Papa Johns Pizza

1320 N Morrison Blvd, Hammond
(985) 542-5555

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Carmen Davila

Spent $22 on a medium pizza and cheese sticks. Took an entire hour to be delivered to us (in town) despite no indication that it would take that long during ordering. Cheese sticks were ice cold, while at the same time they had also been burnt to a crisp while baking in the oven before being delivered to us. Pepperoni pizza’s crust was about twice as wide as usual and they had ONLY PUT SAUCE AND CHEESE ON HALF OF THE PIZZA. Seriously, half of our pizza was just bread and pepperoni. It was so strange and inedible. Will NOT be ordering from this papa johns again!

Dean Wainwright

They tell you that you will have your pizza between 40-50 minutes, well after a hour and 15 minutes I called to see when it will be delivered and they told me we r waiting on a driver to get back to bring it, so 50 minutes are going to get turned into 2 hrs. This the second and last time I WILL EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THERE AGAIN!!!!!!!! Just be honest that’s all I am asking for cause I could have went somewhere else. So I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO ORDER FROM THERE IF YOU WANTING SOMETHING TO BE DELIVERED ON TIME!!!??????

Lynchmob 2.

how can you fuck up a Buffalo chicken pizza and make it look like someone threw up on it and threw it in the oven for it to burn???? this place outta be checked out fast I just wasted my damn money on someone who can't even cook a 10 inch pizza and add extra sauce and make it look appetizin. who ever cook that pizzas and who ever read my order out does not care about the franchis.

Danielle Trahan

We ordered pizza tonight around 11pm and they charged us twice and we have never received the pizza and now they are closed. I'm so angry that I'm calling corporate first thing in the morning.

Alex Williams

I order and pay for my food and never received it and my kids is hungry waiting for my food.

Letitia Waller

There was a mistake on the order the manager took care of us!!! Amazing customer service!! Thank you from the rained out Floridians!!!!

Breaynn T.

So after reading all the reviews, let's just say I was NOT expecting much lol. Almost every review was about terrible service, terrible food, and terrible time frame. But I got complete opposite service/food. Idk if there has been a switch in management or just one nice employee. Ordered pizza online, no issues. Originally said 60-75 wait on delivery, we ended up getting a call about 20-25 minutes later saying they were here. The food arrived HOT and FRESH! They worked so fast, so much faster than I would have thought. I was surprised in the best way with this Papa Johns! Take a chance, they are pretty good.

Hannah Crockett

We had a large 15 pizza order. They were so friendly each time we spoke and so helpful. They were there right on time and fresh! We will definitely be using them again!

Melissa M Tornabene

Staff was very friendly. Pizza was delicious! Can't remember manager name but she was super friendly

Msy Pie

I called the restaurant directly for ordering. After the “total” was given, I asked why was it so much. They overcharged for the pizza and corrected it. I thought they deliver directly and wasn’t informed that it was a service company. Not sure who received my tip :/The stuffed crust was doughy and not cooked.

Melissa Marshall Tornabene

Staff was very friendly. Pizza was delicious! Can't remember manager name but she was super friendly

Hallie D.

I feel like this would've been sooo much better if they put more than 3 pieces of chicken on my entire pizza ... also It was cold.

Daniell Smith

The best honey wings ever

Kaylan Jones

We order from here a lot because we love Papa John’s pizza. But they need to figure it out. There’s no reason for our food to take over an hour on a weekday. I understand everywhere is understaffed but we ordered at 4:15 on a Wednesday and we’re still waiting. And this is EVERY TIME we order.

Anthony Zuniga

Melvin the manager was so rude after I called to enquire about my order bc it had already been an hour and a half, he hung up on me. Very rude and distasteful.

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