North Lime Coffee & Donuts

101 W Loudon Ave Suite 160, Lexington
(859) 407-1374

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Bradley Bellman

North Lime has hands down the best donuts in the city. Their rotating specials are always unique and tasty and the staples are great. I recommend the Chocolate Iced. They are continuing to up their coffee game and have lots of options and great service.

Hannah Esper

Was expecting a better experience. The atmosphere is nice, but kinda dirty inside. The donuts were also quite underwhelming, possibly because we came later in the day. Donuts are my favorite food, and these did not hit the spot. I ordered a chai latte, figuring it would be hot, but came iced, which was odd.


Great donuts! Must be good. Local police enjoying the donuts, too!

Ethan Alex

Really cool building and atmosphere to sit and enjoy a coffee/donut. My wife wasn't overly impressed with her mocha, but I got one of the specialty drinks that was amazing! Their donuts were also delicious. If you're looking for a quite place to study or work, this would be a great spot.

Ed Tomlinson

Awesome atmosphere! Comfortable seating. Open concept. Superb collection of coffees. Pastries are very unique. Great staff. This place is Starbucks on steroids.

Brent Condon

North Lime is a quirky little spot for some great donuts and coffee. I wasn't really sure what to expect out of square donuts. The place seemed like it had the potential to be about style over substance, because there is certainly no lack of style; I liked the logo so much that I bought my girlfriend a shirt. Luckily, the donuts live up to that style, 100%.They have a rotating cast of characters, and different locations will have different specialties on different days, so do yourself a favor and check the website to see what is where. Some of these donuts are worth the drive to a different location. (Yes, I've actually done that. My inner fat kid is swiftly becoming my outer fat kid, but I regret nothing.)They do have a few regulars (glazed, chocolate, sprinkles, etc.) that are always available at all locations. Of those, don't neglect the slightly strange Cinna Monkey. It's kinda of a coffee[cup]cake? I grabbed one on a lark, and it turned out to be one of my favorite things there.If you find yourself with a morning sweet tooth, this is a good place to pound a cavity into it. Seriously, mind your dental hygiene, because North Lime will conspire to have you consuming far too much sugar at strange hours.

Scarlett Gilley

Love the maple bacon doughnut. Drove 3.5 hours for a dozen. I havent been here on a monday in three years!

Scott Stamper

First time there and I will definitely be visiting in the future, some of the best donuts I’ve ever had, good stuff!


very good coffee and doughnuts.....nice building location and decor, friendly service, fun flavors to try.....the only drawback is the sometimes pretentious clientele but they have no control over that

Yugina Yun

Flavors were fun and the store is gorgeous. The texture of the doughnuts was nice and the latte was great. However the drinks took forever to be made and we were missing some of our items when we left the store.

Jorge Alexander Casanova

Great coffee and amazing donuts. Now my new favorite donut place. The shop is in an old bus station and it’s really nicely set up.

Mazzeratti Taji

The doughnuts are fresh as they can be

Oaklandcoaster Wilson

I'm not really much of a donut person, but I do love donuts from this place! The yeast donuts actually have some substance to them, and the flavors are delicious as well as creative!They also have excellent, locally roasted coffee, whether you prefer hot, iced, espresso drinks, or even flavored concoctions, and they have specialty iced teas as well. Check their website for the current specials.


Reasonably priced and super tasty! Good vibe and friendly staff. The chocolate glazed is fantastic! Wish there was maybe a few more options but definitely not disappointed

Karen F

Coffee is delicious and the donuts are fresh and fun flavors. My Vegan friend loves them too , they offer a daily special . And the Owl graphic is frame worthy.

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