Red Rose Pizzeria

1060 Main St, Springfield
(413) 739-8510

Recent Reviews

Jessica Lynn Reistroffer

Best pizza in Springfield! Great service, good food!

Mark Follett

Always great. Can be crowded but they are used to that and can handle it. Watch the pizzas get made by their factory of people. Some of the best pizza you will have.

Buddy Morris

After the Friday Afternoon at Six Flags wanted a Good Pizza. Searched Yelp. It was spot on?. We ordered 2 x2 topping pizzas & 1 small Margarita Pizza. All 3 pizzas were Excellent. Ordered a salad to share. I ordered the Shrimp Gorganzola w/ pasta. The place was EXTREMELY busy at 6pm. The wait was supposed to be 1 hour for a party of 6 but as we waited in the Bar we asked about the open table for 6 and we got seated, waited 1/2 hour. The service was Good, parking free across the street ??

Richard Palmer

The best lasagna I have ever eating wow staff is awesome and the food is incredible awesome. It?s my first time here and definitely not the last.

Kelly Higgins Waite

Our favourite pizza place, but all of their food is good. Our server was not as good as they usually are. She never checked back, so we didn't get a second drink and I never got my salad. The food we did get was fresh and hot and delicious. We will go back and I recommend Red Rose Pizzeria to everyone.

Britt Mondor

Best authentic italian food in the area. Order anything and you'll be satisfied!! Portions are generous so bring your appetite. Try the house salad they make their own dressing and its delicious.

P. Spiranac

Food is always incredible. However, bar staff...not so incredible. Went there last week with a few friends. Sat at the bar...think her name is Tiffany? Horrible. The group I was with never complain; very easy going group. She ignored several people at the bar paying attention to a few that she obviously knew. We had asked around 5 times for a menu and forget about drinks. Again, the food is incredible but the owners need to review Tiffany's attitude towards people. Excellent food as always though. Short dark haired girl at the bar seemed like she was doing most of the work and seemed quite pleasant.

Nathan Lopez

This was my second visit, my favorite part was the salad that comes with the meal. ??? Great service but I didn't feel the love of their Italian ancestors in the food. Perhaps a rush job...?

Sylvie Dale

The other reviews were right - people love this place for the service and food. Was visiting Springfield from the West coast, and didn't pass up the chance to get good Italian food. I had cheese raviolis and a salad. I saved almost half the ravioli for the next day and it was great then, too.


I visited Red Rose on a Saturday for lunch the place was packed but the service was very good and the food was delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Leslie Serrano

I absolutely love this place their food is amazing. The people are nice here and you can even noticed those who have been there long because they have such a caring and sweetness to them. Honestly I give this place 10 out of 10.

Beth G

They are so busy, but don't let that discourage you. They are fast and the food is awesome. I really enjoyed my meal. The waiters and waitresses are outstanding.

Thomas Loubier

Awesome meal! Had pasta and meatballs in meat sauce! Large plate full! Great service & fast seating!!


We absolutely LOVE Red Rose Pizzeria. Staff is exceptionally friendly (consistently) and the food is awesome (again, consistently). We live an hour away and go there with family/friends and we all talk about how great it is. Jamie Champagne was our waitress. She was incredibly sweet to our toddlers and perfect waitress. If we were wealthy I would have left a hefty tip.

Brett Hammond

My family and I have been coming here for years and I gotta say the restaurant is amazing the food never disappoints. The renovation is cool. The restaurant itself is good to say the least the pizza is good the chicken Parmesan I had the other night was good Heather was the waitress my family had and she was very nice and helpful

Shelly I.

My Italian uncle always recommends this place and I had the first opportunity to visit this week while at MGM. The pizza was delicious! I wish I got our servers name because she was extremely attentive and friendly. Great dining experience hands down. Everyone I spoke to before visiting MGM said not to bother with the food at the casino but to walk to Red Rose. Glad we did! Generous portions. We had a pepperoni, pepper and onion pizza. Yum!

David S.

I love it here. Mmmm the best pizza around. The service is amazing and I have never had a bad experience.

Ashley V.

Called in food on a chilly November night. Their penna with meat sauce was just so so delicious my dad and I split it and still couldn't eat half! Their eggplant rollatini was delicious and the toss salad was huge. Huge serving sizes, fresh ingredients, and you can tell things here are made with love. It was packed at 6 on Thursday night. Wouldn't hesitate to visit this place again!

Vanessa Fusco

Great atmosphere. Food is wonderful. Prices between $9 -$18 for lunch and $12-$25 for dinner. Very large portions. Nice home cooked style food. Recommend !!

Robo T.

A Springfield staple. Classic americana italian family restaurant. The interior is straight out of the 1970s with 50 shades of beige and tan. Theres even an alcove with mirror tiles. This is not fine dining. This is an unpretentious, casual family atmosphere. The restaurant is big and still packs it in. I was there a recent weekend and we watched a non-stop stream of pizzas and parm dinners fly out of the kitchen. The veal parm was delicious. The plate had two huge veal cutlets and a modest portion of pasta. The meatballs are delicious. The eggplant rollatini is delicious. The iceberg lettuce salad and house dressing are pretty standard. The tiramisu was premade in a plastic dish and was very reminiscent of a college dining hall cafeteria dessert...but was still delicious. The service was amazing and the prices are reasonable. Highly recommended when in the downtown area. Also recommended as a destination as well since they have their own parking lot in back.

Irankunda Roza

It's a very popular place to eat pizza. Even though I only dropped by to see someone, I had fun watching them make the pizza made me want to try it myself. If you have not been there, your missing out. It's not just pizza in case your wondering, they have other things to offer like pasta. Do go, you'll love the food.

Melissa Weiner

Recommended by the admissions desk at Springfield Museums. As a New Yorker we ?know pizza? , their pizza was delicious. The service was top notch. The worst part was the 35 minute wait that was quoted at 45 minutes. Our server Stephanie pushed our order thru because we had cranky small children in our party. She was so sweet to my children, during the busiest shift, she made sure they were happy with their meals and gave a cute story about her family.


Been coming here for over 20 years, I had my 15th birthday party here. It feels like home. I will always love it and always come back. And they have the best pizza around, so that definitely helps.


Excellent place to eat! Great Service. Fair price. God parking. Quick service. Lots of waitresses on hand to serv you!

Gary P

Just had a surprise 70th birthday party. Owner joined in the deception. Good food and drink. Stop in soon.


Long standing family owned pizzeria in downtown Springfield. You can never go wrong with the food and atmosphere. Yum.

Preston B.

This place has been a mainstay in the Springfield area for a very long time. I had heard many good things about their pizza way before I ever had the opportunity to eat there. I felt like maybe because of the hype of the place the food didn't hit me as much as I was anticipating. I have been there a hand full of times, and while I do think there food is good, I don't believe it's as good as it was claimed to be. I found their pizzas enjoyable but not unique in any way. Like other Italian restaurants they do other huge portions sizes so you'll never go hungry. The restaurant tends to be very busy especially during Thunderbirds game nights as it's a perfect spot to get a pre game meal and within walking distance of the arena. The prices are fair and the food quality is fine but I've never felt this place has offered anything that's worth writing home about. The staff are always friendly and accommodating and I've never had any issues with the servers there. I'm sure I'll find my way here again before a hockey game, as I love pizza (but really who doesn't?!)


Red Rose Pizzeria has the best Pizza in town. We have been going there for years. Great atmosphere and great service. Great for family !!!!!

Etta E.

A classic family pizza place! We almost always get it for our office pizza lunches, and it's great for take out and a night in. Their pizzas are large, as are their salads! It's nice and cheesy, not the kind of pizza where it all falls off when it's too hot. This is a great spot before an event at MGM or MassMutual - just be sure to get there way early because there's almost always a wait.

Greg T.

I think this place deserves 3.5 stars but I will round down to a 3-star because this is strictly based on the pizza. We were a bit indecisive about which pizza to get so we got a 10" primavera and a small pizza with 1/2 mushroom and ham and 1/2 eggplant. The primavera pie had a lot of toppings, but we weren't too blown away. The olives were out of a can and the broccoli was probably frozen. The ricotta made for a nice addition and the crust was nice, but overall it was lacking some love. The eggplant on the small pizza also needed some love and was lacking a bit. The ham, however was absolutely delicious! It really made that other 1/2 shine, because there wasn't much to the mushrooms either. The service was AMAZING, and pushed up the rating a bit. Jillian really explained the menu well and was prompt with drinks and was always in the area. Why they didn't get 5-stars: The ingredients on the pizza need more love. If they seasoned some of the vegetables to taste like that ham, this place would be top-notch. The crusts are good, so the ingredients should follow.

Joanne Sickles

Red Rose pizzeria is a family-owned business that have excellent food but more importantly, friendly staff and then atmosphere that is comfortable. I personally have been going into red Rose pizzeria, since before I could even speak. My earliest memory of going into red Rose pizzeria was when I was about three. I am 52 now and I still remember getting pizza sauce all over me.

Amanda Whitener

A great find in Springfield! The service was great, and we loved the margherita pizza!

Jack G.

We landed just after 6 @ BDL on 9/10 and made a mad dash to the Red Rose! You see, we used to be afficiendaos of this venue until '06 when when we moved out West. Despite what people say, you CANNOT get a good Italian pie West of the Rockies!! Wit all of the reconstruction it was still easy to find the old MaDam,in the shadow the MGM! It was just like yesterday!!!! Met & Greeted and escorted to a table and welcomed by #420/WHEELOCK. My Wife told our Waitress about our flight out and how you cannot get good Italian food where we live. She was speechless! We argued about what to order from the time we left Tucson; pizza or an entree. Tonight, after a long flight, it would be pizza and a few cocktails! I/We cannot put into words, how GOOD our pizza was! It was like meeting an old relative, but we're not Italian! Fantastic! Drinks as we remembered, dating back in the late '90's and dining thereafter until we moved. We engaged in conversation with our Hostess who was intrigued by our stories from "Out West." We took our purposely "oversized" pizza to go and consumed it over the next 5 days at the hotel. On our departure date of 9/2013, we took our in-laws to the R/R. Same stellar foor & service by #450 JODI. We are so happy to see that the R/R has survived!

Gary Goulet

Consistently great food and exceptional service. Their pizzas are always top notch. Theyâ??re even getting into having some local microbrews on tap which is great! If youâ??re going to dine here make sure you arrive hungry.

Nicole A.

It wasn't the friendliest of service/seating/people etc but the food was surprisingly good. I liked the open kitchen. The house salad was $14.99 and SUPER DELISH and large!!! Ask for lite dressing. Penne la vodka was very tasty. Fresh garlic in it. Loved that. I wasn't a fan of the pizza. But I live in NY sooo there's that hahaha. Highly recommend for pasta and salad. Yum

Brianna S.

Stopped by Red Rose after visiting the casino based off a recommendation. They have a large menu of pasta dishes and pizza. We ordered one of each and they were both decent, but I wouldn't say amazing. Probably better off going here than any of the restaurants at MGM.

Ashley Paulino

We came here before a concert at MGM it was packed! The wait was well over an hour for a table and we definitely waiting at least 30 minutes for seats at the bar to open up. Get here early to avoid the wait! The meatballs are awesome as were the pizzas. I also really enjoyed their drinks and the bartenders were very sweet and attentive!

Shamia E.

The food is so delicious. I have been coming here since I was a child. I have many memories of eating pizza before or after events at the Civic Center or stopping in after school on my way to the South End Community Center. I brought ny children here for the food as well. We no longer live in Springfield and when we visit Red Rose is on our list of places to eat. I love the lasagna. My children actually tried it this time and enjoyed it as well. Of course they also wanted a pizza. Thank you Red Rose for your continued years of being an upstanding establishment in Springfield. The service is always great. The food is exceptionally delicious. The wait is so worth it because I understand why everyone wants to come to Red Rose. If you haven't been there you are definitely doing your tastebuds an injustice. Everything on the menu has been delicious.

Edmund Appel

Magnificent meal with outstanding service. Had a great first visit. Looking forward to repeating our next adventure here. Thank you Stephanie you're an exceptional server.

Kevin Brown

Good pizza, good service, good price. They're a pizza shop, and while they probably have good non-pizza things... just get a pizza.