The Other Bar

319 S Limestone, Lexington
(859) 381-0098

Recent Reviews

Kenya Kinard

The Paddock is solid. A hidden gem in Lexington.

Hilary Vittitow

Fun place with strong drinks!

Erin Masters

All you have to do is read the google reviews. There is a reason they have the comments deactivated on their social media. The bartenders will ignore you like you don't matter. The blonde walked away from my boyfriend to go take selfies in front of the stupid leaf wall they have. I thought her job was to make our drinks. She didn't know how to make the drink I asked for, and acted like I was rude for asking. I told her to just give me a vodka tonic, and she managed to make it

James Raymond

Bartenders didn’t wear masks most of the time. One server video taped another one grabbing her boobs and spreading her butt cheeks then went back to work serving people. In a pandemic. The owner looked up several of my granddaughters friends and sends them inappropriate messages. Disgusting business. Don’t go.

Marcy Atkinson

Perks of being Erick is a dumpster fire. Totally unprofessional and I wouldn’t visit this bar again if you paid me.

Derrick Robinson

Fast friendly and nice setting

Christopher Cole

Friendly owner. Great drinks amazing atmosphere. All are welcome and I truly mean that.

Kendall mitchell

This is mine and my friends FAVORITE bar And we Love love love Donnie!♥️

Laterrian Longoria Gude

great place good music and food I had a great time memorial day getting away from all the BS in the world will be coming again

Rebecca Lynn Collins

awesome place to spend your evening!

Kristen Frazier

Walked in late but tipped WELL (45$ collectively between 2 friends in 20 minutes) not including beers bought. Added music to the juke box and bartender thought it was funny to have his friends play music behind us. Ordered drinks and tipped well every time. Bartender was RUDE, didn’t seem like he liked his job. Maybe hire humans that smile and are PEOPLE friendly. Not impressed. Next.

Wade Oliver

I had a great time playing music here, everyone on staff were great and the patrons were awesome. great place

Maaza Santana

It was a roach in my drink and I was talking politely to the manager and he was VERY RUDE.!! I asked for my money back he said no and then goes to say “ Yes we do have roaches and I don’t care if you call the health department “

Cora Boedeker

good time very relaxing and great drinks. very good bartender I think name Scott

Emily Bartley

My favorite bar in Lexington because of Peyton and Mundy! Really would recommend to go:)

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