North Lime Coffee & Donuts

575 N Limestone, Lexington
(859) 414-6654

Recent Reviews

Jake G.

Honestly disappointed with my experience as the donut was kind of hard and not that flavorful. Not sure if the drink I ordered was just weird but not a fan! The server that took our order was really nice though!

Lauren B.

North Lime Coffee & Donuts does some pretty Legit donuts. That said if you're interested in a more substantial breakfast than you should check out someplace else.For those of us who are good with just donuts and coffee, these folks do it right! My only complaint is the donut selection is a bit limited.The donuts they have are super fresh and very tasty. Some of their daily special donuts are unusual, i.e., a donut with peaches and cream filling, but I tried one and it was really good!To sum it up - when I want something other than donuts and coffee I seek elsewhere, but when it's donuts that I'm craving this is a great place to head for.

Brooke C.

I have tried this local chain a few times and each encounter was disappointing. The donuts are dry and taste bland. The coffee is tasteless. I always get my hopes up considering how busy they are and the raving reviews I hear from others. But maybe it's just my luck?!

Aryn Mullins

The employees have always been so welcoming, and the donuts have been tasty. This is a nice, local spot to have a quick bite!

QueenKick 1414

They gave the correct chocolate donut then gave me a replacement 2 donuts without telling me poor service

Gia Elvira Valdés Lastre

Ah!!! The best vegan donuts in town. Every day a different flavor. It’s hard to stay away.

Alex L.

Great little find in Lexington service was great even got a discount for first time. Donuts were amazing, if your in town you need to stop by.

Teena P.

Their coffee is amazing and I like most of their donuts a lot. I had the lemon poppyseed and French toast today and loved the French toast donut. It was very light and the icing was perfect. The lemon poppyseed needed more lemon !! Maybe zest would help

Paul C.

Cool spot. This was their first location. Creative flavors. Great taste. Lots of merch. These babies go fast! Get there early to get the best selection. Coffee is good.

Christian M.

I'm new to Lexington and this is one of the spots that came highly recommended before moving here. While the Clays Mill location is closer, I decided to visit this location first since they had more options (at least during COVID). For donuts, my bf ordered the chocolate iced and I got the vegan bourbon caramel. He loved his choice--big, cakey with great flavor. I was pleasantly surprised by mine. I'm not usually a fan of donuts and wasn't sure whether I'd like vegan donuts specifically, but it was perfect for me. It was smaller and chewier than the regular donut and the bourbon caramel icing was tasty and well-served. Even for $2 or so each, I would definitely recommend trying a few if you can.For coffee, we got an iced coffee and a hot cafe au lait. The strength of the coffee was nice but the overall taste wasn't anything to write home about. I'll probably try their regular coffee or a specialty coffee for comparison next time we go.

Cara Brewton

We enjoyed everything we chose! Delicious donuts and coffee at a reasonable price.

Penny J

With the restrictions, there was limited access. However the coffee was very good. Nice to support local


Super cute place! The donuts are delicious! I love the funkfetti donut but seriously they’re all good. Great texture and taste.

Chester T.

The product is good Coffee and DonutsThe online ordering process is deplorable, can't change anything once it's selected your stuck with it for ever.Spent most of the morning trying to just cancel the entire order. Unacceptable procedures for 2020Plenty of local coffee shops in this town..

Angie F.

I love their donuts!! Very fresh and melt in your mouth. My favorite is the cream filled. My husband loves the regular glazed ones.

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