1101 S Columbia St, Bogalusa
(985) 735-7132

Recent Reviews

Ed Sheridan

Always fresh and hot nice atmosphere

Karisan Lott

This is a very good place to eat! ALL the food is delicious!

Patricia Billings

The seafood platter was wonderful. The atmosphere was most enjoyable. The only thing I did not like was the corn and crab soup. They used imitation crab meat which in my opinion is not acceptable when it comes to crab and corn soup.

Michael Messina

All I can say is OH MY GOD!!!!! Delicious very tasty very well put together don't pass it up yum

Russ Roberts

I got food poisoning from a spoiled meatball sub sandwich. Lots of people like. But look over your food carefully.

Kelly Creel Thomas

Wonderful place to eat with delicious food. The owners are wonderfully kind people.

Jodie S.

This was our first time eating here, and I really wanted it to be good since it is a local family restaurant But, it was very disappointing. I ordered the shrimp cantrell which was shrimp in a pepper and onion sauce over pasta. I might as well have been eating Worcestershire sauce over spaghetti noodles because that was all I could taste. My husband had the seafood platter. The catfish was good, the shrimp were ok, but the oysters were over fried and uneatable. It's a shame that the food was unappetizing because the people were nice and the service was good. But you go to a restaurant for the food, so we won't be back.

Misty Simmonds

The food was good. Service was great!! First time ever eating here, but I will go back!

S Herring

Great service and great food. Redfish Ranatza with cream sauce can't be beat.

Stan Herring

Great service and great food. Redfish Ranatza with cream sauce can't be beat.

darryl richmond

Seafood platter excellent especial the oysters. Service was great. Price was reasonable.

Chelsea Tucker

Excellent local food and amazing customer service. Really enjoyed it!

Ellen Lann

Great, friendly service and nice sized, tasty portions.

watchedbike 2465

Love love love. Food is excellent. Have never had anything that was bad!

Certified Reeves

First time vist.. GOOD FOOD.. no napkins with my take out.. French ? was cold and soggy. Had the ? sandwiches it was GOOD AND HOT....

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