Keith's Kitchen

1794 Bridge St, Dracut
(978) 455-0000

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Linda Maclellan

Good food and great price

Alexandra B.

I live in an area with some pretty well known diners, but Keith's Kitchen is by far the best breakfast I've had in this area. I ordered delivery via DoorDash, but I'd like to visit the restaurant in person next time. The food was delicious- breakfast sandwich was hearty and delicious, the French toast was so sweet and full of flavor, the sausage links and bacon were cooked perfectly, and the corn beef hash was awesome. The serving sizes were huge, and the value for the cost was impressive. Oftentimes when u get take out or delivery, the restaurant doesn't bother with adding the "extras" to the bag. This was not the case at Keith's- they made sure to include fork, knife, spoon, napkins, syrup, and ketchup. All around a great experience- I look forward to my next order!


This is our favorite breakfast place! The serve is great and so is the food!

Leigh McNutt

I recently found this place through DoorDash. It’s yummy. We’ve had breakfast three times now and this morning was a blueberry waffle. It was so good. My son kept wanting bites of it.

Logan Gaudet

Their breakfast food was outstanding. Burritos came with eggs bacon and cheese the way I love it. Keep it simple but you can add other stuff too like peppers and potatoes if you want. We got sandwiches as well with eggs bacon and homefries, they where so good and the staffing was friendly and it came fast via door dash. We will order here again! Thanks for a great morning. Oh good coffee too! Would recomend this place anytime!

Richard H.

I was *not impressed* with the sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich when I ordered from this place last time. So why am I giving it 5 stars you might ask? I ordered the steak and eggs for breakfast this morning. The steak went well beyond my expectations for the price. I ordered it medium and it arrived perfectly pink throughout the entire steak... not even sure how they managed to do that without a sous vide machine (unless they are in fact using one). It wasn't the highest quality meat I've ever had, but I could not believe how tender and perfectly-cooked it was, especially for the price. The hash browns arrived a little bit soggy and were not very flavorful, but tasted fine with some salt. I think they should add an option for some kind of seasoned hash browns/home fries and perhaps package them differently so they remain crispy when ordering delivery. The last time I ordered from here the home fries on the breakfast sandwich were similar: soggy and without much flavor. Anyways... I'm glad I tried this place again after my first experience wasn't particularly satisfying. EDIT: Ordered the steak and eggs from here again this morning. The steak was cooked perfectly again only this time I asked for the hash browns extra crispy. They arrived perfectly. If you don't want soft hash browns be sure to request extra crispy!

Keith E.

Always exceptional food and service never disappointed

Corin LaLiberty

Great food, service and price!

Niko Ioakimidis

My girlfriend and I are regulars at Keith's. Keith is awesome and knows our order as soon as we walk in. The service is great. Constant coffee refills. Delicious food.

Sara Ann

one of the ultimate best most comfortable kitchens ever and I am super picky of my venues to eat. very great people,sradf,food and atmosphere

Paula Leary

1st time eating at Keith's and it was great. My friend and I visit many different breakfast places and we'd put Keith's at the top. Great job!!!!!!!

Johannah Dumais

Love love love the Middies Boot. Personally I think it has a lot more flavor than the Boott Mills from Arthur's Diner. I've gotten the Middies boot at least 10 times. Always delicious!!!!!!

John Gordon

Good food and from what I saw a very wholesome owner

Stephen D.

Great breakfast, many good choices. Staff and owner were so nice and accommodating. Have saved this in my favorites.

Michael Turner

Great friendly service, perfect coffee, delicious traditional breakfast. Best in the area. Give them a visit!!

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