh over priced, but you are in an airport.


Very accommodating staff and kitchen, very good meal and nice server. Well above and beyond most airport eateries.

Greg Thomerson

Nice when waiting on a flight. Breakfast is nice

Raymond Swain

Great beer!

Travis K.

Had mediocre expectations my first time in this airport and restaurant. Blown away with the service, food, and drink. Server was spot on with his recommendation for a burger. Got the Cure burger. Surprised he asked how I wanted it cooked, can't find that everywhere. Burger was cooked to perfection medium rare per my request. Side of fries were cooked perfectly when I expected some double fried rejects for earlier. Server recommended a local light beer and it was on point for a non beer drinker. Overall outstanding experience. Honestly, super surprised. Would highly recommend. Winning.


Breakfast was overpriced for a typical breakfast. I would compare it to a Cracker Barrel or a Denny’s. A difference would be that the Taproom is a quaint place where locals go. Service was excellent.


Man the bet tender here is amazing. Didn’t catch his name but he made the experience excellent. Just a man that is good at what he does. Food wasn’t anything to call home about, but it didn’t even bother me. Good vibes at this place and he makes a mean ole fashioned.

Tyler VanAllen

Dean is a great person and phenomenal bartender. He makes any trip more enjoyable.

Christopher Massaro

Beer cheese burger was amazing. Friendly bartender(Brandi) as well.

The Engine-ous Mechanic

Fantastic pre drink flights

LaDonna M.

I travel out of this airport for business alot. I've seen the bartender (Dean) grossly over serve people several times, so much that airport security had to be involved. I've also heard him bad mouth former employees. I find his work ethic severely lacking. Now if I know he is working, I will avoid the taproom and go to Peppers instead.

Shuyun X.

I've stopped by here the last few trips through LEX. The food is great, especially for an airport. Breakfast is the only meal I've tried, and all of them have been delicious! In addition to the regular menu, there is also a deli. The deli food choices are relatively pricy. But if you are flying Allegiant, this would be a great spot to pick up some snacks. If you like Crank and Boom ice cream, they do sell them at the Deli. This is open until the last outgoing flight, which means if you happen to get in after that, if you are flying out as one of the last flights, you won't get to enjoy their food. The bar area is open a bit longer though, so at least you get a drink or two!

Olwen C.

Not bad for an airport restaurant! I visited with my priority pass so I got to enjoy $28 of free food. I got the wedge salad with chicken and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The chicken was tender roasted chicken and there was plenty of blue cheese dressing and bacon on the salad. The drink menu didn't have prices, so I asked how much the mile high tea cocktail was. I was a little ticked off that the waitress said "around $10" and when I got my bill it was in fact $14. Why not just put prices on the menu, it's not like this is some kind of fancy restaurant. Anyways, I'll definitely be back next time I fly the bluegrass.

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