Miyako Poké Bowl

867 S Broadway STE 110, Lexington
(859) 469-9098

Recent Reviews

Maliha Alma Marium

This is the best Poke Bowl place I have come across so far. I am now living in Worcester, MA, and there not many good Poke Bowl places here. They have many options and I loved almost all of the food that they had on their menu.

Stephen Allen

Amazing food and amazing price. I got the salmon bowl and I was thrilled. Look at this work of art!

Michael Moffett

They're very nice people and the flavors I chose were all good. I know poke places have to balance quality and quantity, but there was very little fish in the bowl.

Amy Hall

Great Poké bowls. My daughter requested this for her b-day. We live almost an hour away, but so worth it! We had a big party and they quickly served us. Fantastic and we will be back!Forgot to photo the beautiful bowls before we ate! ?‍♀️

Karen Flach

Fresh and flavorful. There are many choices for protein, rice, vegetables and sauces. The portions were large. I made 2 meals out of it. The facility was clean and the prices were $12 for a bowl with 2 proteins, rice and veggies. Eat in or carry out.Vegetarian options: There is yummy grilled and marinated tofu. Parking: There is a parking lot in front of the building. Dietary restrictions: I am lactose intolerant and don't enjoy spicy foods or raw fish (sushi). The staff was skilled at assisting me in selecting other protein options of chicken, beef, cooked shrimp, etc.

Jessica D

Service is great and fast. Lots of variety for your poke bowl! There's usually 2 people working the front line and they keep things moving smoothly.

Tim Schreiber

Delicious food for sure, but I could not convince my dining partner to eat here, because when you're driving past it, the logo spells out something not so delicious. It's absolutely hilarious, but it's probably hurting their business.

LadyD 77

This was my 1st time visiting this restaurant. I thought I would give it a try, just because I had a cash back offer on it. Mind you, I'm not a seafood person at all which means I don't like Sushi, Octopus, calamari and all those other things. I chose a build your own bowl without all that other stuff in it that way I could actually choose the items that I wanted. To my surprise I like it!!! I even wowed myself by it ???because I am somewhat of a picky eater, Especially when it comes to new things. There are so many different options to choose from along with sauces and all that. You should go see what you think about it.


Delicious poke. Fresh fish.I got the salmon dish half spicy and half regular salmon and it was just right.Someone else got create-your-own bowl and they were very happy with it. Highly recommended. Sitting inside.

Jade K.

Always great energy from the staff and always SO much food! I try to come once a week because I'm addicted to it.

Christin S.

Never had a bad meal from here! Highly recommend. Steamed rice is the way to go, the spicy mayo will clear your sinuses!

Drew Scott

I'm new to this realm of cuisine, and it hasn't disappointed yet! Good balance of flavor, fair price, and obviously a good healthy option! Had the Hawaiian classic. Delicious!

Natalie Kasipol

My husband and I have been here plenty of times and we’ll really like it. It’s pretty good poke with a variety of toppings and selections. The fish is pretty good if you’re getting salmon or tuna but the less popular proteins can be hit or miss. Occasionally I’ll get white tuna or scallops but it can go either way. Sometimes it is fresh, other times not. All of which is normal and understandable for all poke restaurant, heck sushi as well. Sauces can be kind of bland (maybe I haven’t tried the right one yet). I usually end up using the packet soy sauce they have. The price has also gone up recently. (Again, understandable because the price of everything is going up.) Definitely will be back when craving poke.

jennie frmtheblock

Amazing poke bowls. It was very fresh and tasty! I had a customized bowl and my husband ordered Miyako poke bowl. Both were really nice. Love the tuna and the salmon. The portion is very generous. I just moved to Lexington and am very happy to have found this gem of a restaurant.One thing I'd like to mention though, is the bubble tea. I ordered a traditional black milk tea but wasn't impressed. The boba in the bubble tea were hard, I don't think they were cooked properly. The tea itself was kind of bland. Poke bowls were really great, but the bubble tea not so much.

Carrie G.

I have wanted to go here for a long time,but it was disappointing. It's sort of a sushi subway with many things to choose for your bowl, but the location was not very clean and the topping selection was messy and sloppy. I may try to go back again because it is tasty, but hopefully next time it will be clean and tidy.

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