182 Summer St, Kingston
(339) 236-4501

Recent Reviews

Leland Morris

Filthiest Starbucks I've ever been to.

Amy C

Amazingly kind and efficient staff. Made my morning!!

Lindsay Cooney

Paula is always the nicest human being every time i come here, she makes my day

John G.

A fine Starbucks. I only wish all Starbucks locations would relinquish sugar and cream control back to the customers. Stir sticks would be nice too.

Caren Rempelakis

Bring back the cinnamon dolce latte!!

S P.

Rude inconsiderate workers who can't be bothered to answer a simple question without giving you an attitude. Waited an extra 10 minutes to have my drink order ready from a mobile order Don't think I'll be wasting my time going back there

R Sullivan

Always great, service is lacking alittle...

Dee D.

We come here all the time and it's an alright location. Coffee is made right like 70 percent of the time. Last time we waited in the drive through for 15 minutes, when we got to the window we were told to pull around to the stop sign and they would bring us our ICED drink. At least 3 or 4 cars came out of the drive through while we sat there and we waited an additional 10 minutes. Not sure where our drink was.... My husband ended up being late for work :/ you would thing for waiting almost a half hour they would maybe give us like a $5 gift card for a coffee or something. That's a longggg time to wait in a drive through.

Karen Callahan

Love there coffee...


Went through the drive thru for a coffee, it was made perfectly and the barista was very nice.

Carol Gilmore Gully

Where everyone knows my drink!

Robin R Johnson

This great SB team handled the tsunami of drink orders on Mothers Day morning with grace…all smiles! ?


Great customer service, very clean area.

Daniel Klein

You know what you're gonna get... its a Starbucks. The drive-through was great, and handled the line very quickly,

Kam M

I love this location, they always say hello to me and are very kind staff.

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