The Beal House

222 Main St, Kingston
(781) 585-3051

Recent Reviews

Anna Marie Webber

Handicapped entrance along with two bathrooms for handicapped individuals. Pretty clean and lots of parking

Michael Nee

Great venue for a wedding reception, or family reunion. Kitchen facilities and plenty of parking.

Maty LSMarchant

Can't say enough about this place.

Mat LS Marchant Racing

Can't say enough about this place.


Can't say enough about this place.

sweezy Dias

They had an awesome function for the Baystate Community Services and we got invited to a Christmas party there and it was set up beautiful and the food was great and we also got to see and take pictures with Santa and get gifts for the children.

Mat Marchant Sr.

Can't say enough about this place.

Valerie Stromberg

Attended my cousins 50th Wedding Anniversary. Great location, layout, parking, would recommend for any function in the Kingston area!!

Lanky Hogan


Colleen Keegan

Cute venue for craft fairs and events. Easy access for vendors to bring things in an out of the building. Stage for music and plays. Small kitchen was used by a food Vendor at the craft fair I did and it was good. Easy to spot on the street when you are coming up on your right but only spotted it just before I arrived on my left not giving me enough time to safety turn in to the parking lot. Extra parking behind ment plenty of parking for vendors and visitors.

Eddie Murphy

The beal house is a church ah AA meetings are held there

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