The Jerk

1313 N Limestone, Lexington
(859) 935-5375

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Jeremy M.

I was lucky enough to catch The Jerk food truck at Blue Stallion Brewery. The thing I immediately was impressed with was how friendly they are! Aside from that the wet, hot wings were really good. The standout though are the loaded gumbo fries. They are a MUST have!

Matthew E.

It has been awhile since a place gave me a culinary experience that you long for... last night was one of those.For anyone looking for some amazing food... The Jerk is the real deal! The smoke on the chicken is real pimento wood! The flavor runs deep and is the best I have had in America by far. Ask for some extra heat and they will make it for you... careful what you ask for cause he can make a sauce that will have your lips tingling for awhile. Also, I love this paired with the peach hefe! We tried them last night The menu is diverse and there is a blend of Jamaican and Creole/ Cajun... they have soooo much to offer and I can't wait to have tried it all... Gastrognomes was the last food truck in town that was this good. Crown the new king cause this truck is rocking some great food!


The owner is as awesome as the food! Highly recommend!

Joe Cort

Took over 40 minutes to get a pound of wings (the guy lost the ticket - had to package them to-go as a result) and when we finally got them they were WAAAY to spicy to even eat. Everyone at the table really likes hot food, but these were just inedible (ordered basic hot/dry rub, not crazy not). Complete waste of both time and money. No one wanted more than their first wing across a party of 6.Reply to Owner: As I stated in my review, we didn't even get to eat the food until we were offsite due to the wait. How would I air my grievances to the truck when we had them packaged to-go? Additionally, I understand there is a wait posted on the website but if you expect 40-50 minutes to be normal, you need to either express this to customers at the time of order or re-evaluate your business model. There was no "double overed" line when I was there at 3P. Finally, your site lists "mild, hot, or scorching hot" as options; not "mild, medium, and hot" as you indicate. If I say hot, per your own website this is medium. Clarify this somewhere if you intend to make "website hot" orders as melt your face off hot as this is really medium as you imply below.Please don't give me your sob stories; own up to your issues and learn from them. I have a heart for small businesses but when you sell me inedible food (mutually agreed by 6 people), charge me $18 for a pound of wings (after tip), and make me wait 40-50 minutes to even get that food, I am going to be upset. One bad review isn't going to ruin your business, if you think that then you know you have bigger issues to address, but I have the right to be angry about a terrible experience.

Chloe Hanson

We ordered here for the first time today and everything was excellent! The chicken bacon ranch sandwich had a good spice to it and the mashed potatoes were the best I’ve ever ordered from a restaurant. We will definitely be back!

Lacy Dee

Finally tried NYOV after following on social media for a while and now I don't know what took me so long. Seriously delicious! I got the mushroom burger, avocado rolls and cabbage rolls. Everything was absolutely perfect, including the cheese and I usually do not like vegan cheese. Lexington is so lucky to have NYOV. Can't wait to go back again.

Amanda Semler

Such amazing food! They are very gluten free friendly! Got a burger with no bun and all the sides are gluten free! Amazing and friendly staff!

Jamie K.

The food is delicious and the service was exceptional! I had the rebellion fries with jerk chicken, so good! I cannot wait to try the rest of the menu.

Scott M.

We at of the Food truck for 1st time, Everyone was friendly. There menu on the truck changes daily. So you need to go online to look at menu. I had the Rebellion, It was beans rice kind of a gumbo, Had it in spicy. (It was just good & warm.) My wife had the Jer Kale and she liked it. We shared a order of Geurilla fries. It was worth coming back to.

Mickey Sexton

Great food and friendly folks.

Shelliss Chestnut-Cunningham

I love this place today I my granddaughter and I had the tacos for taco week and they were delicious! But I think my favorite is the Not your ordinary Cheese Burgers!!!!

Kim Sherr

Friendly folks. Counter service. We had one of each entree and the sides. It was all good!

Patty Hartel

This place no longer exists, now a sports bar called fitz's

Shayla Dionne Lynch

My lunch was delivered right on time to me today, warm and ready to eat. Loved the food. I will definitely be a repeat customer! I ordered the cheese burger, mac & cheese, and greens. Yum!

Candice Nicole

We ordered the brat, bbq sliders, mac and cheese, baked beans, and greens! All FIRE!!! Everything was delicious, well seasoned, and healthy. This will be my GO TO for vegan food in Lexington.

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