Pizza Hut Express

67 Pleasant Valley St, Methuen
(978) 983-2020

Recent Reviews

Alexis H.

Pizza Hut is awesome! We do a large cheese pizza for my man and I do a make your own pizza when we order! The Cinnabon cinnamon buns are always a delicious treat. For my make your own pizza I do the white sauce with spinach and chicken on thin crust. They have an order online option for delivery and we get points towards free food and other deals! Great pizza place in this area! Four stars because sometimes the delivery speed is a tad slow however the drivers are always kind

james kane

"Beautiful establishment, A pizza lovers paradise."-Gordan Ramsey


Never been here

Liz G.

Good evening, I never write reviews or ever make a complaint against any business but when enough is enough it's not okay. I placed an order for delivery and waited 30 to 45 minutes for my delivery, I was ok with waiting but when my order got here my pizzas were burnt. First of all we gave the delivery driver a decent tip and when I came inside my pizzas were both burnt. I tried to call the business and waited ten to fifteen minutes only to be hung up on several times. I got tired of calling but called their order hotline and explained to them what had happened they finally transferred me and I spoke to an employee there from the Methuen store she didn't tell me her name and was very rude and told me I had to wait. She did not apologize and told me it will arrive when it's done and hung up on me, very unprofessional of her. So I called back I ended speaking to a person named Jennifer who said she was the team leader and even speaking to her was very unprofessional she too was not very understanding. First of all I am a loyalty customer who always orders from there and this wasn't the first time this happened this is why I decided to download this app so other customer's can know who and where they are ordering from. What ever happened to great customer service? On top of that my kids ended up waiting longer to eat and when it was time they didn't want it anymore. Something needs to be done about their professionalism and manners and I will never order from there again! By the way they get no stars I didn't know how to delete this star!

Joey Quiles

Customer friendly

Jamie H.

Incompetent. Useless. No-call-no-show. I can't even describe how bad this place is. Most recently we ordered over the phone and they simply never showed up. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP. Call back? Nope, closed. This place is beyond incompetent. They also never have what they offer on the menu. Every single time we've tried to order online we get a call back saying they're out of this or out of that. Interestingly when we attempted in good faith to reorder the following night recently after we received the usual call back saying they were out of an item, we were rerouted to an out of county call center. STAY AWAY.

Madeline D.

The worst experience ever So today I order some pizza for my kids at 1:07 pm hr later the store contacts me and say sorry about the wait I'm by myself in the store and there a big party here I said ok then the order gets here and I get the worst pizza ever burned it looks like they just threw it in the box to get rid of me then I called the store 5 times no one answers I decided to call the driver he tells me that he will make shore I get my order right 30 minutes later the store manager calls me to apologize he tells me that he send me the wrong pizza he send me the pizza that he was going to throw away how unprofessional then they send me the new pizza at 4pm wht is that 3 hrs later unviable

Erica G.

This should be less than 1 start. I order 2 pizzas, a cheese bread and the Hershey's Chocolate chip cookie. The girl was rude, talking to me while talking to a coworker at the same time, just gave me rude replies. When I got home the food was just plain cold. I would NOT recommend this Pizza Hut to anyone.

John T.

This Pizza Hut does not even rate a one-star. Ordered the pepperoni pizza to go didn't check it before I left it was plain cheese. Got home tried to call them to tell them about the mix-up no one answers the phone called 4 times it goes immediately into hold the Pizza Hut commercial comes on and then one sentence that goes into hold. Remained on hold for 15 minutes twice 10 minutes twice do not go to this Pizza Hut. The owner must be losing money hand-over-fist. He should try to call and see if they answer him. I repeat" DO NOT USE THIS PIZZA HUT".....

Jillian M.

Great deals. On line delivery is super convenient. I can say i have never been impressed with the inside of the place regarding cleanliness of the tables or the behavior of the staff. Its like a zoo. My question on delivery is why a place asks for special instructions for delivery if the driver isnt going to follow them anyway. If i need to go downstairs outside and around my apartment building to get my food because the driver didnt read that I wrote "side door, third floor please come up" why even ask?

Marie J.

Great deals. On line delivery is super convenient. I can say i have never been impressed with the inside of the place regarding cleanliness of the tables or the behavior of the staff. Its like a zoo. My question on delivery is why a place asks for special instructions for delivery if the driver isnt going to follow them anyway. If i need to go downstairs outside and around my apartment building to get my food because the driver didnt read that I wrote "side door, third floor please come up" why even ask?

David S.

I have recently moved to Andover from Milford. There was no Pizza Hut in Milford so I was excited to see that there was a Pizza Hut that delivered to me in Andover as I have always been a Pizza Hut fan. It's been over 10 years since I have had a Pizza Hut pizza. Friday night I went to their website and placed my order. According to their website, this is my Pizza Hut store and is only 2 miles from me. I placed the order and the website tracker showed that it was on the way. 10 minutes later the phone rang. It was the delivery driver. For some reason he thought I was in Methuen. I explained it was Andover and he rudely told me that he doesn't deliver to Andover. I explained that the website said they did and he again told me he doesn't deliver to Andover. His English was terrible and he was very hard to understand. I finally just told him fine, I'll order from Domino's. He then rudely told me that he would deliver "this one time". Well, yippee...thanks for doing me a favor on my $32 order. A bit later he called again and was lost. I tried to explain to him where to go and as I looked out my front window he was sitting in the driveway. I told him he was in front of my house. He hung up on me. He came to the door and kind of threw the receipt at me to sign. I signed it and reluctantly gave him a tip. He handed me the pizza and rudely mumbled something under his breath. I didn't asked him what he said cause at that point I would have lost my friendly cherub like demeanor. The pizza was not the Pizza Hut I remember. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't good either. Next time I'll call Domino's

Adam M.

How this chain isn't sued for false advertising is beyond comprehension. I don't know what you'd call what they serve, but no decent intelligent human being would EVER call this pizza. The crust is greasy, the "cheese" is like flavorless plastic, the toppings are canned and uninspiring. For all the flaws with the food, the location itself is nice. The store is well lit and clean with an attentive staff. SO.... if you already have abandoned the possibility of good food and just want to be "Not Hungry" there are worse places to go

Joseph W.

I called to order a pizza after picking up my son from school. I sat on hold for our entire ride to the store. When we got there the lady working the counter was just hanging out talking to her coworkers rather than paying attention to the phones. When I told her I was still on hold with her store (15min at that point) she told me I must have called the wrong store before checking the phone, and then saying "oh, it's blinking. I didn't notice. No apology. Luckily, my order is going to take 15 minutes, which is plenty of time to write this review. After waiting 20 minutes I asked how much longer for my pizza, at which point they realized it was ready and in the warming oven. Needless to say, I won't be coming back here anytime soon.

Justin B.

Disaster. We live on lowell st, in Andover. First time the guy got lost and was in lowell. Second time I called, I explained ANDOVER several times. He got lost in lawrence. I called back and spoke to manager. No explanation no apology.'s been like 2 hours still waiting

Sharon H.

First and last visit at this location. Like the other reviews service is less to be desired. The place was practically empty yet the service was slow. One table left. The waitress took our order but didn't write it down. Sure enough, one of our orders didn't come so she had to place the order. Then, when it came, it was the wrong order! Should have gone to Taco Bell across from them. Corporate needs to provide training or hire employees with experience.

Edward A.

This place went down hill all the tables where dirty still waiting on being served of my son doesn't want pizza so bad I'd have taken him to McDonald's

Jim F.

Customer service is not their strong point. Called for a delivery that had not arrived after 1 hr 10 minutes. Claimed order was never in system and wanted me to order again. Original order finally arrived and of course it was cold. Manager needs to learn how to work with customers. I will not be going here again and would not recommend it to anyone.

Samantha R.

The food is what you expect but such terrible service, no employee to be found when we walked in, after we sat we got handed a single menu for a table of 6 people, which got taken away from us before we even ordered, had to use our phones to find a good menu with specials listed, our waitress also walked away with our menu to hand to another table while we were still talking to her about our order, our waitress was also rude/annoyed with us while taking our order because we were using our phones for menus but yet she took ours away?

Christian C.

Got to the restaurant at 5PM on a Friday evening. There were 2 families already seated when we arrived, one of which was finished. Getting seated was quick. Once seated, it took the server over 10 minutes to come over and take drink orders. We came for the salad bar, which wasn't even open. "Closed for remodeling" we were told, which there is no evidence shown of any type of renovation. She came back over with the drinks roughly after 5 minutes. We tried the drinks, and they were horrible. They were all watery. It seems as though they are being cheap and not adding enough syrup to the mix for the fountain drinks. We notified the server of the watery drinks, possibly due to the syrup running our. She told us that the syrup was full and she didn't know why they were so watery. We placed new drink orders. I chose to go with something that came in a bottle to ensure it tasted right. When the server came over with the new drinks, she had her cell phone in her apron with loud music that was not pleasant. During the whole experience, many of the conversations in the kitchen escalated to a level that they were crystal clear in the dining area. When the server visited the table, she didn't bother to take any empty plates or trays from the appetizer. The appetizer was also a dud, as we ordered garlic bread, that was over buttered Texas toast. At this point the only thing left to be disappointed about is the meal. 2 large pizzas, both stuffed crust, one extra cheese, one supreme. The extra cheese pizza came out all lone. The server paid no attention to where she was swinging the pizza trying to avoid the cluster of empty dishes on the table, as she didn't remove them. She almost hit me in the face with the pizza! We sat there and wondered if we had not ordered the second pizza. We know we did. My wife began to prepare her slice of cheese pizza. She picked up the hots and tried to sprinkle them onto her pizza and failed miserably. The top of the dispenser was absolutely disgusting. Clogged with who knows what, oily, and sticky. Honestly, quite concerning. Roughly 5 minutes after the cheese pizza came out, we heard "supreme up!" The pizza sat at the counter for what seemed an eternity. It was only another 5 minutes. As our visit continues, we expressed our concerns with our experience, and with every visit to the table, we could see the server was becoming annoyed with us and the service was becoming very lack luster also. On the plus side, the pizzas were excellent. At least there was one good thing about our visit. Needless to say, we will travel an extra 20 minutes to go to a different Pizza Hut when we decide we want it again.

Kristin K.

Don't let the commercials fool you!! We ordered 2 cheesy bites crust pizzas. The bites were empty. The cheese baked right outta them, leaving just an elaborate crust with extra cheese. The honey sriracha crust didn't have any honey sriracha flavor. The toppings were minimal but I did enjoy the cherry peppers. The Smokehouse BBQ crust flavor was gross and those bites were also empty. Neither pizza seemed to have any marinara on them. Bummer but at least now we know. Sorry PH. You seem to have some serious technique issues. Cheesy bites should be...hmm, I dunno...cheesy, maybe?

Andy A.

I love pizza hut. Its to bad there aren't that many locations any more. Ill give them 5 stars cuz of the food. Location is dated but that doesn't change the food. If you wanna go to a place that is all fancy you should, t be going to pizza hut lol

David V.

We've had take-out, delivery and have also dined-in here. We all love the pizzas, pasta dishes, salads and chicken wings at this Pizza Hut. Never had an issue with the food. Always tasty, cooked to perfection and very filling. The only problem I had here is using the restroom when dining in. The floors in the Men's room is filthy, the urinal is always dirty, the sink is broken and the restroom itself always stinks to high hell due to incomplete ventilation. My daughter tells me that the Ladies room is just as bad. I guess they don't realize how important it is to have a clean restroom for their patrons. Especially when customers get done eating...nobody wants to smell human waste after eating a good meal. Please upgrade your bathrooms Pizza Hut.

Sam H.

SOOOO GROSS! This place needs to be leveled. I have never seen anything more dirty and run down. The staff is not friendly and it's always freezing in there.

Tulan K.

Would never ever come here again.. Pizza hut used to be a fav of Mine but I refuse to come Here where servers or managers absolutely no common sense at all let all any other knowledge

Amy J.

Terrible, terrible service at this location. The food was good enough to eat again, but the ridiculously long waits, 30 minutes or more past the time we were told our food would be ready, makes it not a business worthy of our time and money. Wrote a complaint on the Pizza Hut website and they sent us a coupon for a free pizza -- when we tried to use the coupon, the delivery person AND shift supervisor argued with us that we couldn't use it, even though we showed them the letter that accompanied the coupon etc. Awful, and it's such a shame because I do like their pizza.

Spenser O.

Update 6/21/10 I went here not too long ago and they seemed to have done some improvements, albeit minor, improvements are improvements. An example of this may be slightly more breathing space for legs. Everything in my last review still stands firm. S.O.