Wise Bird Cider Co.

1170 Manchester St Ste 140, Lexington
(859) 309-1863

Recent Reviews

Nicole S.

Fun atmosphere! Came here for a kids event and I'm glad we did. Served goodfellas pizza, delicious and serve different cider wine.

Hannah Pittard

Love this place. Delicious & dry cider, like champagne but cheaper! Also: the space is beautiful.


Great location! Nice staff! Cider mimosa was great!

Kathy V.

Main takeaways: -Tasty. -Dry. -Great service. Let me expound: My favorite way to spend a day is a long hike, followed by refueling with greasy food while day drinking. I also love trying new things and new places. So after a few hours at Raven Run, and a brief stop in at a winery, we were ready for some hard cider. There are a couple cider breweries in Lexington, and I had yet to visit Wise Bird. Also, I recognized the area where the address was and I knew there were some food options in the Distillery common sort of area. After a stop to get some food, we made our way across the parking lot to Wise Bird. Currently, Wise Bird seems to be the only business in the strip of storefronts it inhabits, so it wasn't nearly as busy as the rest of the spots in the area. That shouldn't stop you from going in! I opted for a flight of what appears to be their flagship offerings. There was confusion here because there were some options that were out of stock, and the menu listed a different price on the laminated paper than what appeared on the chalkboard menu, and both were different than what the actual price was when I asked and was ultimately charged. If you are concerned...pay attention, notice, and ask before you order. That said, I got to try 3 ciders. Theirs run on the dry side, which is not my usual preference. But I love trying new things! Our server was great! Friendly, happy to explain the difference between the ciders, and full of information on upcoming offerings and soon-to-open restaurants in the area. $9 for a flight of three seems a bit price-y, and full glasses are a little on the higher priced side. But the samples in the flight are amply sized, not just tiny little sips. We enjoyed our visit here, despite the price confusion. And I am keen to visit again, having heard of their upcoming collaborations with the nearby distilleries and breweries. Particularly if you like dry ciders, this is the spot for you. If you prefer sweeter ones, or more variety...Pivot is a nearby option. But this is a decent option, and a great addition to the selection of things in the general area where it is located.

Nancy W.

I've been to Wise Bird Cider a number of times now and have always had an amazing experience! The cider is delicious - highly recommend the flight (it's well priced, too!) The atmosphere and space is so unique - great for families, date nights, dogs, playing games, and even enjoying live music! I can't recommend Wise Bird Cider enough.

Peter L.

Good selection and great recommendations from the bartenders. Honest opinions and tasty drinks. Both their own ciders and a few local brews to choose from. Good place to bring the family as well. They even have things for the kids to enjoy!

Jami J.

Y'all the sangria is LIFE! This place has some delicious cider-- even though I'm less of a fan of cider- I've been here a couple of times. I enjoy to sangria (obvi) but have done a sample flight. A nice variety of sweet, semi sweet, and dry ciders. I'm so glad they have snacks that are delicious too. Patio is perfect to work from!

Austin S.

This is a cute new cider bar in the distillery district! I love the space and the big tables. The staff is very friendly and the owner is super knowledgeable about their ciders. I personally am not a huge cider fan but most of their ciders are very dry which I love! On the other hand, my boyfriend who loves ciders didn't particularly care for them because they weren't very sweet. I love the location, the staff, and the space. Definitely check it out if you're in the distillery district

Kel Mo

This place is amazing!!! Please donâ??t over look it because itâ??s off away from the loud and crowded areas. This place has amazing cider and the most scenic views! You should just stop by, because you wonâ??t regret it! Btw Iâ??m a visitor in KY from CA. So I know my breweries/tap rooms. This is among some of the best Iâ??ve ever been to!!!

Miranda Stewart

Absolutely LOVED Wise Bird! I went on a Lex on Tap tour and we stopped at Wise Bird a few weeks ago. Tim, the owner was great! He was so knowledgeable.

Leah T.

I stopped by wise bird cider and tried their flight all 3 of the ciders in the flight were delicious you can't go wrong. The staff was fantastic and gave great suggestions! And the have a fantastic space and patio area!

Bobby Corwen

Wise Bird Cider Co. is an excellent date spot. It has a very personal, open, and romantic atmosphere. It's also nice to have a place like this for people who prefer ciders over beers. There are a few beers you can order though, if cider isn't your thing. They also provide sangrias and slushies that seem to be really popular. It's pretty new, so I get the feeling that they're still coming into their own a little, but I imagine that very soon this'll be a really extraordinary place to visit for a nice cider selection.

Kelly Dugan

Really good cider and friendly staff. Nice outside area too.

Little Bluebird

My husband and I just happen to pass through the establishment so we went and checked it out. It was a really nice and warm environment. The bartender was very welcoming. I tried the Kentucky sunrise, my husband had Harrison. So delish! It was overall a very good experience.

Andrew Robinson

Great environment! Cozy and warm. I usually drink porters and stouts, but after trying wise bird ciders it really creeps up on you. Great place!!!

Janet S.

Happy to have another local cider offering in Lexington! This venue is right by Fusion brewing, right in the distillery district. I had a flight of their ciders and all were great, we even got a growler to go! They also have a few local beers from other breweries on tap, and even cider mimosas and cider slushees! Really cool place!

Alexis B.

My friend and I stopped by for some cider while waiting for a table at a nearby restaurant. We got a flight of everything that wasn't sold out, and we really liked everything. I definitely prefer cider on the drier side, and I really enjoyed three of the four ciders in our flight. This was also a very different experience from other cideries I've been to go because their ciders were all apple-based! No other fruit-based cider. It's a big space, and the cider was good! A fun place to kill a little time waiting for a table!

Annie M.

Went here on Sunday with a group of friends. I tried the cider flight, sampled the slushie and shared a few carafes of sangria with friends. Everything was phenomenal. They had games and a water table for kids. The service was top notch and the bathrooms were clean. Neat indoor and outdoor spaces. Will definitely be back!

Becky Wheeler Widegren

Family friendly environment. Amazing ciders and awesome staff! Highly recommend.

Sarah O.

What a neat cider brewery! Ambience/cleanliness is great with indoor/outdoor options to sit. Went next door to Goodfellas for pizza and brought it over to enjoy with our cider. Tried a flight and the slushie #whatcouldbetter. Would love to see sweeter options in the future!!

M Shirley

Wise Bird Cider has a great environment and great service! I love that they have outdoor seating and their cider slushies!

Liz Douglas

Cider, atmosphere and staff are top notch. Prices are too high.

Meghan G.

We love craft beer but decided to stop on and check this place out. The variety Of ciders were amazing and they are really, really well done. I love that there are a lot of dry and semi-dry options. The space is gorgeous as well. We can't wait to come back and try more as they come online. And don't forget to check out the frozen cider, too.

Cherise M.

Wise Bird is a great cidery space. I didn't even realize I could enjoy a great cider slushee until I visited this place. Gorgeous, family and dog friendly tap room. There were countless families enjoying the indoors and outdoors. Despite this -- staff was attentive and helpful while I searched for the perfect cider. I'm an avid beer drinker but wrote cider off because most mainstream brands are way too sweet. Nope. I was wrong. Wise Bird has awesome tart cider options!

Aron Harrington

The newest brewery in town is fantastic. Iâ??ve been lucky enough to have been there twice now and both times has been fantastic. Once was on a hot day were we threw back their great cider slushees (pictured) and another was on a rainy night. In both cases this place delivered a great atmosphere! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in town!

Megan Scholer

Solid addition to the already crowded distillery district. Cute atmosphere, and great service. The house ciders I tried were very distinct in flavor and a perfect representation of the style, not overly sweet!

Mr. LabraDerp

Really great place. Definitely recommend.

Zack Hill

Such an awesome place! We were served by some of the nicest bartenders I have ever been around, they were extremely courteous and polite throughout the entire evening. Other than returning for the phenomenal ciders, I will happily go back for the atmosphere and conversation.

Jen S.

This new spot is a really nice, adult hang out space. The atmosphere is casual,but slightly upscale. I love the murals on the wall and the bar looking out the open windows. The people are great and very knowledgeable. My favorite thing was the cider slushy...what a great idea! It was a hot day when we visited, so it was a welcome treat on a hot day (and it was delicious!). The only complaint I have is the wine sized pours that they do for the normal ciders. They charge what others charge for a pint, but you don't get anywhere near that much. If they fix that, then this place will be perfect. Either way, though, I'll definitely be back!

Jeremy M.

I want to start by saying that, while I can appreciate a cider, I am a beer drinker instead. Wise Bird has greatly impressed me though. I have tried all of their ciders and can say that I am a fan. The taste, but also the quality, of their ciders is above what I imagined possible for a new cidery. They are a place you definitely want to try!

Mariya G.

I am so excited that there's a new cider place in town! Tonight was their grand opening and they had a live band outside which was so fun! My husband and I split a flight of their flagship ciders ( 4 of them for $11); Harrison was my favorite. They also had cider slushies which is a perfect summer drink (adds some raspberries to the drink). They also have some board games and outside seating (dog friendly) definitely check it out if you're in the neighborhood!

N. S.

Wise Bird seems like a great new addition to the Distillery District. I was hesitant at first, as most commercial ciders are loaded with sugar and far too sweet to drink more than 12 ounces. To my surprise, all of the ciders I tried at Wise Bird were on the dry side, which means I can have more than one. They're crisp, light, and refreshing--perfect for a hot day. The staff is nice, the interior is calming, and the deck by the creek will be great to sit out on warm evenings.

Lee Brown

Great Ciders & the Cider Slushy is delicious!! The atmosphere is cool & bartenders friendly & helpful!

Kim N.

Did you even know that you NEEDED a cider slushee this summer? I didn't, until I tried one here yesterday. It was delicious and now I think I am going to want one every day. Lexington's newest cidery is awesome - they have a beautiful, modern aesthetic that is warmed up with jars of fresh flowers on all the tables. They also have a huge outdoor area with covered tables and game areas. And they are dog-friendly (inside and out) which means I will be back a lot for sure. Their house-made ciders are a little different than what I'm used to - they are very dry. But they are interesting and I like the ones that resemble a light wine. You can get a flight of four of their house ciders for $11 and this is a great deal for the pour size and the high alcohol content of the ciders. But my favorite is the cider slushee which is made with a sweeter cider and topped with raspberries and basil. SO refreshing! Love that they have a small selection of food (the charcuterie plate is great, but it could use a few more crackers) as well as food trucks outside. Service was great and everyone was friendly and willing to explain what their ciders are about. Can't wait to return!

Angela M.

I didn't even know this was open until I heard people I know talking about a cider slushy. I like cider alright, but usually drink beer or wine instead. I was intrigued by the idea of a boozy slushy on a warm evening. Some friends and I went and tried the slushy, a flight, and a couple individual ciders. The bartender was very knowledgeable about the options and helped us select ciders that were on the dry side. This was good because I have usually ended up thinking cider was too sweet for me. I enjoyed almost every cider I tried, and especially the slushy. The next time I need a refreshing treat I will be back.

Nathan Smith

Wise Bird seems like a great new addition to the Distillery District. I was hesitant at first, as most commercial ciders are loaded with sugar and far too sweet to drink more than 12 ounces. To my surprise, all of the ciders I tried at Wise Bird were on the dry side, which means I can have more than one. They're crisp, light, and refreshing--perfect for a hot day. The staff is nice, the interior is calming, and the deck by the creek will be great to sit out on warm evenings.

Rhiannon Rutherford

Went for a soft opening for the businesses in the distillery district. Owners were very friendly. Drinks were good. Atmosphere was relaxing.

Ashley Crouch

Best cider and great atmosphere!!

George Stacy

Wonderful atmosphere with indoor/outdoor seating. Family friendly! They gave my little one an apple juice

Michelle L.

There is a new kid on the block in the distillery district to amp up Lexington's cider game and they are doing a good job to add some variety to this bourbon and brews town. The decor features a minimalist, open approach with pine tables and benches, but stellar wall murals on the wall. You enter through a garage door entrance and have the option of sitting inside or outside. Dog friendly environment! My kickball team swung by this joint after the game and had a wonderful time. The owners even swung by to say hello and thank us for coming in. Wise Bird features four house ciders and four guest selections. I tried The Vermonter which was described as a Gin Barrel Aged Cider which peaked my interest. This was a very solid, refreshing cider with no fancy bells and whistles to it. I don't believe you will be disappointed with this choice. If you are looking for a cider to blow your mind, this may not be the cider for you. You also have the option of getting a flight of four ciders which is nice because with one flight you can try all four house ciders. The price does seem a little high for the pour amount you are getting, but it might be the size and shape of the glassware that creates that illusion. There is also some share plates available for purchase such as a charcuterie board. This place definitely adds some variety to the distillery distinct and is worth a visit for sure.