BarKaya Sushi & Ramen

278 Worthington St, Springfield
(413) 733-0000

Recent Reviews

Vinny DeMaio

Sushi is great. Good location to eat dinner then go out after. Bartenders are friendly. Will continue going back.

Natasha C.

This place is OUTSTANDING! Best Ramen I have had so far in western mass! The sushi rolls are very good too with very high quality sushi!

paolo polizzy

The service was absolutely wonderful. The chef made great food, and the atmosphere is amazing! Perfect for after a long day at work.

Rob Fe

The food is FRESH and the drinks are made with real fruit and not cheap syrups. This place is a true gem!

Kellie Peterson

Amazing service and food!!

Spiritus Sancti

The interior design was very nice. It's got a sleek look to it with a bar that runs the majority of the restaurant, showcasing the sushi chef at the front and the head chef at the back. It is well lit but still dim enough to make for an intimate setting.

Carissa Laino

Delicious food! Friendly service! will be a repeat customer for sure. For starters...get the Avocado Ball!

Jasmine Papoutsakis

So yummy!! Was a nice change of pace for my husband and I, and will definitely be going back to try more!

Carmelo Flores

The place was awesome, went on Thursday with a coworker. The Ramen is one of the best I have had, delicious. We went on Friday again with a bigger crew from work, they all loved it. I had the soup and some rolls. Everything was delicious, great flavors. Support this local spot.

Deb F.

First time here and I highly recommend. Service, food, drinks, and atmosphere all great.

Marina G.

Decided to try it today.. the place was completely dead. Not a single person there.. I ordered the ramen with chicken, chicken was burnt, noodles tasted old. They barely had any greens in it and the egg was green. Dr. Seuss style, green. I don't know how everything else is on the menu but the ramen soup is not good.. at all. Sumo ramen noodle soup is much better.. will not be coming back

Joe Lupien

What a beautiful place and the service is second to none. Truly one of a kind!

Drew Bradshaw

Ok so i fully realize that Springfield may not be the spot you think of for sushi!! Trust me. I am world wide traveler!! One of the best spots for cutting edge stuff!! If sushi not your thing. Ramen selections amazing!!

Nancy Z.

More like 3.5 stars. The restaurant is very modern & trendy. Service is attentive & accommodating. Sushi side of the menu is top-notch. The prices are a bit up there but that's understandable. The ramen needs a lot of improvement. I had ordered the Pork Belly Ramen and it was not impressive. It came with a layer of oil on top and the broth itself was overly salty. The noodles were chinese restaurant lo mein noodle. The egg, however, was perfect.

Aaron Keegan

Nice ambiance, service, and presentation. Sushi was good too. A chill place to have a drink in Springfield with style.

Bill Kelly

Ordered from there for the first time. Atmosphere very nice, food was exceptional! Looking forward to going back there. This is what Downtown Springfield needs!

Angela M.

I have been twice and not disappointed one bit. The chefs and bartender really get into their job and make sure everything is fresh and tasty. Drinks were top notch and the ramen.....mmmmmmm. Which is only $10 on mondays. Definitely a must try!!!

Irene Costello

This place is such a great hidden gem of Springfield. I’ve gone before, but they recently added a lot of new items to their menu which elevated it to another level. Their new sushi rolls are as unique as they are delicious and their cocktail menu has delicious drinks I’ve never heard of! The staff is super friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend anyone in the area give it a try- you will definitely not fine sushi or drinks like this anywhere else in the area.

Allison Moore

This place was AWSOME!!! The service was fast and they were all super nice! I HIGHLY recommend coming here!!!

Paul Griepp

Friendly and very attentive staff and the food was fantastic. Decided to go here on a whim and I'm very happy about it.

Raya H.

First and foremost, The servers were amazing. The atmosphere was great! Their drinks were perfectly made with craft. I was impressed with the professional atmosphere. However, we waited 49 minutes for our sushi and the quality was low par. The rice was not made properly and the miso soup tasted like it was out of a box. It was not worth our money which was very disappointing. My partner and I frequent many amazing sushi spots and this was certainly not a genuine interpretation of asian cuisine. I'm only writing this review because I know the restaurant has a lot of potential! I hope they can focus on taste, quality, and timely service.

Jax Syms

Came for lunch. The staff is extremely friendly and great to chat with. Quick service, and a really fun atmosphere. I can imagine it's even nicer at night for dinners. Great assortment of food, and everything was delicious. My new favorite sushi restaurant in the area.

Molly H.

Want to try the new sushi spot in downtown so me and a couple coworkers all put together a diverse order. Sadly the only good part of our whole order was pork belly in the ramen...not even the ramen itself was good. My co-work said this food was "straight butt cheeks"

briana calabrese

Such a beautiful restaurant. We can’t wait to go back. We sat at the bar and watched the cutest man make sushi, he was so organized and efficient he made everything by himself. Truly was artistic to watch. Like I said great food, great service and perfect atmosphere for a date night or a night out with friends.

James Lareau

Just finished the best meal I feel I'll have this year. Spicy tuna roll was amazing and the beef and scallion ramen bowl closed out the night with a bang. What a beautiful place and a friendly inviting staff. Thank you for the phenomenal meal

Ken M.

I'm back after after being here a few months ago. The place has changed already. The original, online sign-up Omikase menu was removed but it's back! However, tonight, I am going to try several items to see what has become of the place as the head chef had quit. I like the bottle of cold water! Also, they have a little duck-shaped, chopstick holder. That's different. I rather vociferously complained about the $5 cup of miso soup ($3 is the record so far), so I was given a sample of the King Crab Naruto. This is quite good. Love the edible gold flakes! First off, I am starting off with their version of seaweed salad, or Kyuri. It is very good. For my next item, I am trying a bowl of the [$5 ] miso soup. It includes fish bone broth, scallions, tofu and wakame (edible seaweed). Interesting. I have never seen a soup spoon quite like that before. Well, the soup is good. Very authentic. It is somewhat darker than most. For my next item, I am having the kaya edamame (extra spicy, of course). The taste is amazing! Unique, too. For my next item, I am having a spicy tuna hand roll (extra spicy). Very good. Next up, the Hamachi Pepper made with yellowtail, micro cilantro and jalapeño ponzu. For my final item, I am having a Bowl of Spicy Seafood Ramen noodle soup. I believe this is my first ever bowl of ramen noodles! It includes a vegetable broth, scallions, cilantro, nori (dried seaweed), a soy egg and sesame. Yes, this is extra spicy at no extra charge! I have just been told that on Mondays all of the ramen noodle bowls are $10! This is damn good!

Patrick P.

The owner Chris and his #1 made me and my business guests feel like we were royalty. Try the Ribeye small dish and Volcano with the Scallops....both amazing. Thank you for a great meal and the comfortable atmosphere.

A Med

Very friendly service. The food was amazing. My wife and I enjoyed everything we ordered. I recommend trying the tempura soft crab

Ted G.

Have been three times since they opened and it keeps getting better. Been dying for a solid sushi place in Springfield and this does the job for me. Very reasonably priced for a nice place with great drinks. Others in my party really enjoyed the ramen. Two of the times we walked to and from MGM, nice walk from there maybe 10 minutes tops.

Trish T.

Absolutely enjoyed ourselves at this establishment!! From the moment we walked in until we closed the place down!! We even had a great conversation with the chef.. the Ramen noodle bowls are to die for and the beautiful drinks were so unique! We definitely will be back!

Kara C.

Was excited about a ramen place in Springfield! Really wanted to love it. 5 stars for trendy/modern ambience/decor, cleanliness, service. But the beef onion ramen was just... blah. Lacking in depth of flavor and bland. Vegetarian broth should feel clean to the palate, but then the greasy beef/pork weighed it all down with oil. Boiled egg was overcooked. Noodles were meh. $10 ramen on Mondays and decent portion sizes make for not a bad deal, though. Suppose it's better than, say, a fast food meal at a comparable price. I was starving so I ate it all but it does mean it was pretty bad if I didn't think it was absolutely delicious when I was so ravenous! Usually even instant cup noodles taste amazing when I am hungry enough...So overall I'd say this was pretty much a mediocre meal. Avocado/cucumber roll was laughably amateurish, misshapen and falling apart, with ratios way off: like 85% overdone rice drenched in way too much vinegar. We did go on a Monday afternoon for lunch so maybe it's an off day.

Jessica L.

I was so excited when I saw that this place was opening - ramen nearby?? Too bad after our meal, we left very disappointed. We tried both the suiyaki beef ramen and the shoyu chashu pork ramen. Both were underwhelming. The broths themselves were okay - but I don't think any of them were rich enough. The noodles also did not absorb any of the beef flavor. The meat that came with both ramens were just okay and nothing really special. The soft boiled egg was cooked perfectly, however. We also opted for a few pieces of sushi. The downside is when we asked for certain things, we kept being told they were out of it. We ended up getting some toro later which was just okay. The portions were small given the price point. Additionally, we were overcharged on our receipt. Of course, this got remedied, but you should def. check if you were correctly charged before leaving. Given the price points and the hype that was built around this restaurant, I expected a lot more.

Varvara Boruch

Went for my birthday. They had run out of 3 of the menu items I wanted and we had to wait more than 30 minutes for the chef selection of sushi because the bar got too busy. The ramen didn't have as much flavor as one would hope. Really good drink selections however and the food was fresh.

Monique Mckee

I was excited to finally have a sushi place downtown. Beautiful place, server was nice.

Jennifer S.

I have been here twice, one for traditional dinner and one for omakase. For dinner my group ordered full sushi meals as a way of scoping out the seafood quality. Everything was amazingly fresh, the rice was well seasoned, wasabi had a good bite, and the fish was cut really fine. It took a little while for it all to come out, but this was a Friday night and there were many tables and one sushi chef. We left satisfied and ready to come back. We book the 13 course omakase as our next visit. I will echo the sentiments of other reviews, you are going to get an amazing show of personalized service and fantastic food. My favorites were the clam and shrimp, so sweet with great textures. The manager offered some sake pairings with different courses. The bartender offered my kid any blended non-alcoholic drink on the house so he could get into the spirit of the night too. Maybe it was the matcha IPA beer, but I was feeling really warm and fuzzy by the whole event, we were well taken care of by the staff.

M. Chris D.

Loved this spot!! Fairly new to the area- we were there visiting our daughter and are complete foodies! Wanted to go out an experiment and experience the best the neighborhood had to offer. BarKaya did not disappoint! We did the chefs choice 22 course meal... first, come VERY hungry because wow! Second, this place is chic and elegant and goes out of their way to please you, we also chose to have the drink pairing with our meal and I can't wait to go back and try something new! They picked out some amazing wines, mixed cocktails, and various other adult beverages to compliment the items the chef put in front of us. There is certainly a few VERY WEIRD things he will put in front of you and a lot of raw but trust him! He's going to take you on an amazing journey that you will never forget. All the way to the surprise dessert we loved our visit and hope to return again very soon!

ashwindra kumar

The food was to die for, the drinks were great. The bartender and server was very nice. Great service and good food!

Eric Brosch

A gem!! Some of the best maki rolls I have ever had...and that is saying something! Great atmosphere, engaged staff, and just wonderful food. Please find this won’t regret it...and make sure to ask for ‘T’ ...great bartender...good mixer and personality. Enjoy!

David Sanborn

I had the hot pepper appetizer, one of their special cocktails, tuna, salmon roe, spicy tuna, and unagi (eel) sushi. Excellent, friendly service, delicious sushi. Treat yourself to this new trendy restaurant on Worthington Street in downtown Springfield.

Samantha Wilson

Ramen was delicious, service was fast (this was on a Wednesday evening and it was quiet), and everyone was very kind and helpful. Definitely going to be back.