Burger King

19016 Hipark Blvd, Hammond
(985) 363-8293

Recent Reviews

Tina Mclemore

Drive thru was fast & the employee was so very nice! Greeted me in a pleasant matter.

Mike Radel

Really nice facility, super clean, staff friendly and had the 2 for $5.99 chicken sandwhiches, which tasted so good and liked having lettus and tomatoes on it. Nice and clean restrooms.Food: 5/5

Leo Phillip Ferreira

By far the nicest and cleanest Burger King I have ever scene. Worthy of a quick stop when passing through the area.

Sabrina Covel

Food was Good. And, seemed pretty freshly made. But, Every location I have been to in the past few months... The people working there, were very rude. And, Not Very Helpful At All !! So, it has made me feel more reluctant about going there.Food: 4/5

Rod W

You can’t even make a simple whopper without screwing it up I said no ketchup and I wanted cheese I got ketchup and no cheese. Sure let’s give them $15 an hour. I knew I should have gone to Wendys

Amber White

As an old fashioned woman it's nice to hear please, thank you and come again.Willie you outdid yourself. Good food too.

Declined to Specify

Its a new location so I figured I'd see if it was different from the others around Hammond. It was, first time I've had a hot whopper patty in probably 10 years. Tasted like it just slid off a grill. Lettuce was green and tomatos were red. Pickles covering the whole burger. Generous ketchup and mayo, big onions basically spilling out, warm, sometimes hot burger buns. I genuinely forgot what a good Whopper tastes like. Its just a shame it has to only come around when a new store opens up.

Miranda Rodrigue

Loved the manager! Complimented my shirt. He was energetic, upbeat, kind, quick, and capable! New building. Clean. Orders were correct. Tasted greatVegetarian options: Impossible whopper

Riv Blooms

Went an hour before closing, waited in drive-thru employees didn’t attempt to take my order. I could clearly see they were in there with headsets on and talking whenever I drove off. What’s the point? turn off your lights/(menu signage)if you close or stop serving customers at 12am.

Missey Covan

Friendly and clean. I had a gift card I got online. I didn't know what I was doing the lady was very patient and showed me what to do. When she was done I saved 2$ used my 10$ gift card and fed 2 plp. Thank you for her help.

Ash Moni

Friendly Customer service, hot and delicious food and fast. I come back AnytimeWINDOW servicer TONY WAS GREAT ? AND VER PRECISE, THANKS

Angelle Branham

Tony and Clarence were very patient with our large order tonight. They were super fast, food was hot and fresh. This was the best service we have had in months. THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!! And they even complimented my nails ❤️ ? ?

Jonathan Wilson

I only gave my experience one star because I couldn't give it a zero and get to this page. I paid for some food 10 double cheeseburgers to be exact and after making it home I noticed I was short 2 of them. I drove back with my receipt in hand and explained that 2 were missing and instead of the worker trying to help find a solution or even understand that they could have possibly be put in the wrong bag or over looked, she went into defense mode being rude and accusatory and refuse to give me my burgers

Kristin Brown

This place was so rude when I came thru the drive thru at 11:45 on a Monday night. The sign clearly says 1am and the website says they are open. They totally ignored me when I went thru the drive thru and then got out of my car and knocked on door. She looked at me add turned her head not even a knowledging I was there. This is a brand new Burger King and they are already ruining it. Sad sad sad

TheDrizzle Gaming

Lobby is ALWAYS closed. Forced to order outside AT TIMES. Other times i just leave. I'm a truck driver and always in the area and that's the closest place to get something to eat at 7 or 8am. And because I don't like McDonald's. But the lobby is always closed. One star. If you're not in a CAR to hit the drive through, it's pointless for it to even be right there.

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