Red Apple

23 Park Plaza A, Lee
(413) 243-4027

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Samantha White

Foods always delicious and they’re super sweet people.


The food was good and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. They offer much more than what the Google menu shows.Food: 5/5

alaa sengaba

The best Chinese food there orange chicken is to die for crunchy sweet savory OMG it was the best . Overall everything was good.

John Gifford

Always Great place for Chinese take out!!!


We are staying nearby and wanted Chinese takeout, saw this place was close by. The good was good, prices very good (less expensive then what we would pay at home). Generous portions.

Grace Ida M.

I have lived in Lee my whole life and Red Apple never fails to be my favorite Chinese restaurant. The Chicken Lo Mein has always been a consistent comfort food throughout my whole life living here. Always the first choice when it came down to choosing where to get food with my friends. The nostalgia from the taste is imprinted in my tastebuds as like maybe a cheerio breakfast you would eat before school when you were younger. Now to think of it, in Elementary school years my Dad would always warm up some leftovers from Red Apple before school. Never was a cereal person. Red Apple always hit the spot more than any sugary cereal, in my opinion. Very hard working and progressive staff. Never have been even a minute behind the time they say it will be ready. Very reliable. If they aren't talkative just know they're saving their energy into making the food as delicious as it always is. 5/5 recommend.

A T.

We were pleasantly surprised to find this unassuming location clean & friendly with large portions super tasty Chinese restaurant tucked in the back of a shopping center-in Lee next to Walgreens close to Stockbridge and Lenox Its mainly a take out but has a few tables to eat inside as well You won't be disappointed if your craving Chinese food while visiting Tanglewood or just a visit to the Berkshire's

Ali Mom

Terrible….. the crab rangoon, which had so little filling i didn’t have to worry would taste bad (since how do you screw up frying a wonton?) was fine… but mostly empty. My “general tso chicken” which I asked to be extra spicy had literally less spice than most orange chicken dishes and had the benefit of a nasty fish taste which indicates to me that it was fried in the same oil as fish, hopefully from this week. Luckily I also ordered hot and sour soup. Unluckily, it was neither hot nor sour. Basically mushroom ick with some tofu. Luckily, the place I am staying has a garbage disposal. I wish I could say I am surprised but the Lee, MA area is no culinary mecca for certain. Thank goodness for kitchens in rental properties for visitors who have actually eaten quality food elsewhere.

Norinne McSweeney

Boneless spare ribs very dry hard to chew. Other items ok.

Mistydawn Labshere

While the place was clean and the service was satisfactory the food was not impressive at all. The crab Rangoon was over cooked and had hardly any filling. The egg roll was also over cooked. The food was rather bland, I will admit that bland as it was it at least tasted fresh ?‍♀️

Gel Mel

Best American Chinese food in the area. Very nice, friendly family. I see people complain about the "kids" working there. That's how family businesses are. The "kids" are learning valuable skills that not only help with their general education schooling, but into college as well. The "decor" isn't fancy, but the emphasis is on good food that is affordable. No restaurant is perfect, but we've never had a bad meal in 14 years.

Eric G.

Adequate Chinese food for the area. Not great but better than other local options. The staff is delightful and accommodating.

Les Rogoff

The food is excellent and prices are very reasonable. I am from NYC and their food is as good as many NYC Chinese restaurants. This is the only Chinese restaurant I go to when in Lee.

Josh B.

They have the BEST chicken lo mein! I discovered this gem over a decade ago and it has never let me down. I've brought friends there and they agree with me that the lo mein is amazing! This is totally worth hopping off of the Mass Turnpike (I-90) if you're out on the highway in that wild wild western part of Massachusetts!

Mary M.

These people who wrote that Red Apple did not have the food ready on time are full of it. I eat there every week. They are never late. I ask for extra broccalli instead of rice because of diabetes. they always cook the broccoli to perfection. The food is cheep. It's not fresh. It's cheep and fast and delicious.

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