Taco Bell

14610 Plank Rd, Baker
(225) 778-0207

Recent Reviews

Rene Benson

The food made me sick. I dont like that location

Frank Boneno

Super fast and super friendly crew.

Dustin James

I love the five layer burrito, but now the double chalupa box for five dollars is better.

Donald Varnado

Love the chalupas always fresh , long line but worth the wait

Betty Anderson

Before the door was closed was greeted to take my order he was very professional and courteous will be coming again

Jeremiah Marcantel

Much better now that the old Genersl Manager has been replaced.

Chenetra Washington

Didn't have to wait long food was hot and ready

Ms Fabulous Pisces

I hadn't eaten at Taco Bell since October 2018 (food poison). In 08/04/19, I decided to take a chance, brought a nacho supreme, no beans and no chives. Took a few bites, it was bland and gross. I tossed it into the trash.

Duane Brent

Very unorganized. Employee working drive thru was also working counter register and ones fixing food were unorganized and had long line of people waiting for there food inside and long line of cars outside. Should have 1 person at each register and the food preps should work on both sides of the food prep area. One group doing food for counter customers and other preps doing drive thru. One group cant keep up with drive thru and counter.

Alexa grace10

Love this got r order almost the right way the food was good

Tabitha Blache

Every time I go to baker Taco Bell it is the worse tasting and worse looking food. The Mexican pizza pretty much anything with a hard shell has a burnt taste. It's so bad it will make u wanna throw up. Every time I call no answer or someone picks up and hangs up. They put a teaspoon of meat and a huge hand full of lettuce. The people are so rude. They always have an attitude when u are riding they keep cutting you of saying that's it. It is time for someone from corporate to go train or fire people. Any other taco bell is nothing like this. I wasted $20 tonight and my daughter, husband and myself didn't eat. Never will I go here again.

Christopher Reed

Quick service like Taco Bell of oldschools.

Jordan Burks

They have good Mexican food

Avery Wells

They take to long and they give you cool old food!!! Very slow workers!!!

Richard Warren

It is Taco Bell. Who doesn't like Taco Bell every once in a while? This guy, does. They seem to be out of Baja Blast in the drive through every other time I go, though.

Marianna Morselle

Website said they open at 7am. I called and they said 7:30. Its already 7:40 and theyre still not open. I never like false advertisement. Ya'll need to change that or hire more people to get everything ready and open on time. So disappointed.

Joy Durning

Baker Louisiana most discussing soft tacos couldn't eat them. They had only 3 people working on a sat night. Horrible no more Taco Bell for me. Nothing but maybe a teaspoon of stuff in a soft tortilla. Not even worth a star.

Brent Wil

Fast, convenient, and tasted like taco bell

Ricky Tourere

Staff is not friendly. Lobby is not as clean as it could be. condiments are not stocked.

TeAlicia Morton

Says they are open at 7 not even close. I have to be at work for 8. I drove over trying to get breakfast and they weren't even open. That's false advertisement. If you are saying you are open at 7 be open at 7.

Mamie Goins

Horrible service! Never can get the orders right! However, management did offer to make it right and to report the worker to corporate office.

Johnny Porter

It gad a lot of things to choose from the staff was helpful.

Tamika Shropshire

I visited the Taco Bell on Plank Rd. in Baker. I've always check my order before leaving any fast food restaurant and the day I decided not to check my food once I made it home I notice I was missing part of my order but I don't understand how when I only order 2-4pc. Chicken Rolls I tried calling Taco Bell 778-0207 numeric time but the line STAYED busy so NO I want be visiting that Taco Bell again.

Anita Harper

Wasn't good at all, very very little meat I ask very little lettuce it was piled on, the shells feel apart immediately. Won't go back again lesson learned.

Diamond Ryan

Usually a really busy stop. Close to campus. Short wait in the drive through.

Robert Booth

Staff too lazy to turn the menue boards to show breakfast offerings then gets an attitude if you can't order quick enough. Consistently the worst food service in Baker.

Valencia Calhoun

Overall I am satisfied with my visit, they are under staffed sometimes


Got away from lunch to grab something quick. Boy did I choose wrong. This particular Taco Bell has a narrow drive through, once you are in no getting out. It took 35 minutes to make it up to the drive through window. I paid for my order and confirmed what I had ordered as she handed me the bags. Unfortunately, after I pulled away I opened the bag to find the wrong order. Never never again.

Patrick Bell

Have always been a good place to stop. Today wasn't. Waited 35 minutes on my order. While waiting I noticed that the lady preparing the food was not wearing gloves: so I brought it to her attention. She only put on one on her right hand. Seven customers came in after me were all served while I was still waiting on my #1.

Lisa Wilson

Great service at the drive through. Window persons were very friendly, courteous and my order was filled quickly

Chrissa Will

The nacho fries just came out and of course I had to go and get! So I got the $1 fries and honestly they were really good and different. I am very picky about my fries, so the only other fast food place I'll get them at would be Arby's. The reason why I gave it a rating of 3 is because I expected for there to be more fries. Yes I did get the $1 fries, but it was only half filled and the pieces were really small.

Shantellie Bingham

The cashier was upset because I changed my order to from a combo just to the entre. I asked for a cup of ice, I was told they had no more ice at 11:45 in the morning. She passed me the other drinks and shut window and went to back. I was not asking for free ice, just some ice and I would have paid for. It was the total disregard that the cashier had for me the customer

S. H.

Drive all the way here from work to get a Taco Salad... Was told when I got here that they don't have Taco Salads yesterday nor today...??? So I get a number one meal and instead of calling my number they give it to somebody in the drive thru... When I walk up to see if it's ready I get "what you want?"... I want my lunch... Then they have to remake it... Have been here a few times before always with similar results... Guess that's why this place is like a ghost town during the lunch hour! It's a shame, could really be a busy spot if there were someplace decent to eat...

Anita N.

Horrible service. I waited 18 mins to get my food, and that was only after I went to counter to request a refund if my food was not being prepared. Manager on cell phone total oblivious to needs of several customers. Flies everywhere. Will only use drive thru or another location.

Matthew M

The manager that use to be there kept the employees on their toes and the food was alway great. I think there is a new manager so unfortunately the food is usually terrible. I now drive to the Zachary Taco Bell where the food and service are very good

Matt Mier

Always check your order before leaving. The food gets worse each time I go there. This past time is the last time.

Sara V

Quando se está morrendo de sede viajando pelo deserto, encontrar um Taco Bell bem em frente à entrada do Death Valley é como ganhar na loteria. Localização estratégica! Tem bons lanches e refris cheios de gelo. Não estava muito cheio e o ar condicionado é super forte.

Glenda S.

I watched the ad on TV about the boneless chicken and wanted to try it I ordered it and it came out re-fried and dark colored as in almost burnt I brought it back in and was given 2 more pieces of the same...I won't be going here again .... Maybe the grease was old or burnt itself but definitely not worth eating...will beating again at Popeys Chicken Maybe when I am not in Baker I may try again but not in Baker


check your order; there's a good chance that it's wrong.