Student Prince Cafe And Fort Restaurant

8 Fort St, Springfield
(413) 734-7475

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Marla Darius

We wanted a special lunch and found student prince on open table. We got German food and seafood and had amazing dark draft beers. The other fun thing was photographing the antique buses parked nearby that we got to look at and walk into. The staff was helpful and attentive during the meal. Would recommend.

Eva Dominique Beauvais-Fairchild

So yummy!!! XoxoX

michelle ngila

Wonderful customer service, great food. I highly recommend this place.

Erik deLiefde

Great food, good beer, and great pandemic setup (whole street is blocked off with tables set up). Highly recommend

lauren brunault

Food was delicious as always. Lunch menu included generous lunch portions. The outdoor dining area was set up well and allowed for appropriate social distancing.

Matt Taylor

We came for brunch outside. The whole street is blocked off and they have lots of spaced out tables outside, and spread out indoor seating if that is your kind of thing. Buffet was good, they serve you, no self service. Overall very nice, I would come back again for sure!

Michael Mazzuca

Sitting outside you feel like you are at a dinner theater. Great job on atmosphere, entertainment, food and drinks!

Eddoel Velazquez

Good service great atmosphere perfect date

James G.

I'm a homegrown, homemade Italian food eating kid. Yeah reader, I've grown up eating like a god. When I find a restaurant that beats my mother's cooking, you'll all hear about it. But, the student prince?? Yeah people that'll be the place to go, but until then this is what you've got.... My grandpa makes a prime rib every Christmas for the family, but, sorry Gramps - your prime rib has absolutely NOTHING on this place. Here's a quick little list on why I loved this place. 1. Environment - they have this wicked sick Peter Pan bus in the back of the outdoor seating area that you can walk inside, some hammered mom and her daughters went up there and started dancing and wow was it awesome. I mean truly funny, you got a smile from how content they were with life - it was awesome. Then the music, I mean this guy singing this night was good. Like reader he was damn good, billy Joel good. Guy was on the voice or some shit, sick. 2. Ok food and drinks time. Butter knife cutting prime rib, I got the kings cut with a side of sauerkraut and this cool little hollow muffin, idk something German but it was mad good. The beer? Get the Sparta half and half like they have at the Big E, thing was like 7 bucks for a 20oz and by the end of the night I was about to dance with the mom and daughters on the bus. But seriously the prime rib was the best I've ever had - truly butter knife cutting type of meat. Best prime rib I've ever had! And damn I was full too. Best meal I've had in a very long time, will definitely be going back, can't say enough good things. If you want a good meal for good prices and great drinks - Student Prince it is!

Cindy B-c Powers

Great food, atmosphere, and staff!

Numbers Madrid

It's not in writing. But there is a glue of strong and fond memories that binds customers, staff, owners, alumni and the city to this venerable restaurant and watering hole. Like the loyalty that surrounds a beloved sports team, it is earned and savored in thousands of little fleeting moments and a few really important ones you will never forget. The Fort is part and parcel of Springfield, a warm and welcoming establishment for the past 85 years, and hopefully for generations to come.

Jeff Laun

beautiful place. Great food and drinks.

Anton Tchort

Great place. Clean. Very friendly employees. Would definitely recommend if your in town visiting.

Felicia Adamski

Excellent experience with outdoor dining. Selina was sweet and very efficient. ❤

James Carroll

Great beers and a staff that really wants you to enjoy yourself. The starter hit Ebey point with the sampler. The wurst plate and pork shank with the sides could feed an army and feed them well. The finished was the famous drink. Great topping to an outstanding meal.

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Student Prince Cafe And Fort Restaurant

8 Fort St, Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 734-7475