PJ Fresh Marketplace

489 Pendleton Rd, Pendleton
(502) 743-5496

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Bailey B.

We prefer to stop at travel centers / truck stops / gas stations like Love's, Pilot, Vulcan, etc. when on the road because they usually have cleaner bathrooms and more abundant selections of snacks. This Pilot is an acceptable representative of those types of gas station. Lots of bathrooms, snacks, and pleasant-enough employees. This one wasn't quite as nice as others I've been to, but it got the job done.A little confusing here -- there are two Pilots more or less across from each other, on either side of Highway 71. This one had an attached McDonald's; the other had an attached Dunkin'. I would've rather gone to the one with a Dunkin', lol, but my husband wanted a quick burger so we wound up at this one. His burger came out fast and was actually really good for a McD's burger, and I got to grab a drink before we got back on the road.

Google user

This place doesn't have much for me to eat healthy with. I don't do the S.A.D. eating plan like most Americans. No dairy,no meat or GMO neither any processed dangerous American food products available to us here . Thanks .

Heath Duncan

Pj fresh has the best meatloaf I've ever eat

Trucker Misty

Cheeseburger, spicy chicken sandwich, meatloaf, chicken wings and strips, potato wedges all looked fresh and hot.

anthony thompson

The Meatloaf, green beans ,and mashed potatoes ? with gravy were great. And Mandie was very friendly.

Robert Campbell

It's a truck stop depending on time of day on how the food is but they have gotten way over priced

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 3

Service: 3


McDonald's fries are, well, McDonald's fries. There's nothing special there, and the fries we purchased at the McDonald's in Pendleton were even a little lower in quality than most. They were okay, but not good. Where this particular McDonald's really stood out among its peers is in its unfriendly, uncaring, and disinterested servers. The person who took my order could not have been any aloof, and the person who chucked the bag onto the counter while calling out my number appeared to be annoyed that I was in his royal presence. I was just driving through town, so it's no great loss to me that I won't ever darken the door of this McDonald's again, but if you're in the area, I recommend that you avoid this location. The workers and management would rather not be bothered.

Richard F.

There are two locations very close to each other, actually just across the interstate from each other. Neither location is very friendly. Today they just raised their price of regular from $3.29 to $3.79

Mark L.

The worst subway I've had in the entire world. Glad it's laying in the parking lot. Yuckkkkkkkkkk

Karl B

We were on a 12 hour trip from Arkansas to Ohio and stopped to stretch and refuel ourselves and the car. We were pleasantly surprised to find in side dinning was available. My wife had their chicken sandwich meal with French fries and a diet Pepsi I had their Quarter pounder, fries and a diet. Both meals tasted good and since these were fast foods we did not lose much time in our travels. The restaurant is in a truck stop. It is very clean, as was the restrooms. Staff was great and friendly.


I had a filet of fish meal . Sandwich and fries was great. I got fast service. I was surprised at the food and service

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