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Coffee was not right and tasted bad. Food was no better and people working there were fighting and yelling at each other.Food: 1/5

Maria Dambrosio

We went to the drive thru and my husband ordered our drinks and asked for a pesto tomato grilled cheese. The person taking the order says "we can't do any sandwiches or anything...only bakery and like bagels with cream cheese or wraps" Husband says "not even a bacon egg and cheese?" Person says "no, only fast things. It's just me and one other guy here". He says "ok how about an onion bagel with plain cream cheese ". DD says "no sorry, we are out of onion. How about everything?" US "no, how about plain " that finished the order. We got to the window and he almost handed us the everything bagel. So not only did the debate and redo take longer than the grilled cheese sandwich but there was 1 car ahead of us and no one behind us and didn't seem like inside was busy at all. I know everyone has a staffing problem but don't be transparent in your laziness.

David Clack jr

As a customer ... I felt very uncomfortable . I was standing in the lobby waiting for my coffee . I was shocked to see a short haired woman screaming at the staff ( possibly the manager?) Very unprofessional !!!

John Gifford

Coffee and Bagels great. One employee that stands out her name is Nicky. Her and the whole crew are outstanding!


Very poor service! I pulled up to the speaker and was greeted with a very flat-tone to begin with. I replied with "Hi! I have a mobile order for ____" after two seconds of silence the employee just replies "pull up" in a very rude tone. Only reason they have 2 stars is because my order was correct.

Happy B.

The worst experience ever. Two employees were screaming at each other - it was very unsettling. The food is horrible and so is the coffee but I expected that - it was the screaming and swearing at the top of their lungs that was the worst.

Keri Collette

Service was very slow. It took over 20 min waiting to get 2 drinks. Yes they were busy, but 20 min? Also had to argue with them on how we wanted our drinks made. Asked for extra ice and was told repeatedly they put the same amt of ice in all drinks. Then my husband ordered his large coffee with more than the normal amt of cream and mocha and again was told that wasn't how it comes. We realize prices of goods are up and we wll gladly pay for the extra product,, but don't argue with us. Where's the customer service?

Becky Klein

Of course my drive thru order was wrong....more money wasted. I dunno why I even bother anymore

Jessica DiTomasso

As I'm standing in line, my turn up at the counter..a worker put a sign up in front of the ordering counter & said" sorry we are short staff drive through only!'..after I stood in line for 10 mins, waiting my turn as other in front of me were being served inside. As I'm walking out back to my truck..2 works sat down and ate??? Wicked unprofessional and rude

Tonia Jakubiec

Usually very convenient and quick but the lobby was closed and it took forever to get my coffee which was made wrong. Hopefully this location will figure out how to fix this issue

James Thomas

Seems like every time I try to go to this Dunkin' donuts every spring summer and fall the lobbies close but in the winter they're open very disrespectful and unprofessional some people don't have cars to go through the drive through one not drive through part is packed be considerate for those who don't have cars

Cameron C.

Slow. Chaotic and lack of effort from the staff to expedite correctly. Staff shortage, maybe? Excuse? No. The workers are just hanging around chit chatting about whatever. Waited over 35 minutes in the drive through. Order wasn't even correct. Then tried to make us go inside to get the remaining item, not happening. They corrected the order but still, it's embarrassing. America runs on Dunkin, Lee obviously crawls.

nic satrape

It is a great place to work...it keeps you on your toes...literally....all day long. The customers help run Dunking as well!!!


I’m a frequent flyer at Dunkin, staff is great, i mean we all have our days right?! We can’t all be perfect all the time! It needs to updated, it definitely needs a remodel it’s out of date and compared to others it looks awful. However one employee is just god awful every time i go there. Seems to be a thing. Her name begins with an H kinda short, but she can definitely be a bit nicer over that headset. Always sounds aggrivated with everything you ask for

Heidi M

Dunkin in Erving is fantastic.. Even though they are short handed alot they do awesome trying to keep up. My coffee is always good!!

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