Burger King

1905 SW Railroad Ave, Hammond
(985) 272-1842

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Bridget Michelle Higgenbotham

We are experiencing an electrical outage in our area, so my husband and I decide to grab a quick bite to eat at Burger King. I wish, I would have eaten somewhere else.The lady at the drive thru window was extremely polite, that's the positive. Otherwise, our burgers and onion rings were cold, not even remotely warm. The food we were served was cold as though it had been refrigerated.Very disappointing experience ?.

Bob Scidmore

Walked in for a breakfast sandwich and the young lady said they were out of eggs. So the choices were really a bacon biscuit but full price like it had eggs in it. She was clueless how dumb it is to have all egg sandwiches but not have any eggs.


Food was hot just like it should be and hashbrowns were crisp. Person at the window needs to be more nicer, too early in the morning to be having a bad day, after all, the day had just began it was only 6:45 am.Food: 5/5

DD Drott

The Rodeo burger was almost cold, like room temperature, I'm sorry, I like mine a little hotter than that... now the onion rings were cooked fresh and delicious...

Jay Pat

The food was good. The staff was ok. The restaurant was very clean.

Noemi Aguirre

These people were just extremely rude. They literally told us to hurry up and order or get out the line. My jaw had dropped. That was just unprofessional and really need some training

Honey Khuiwala

Vry slow process took to much time evn if they have no coustmers in drive thru evry time they doing the same thing evry single tym

Tech II

It's slow every time I come here.....fast food I wait in the dri e thru forever even when no one is in line let's go!

Gabriella Ruiz

horrible service if i could give less than one star i would. the person taking our order was severely rude and after taking our order forgot to mute her mic and continued to speak about us and our order. when at the window got our order wrong and got mad when they where corrected. VERY RUDE AND WAS SO DISGUSTED WITH EVERYTHING. do not come here.

Carleena Allred

Fresh onion rings with my two for five chicken sandwich. Quick response from the drive through, so fast my drinks were forgotten and I had to pull back around. Thanks BK! Food was great!

Ms Nichole Allo

It's ridiculous, we just left the drive through totally disgusted,pull up to order don't waste your time coming here,the guy over the speaker says something to start our order and then never takes it never comes back over the speaker and never is seen working at the window,lazy lazy lazy is all I will say

Tosha Marie

i ordered a chicken sandwich and i asked for no lettuce- there was lettuce. i ordered onion rings- there were fries instead. it’s like they already had stuff pre made and didn’t wanna make it fresh

Kevin Lovett

Don't waste your time at the Livingston location. Slow, orders rarely correct, terrible service. Spend a few more dollars up the road at Hi-ho or G& J's.

Jon Fandal

Store is severely understaffed, wait times are unacceptable. Took 20 minutes for a drive thru order of a double cheeseburger.


We were on our way out of town, drive thru for breakfast. We got the special of 2 ham, egg, and cheese croissants for $4. It was a good price and the food was good. The lady at the drive thru was very nice.

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