240 W Rd, Lee
(413) 243-6695

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Ayon Ibrahim

Super hungry when I pulled up and yet it still tasted fairly meh. Also, not only was tartar sauce extra, it came in a weird container like this.

Shannon DiMeo

Drive through doesn’t work. Took 5 minutes for someone to come to the window and roll their eyes at us as if we should have magically known it didn’t work. No iced coffee. Rude staff.


If your coffee machine doesn’t work, put signs!!!!!!! 20 min in the line!!!!!


So basically I went here for a quick meal, and it was so good. The Question is can I get my baby’s head licked? The workers immediately offered to do so and I was amazing. The baby liked it because it was like a massage. Would definitely come again! 5 star


Wen i was 19 i was three years old. my mom took me to this mcdonalds to get circumcised and baptized in the sink yay. I know reek of malaysia people ice cream ?? If all you are seeking is a quick beverage or meal at a low price, then you may want to head to McDonald’s. The menu, service, and prices


said not to add sausage to breakfast repeated twice what kind of inadequate people work here

Mike Drake II

Food was stale. Employees can't read anymore I guess... asked for cheese, the receipt shows I ordered cheese, no cheese. Not even worth asking them for another. I see why I don't visit anymore.

Dustin Norman

Food is horrible and employees and management are rude as hell

John Cormier

Clean, Friendly staff, hot food, able to serve the sandwich "open-faced" to get rid of the gluten, and added French fries

Rosemary Pelletier

I wish I got his name but I was so flustered towards the end I didn’t even think to ask until I drove away. But I do know he said he was the assistant manager..I ordered breakfast this morning and was running late to work commuting almost 1.5hrs one way. I’m hungry and tired because it’s so early and needed something quick.Just my luck I go to pay and my card gets declined. This has only happened 1-2 times to me before and I have felt intense shame and embarrassment. The assistant manager was so sweet and kind throughout the ordeal and I didn’t even think about how embarrassing the incident was. He was already super personable and kind when I was ordering, saying how pretty my name was, but my interaction at the window after my card declined was when simple human kindness this world seems to be missing.So to the assistant manager at the Lee, MA McDonalds on I-90W: thank you. ?


Great time. Thank you

Gabriel “Gabi” Silver

doesn't get worse than this for mcd.

Cristel Samuel Colon Pantojas


Cheryl Stedtler

Horrible. Dirty bathrooms, no TP or hand sanitizer. McDonald's was cash oy and the line to use the ATM was long as a result and $3.00 fee. No ice at all in iced coffee...just cold coffee. No juice or water in happy meal. I would give it no stars if I could!

Ning Zar

Very nice place..good place to stop by and sleep here

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