Student Prince Cafe And Fort Restaurant

8 Fort St, Springfield
(413) 734-7475

Recent Reviews

Laurence Boyett

Simple selection of some German staples and Norteast classics. Any of the Schnitzels are a good choice, the Kaiser Schnitzel is my favorite. We went on a very busy night and still had decent service.

Beth Giguere

Food is fine, atmosphere is unique. Worth a stop for a drink, but personally, I don?t love the food. I was very disappointed that there are only changing tables in the ladies room. My husband was stopped on the way to change our son?s diaper and told that I would need to because there wasn?t a changing table in the men?s room. Very antiquated opinion of gender roles. Dads are parents too, and they should get changing tables to take care of their children. Easy fix, Fort. Join 2019.

eric markl

This was my first time eating at this restaurant so please keep that in mind. My expectations were very high due to many rave reviews I had read from coworkers. I grew up on many German dishes at home and eating out. Although some of the food was good, I felt overall that it was not as good as it should have been.

Bri Duffy

Amazing place amazing decorations amazing food and amazing experience. Great valet. I got the braised rabbit which was delicious. The service was wonderful the decorations are so cool a huge collection of stines.

Robert Wolff

I have wanted to eat at Student Prince for a decade and managed it for Lunch yesterday. Everything was excellent! I had Sauerbraten on Buttered Noodles, red cabbage and cucumber salad. The atmosphere, food, the choice of Non Alcoholic beer, and service was first rate. My German haunts in Manhattan and downtown Boston are gone. So it is especially good that people in Springfield MA are keeping a traditional German restaurant going in such good terms. I was especially glad to see a few French, Hungarian and American dishes on the menu, thus caring for those who like that variety. The Apple strudel ala mode and tasty coffee topped off a wonderful experience. I shall be back.

Martin R.

We stumbled into Student Prince, glad we did. Food was excellent German fare. Place is old school. Looks frozen in time, that's all good because the food is great! Waitress Erin could not have been sweeter. Only downside is I live in New Orleans and may never be back. You reading this however, are lucky to be in Springfield, and should head over NOW!

Jenny Aldrich

I have been going here since I've been a child. When the new management came in they kept some of our families favorites and seemed to have transitioned well. But this time something was off. The overall quality of product was not the same. The service style is not the same level of experience either. Not sure what has changed overall but the restaurant has diminished in quality and experience.

Dmitriy Arkannikov

What an absolutely amazing restaurant. German food at it's best. The place has been in business since 1935 and even so it has been under new ownership since 2014 it is still family owned and operated. Food is amazing. Beer is great. Plus it is a museum of beer steins. There are hundreds of German steins on the walls. Try the goulash and schnitzel!!!

David R.

Great atmosphere and staff. The giant pretzel and butterflied shrimp appetizers were both great. The jager schnitzel was on point. I can't wait to go back and try more dishes

Preston B.

I've been here twice, once for a wedding reception and once with a group for a pre hockey game get together. Both times the food was excellent and the staff was friendly and accommodating. I prefer the Munich Haus over here only because I feel as though it's a little more intimate but that's obviously personal preference.

Christina A.

THE best! After the disappointing casino this was like dying and going to Heaven! After so many never disappoints! Food and beer...and service ... skip the casino!!!!

Scott P.

Delicious food and we left full. Brats and goulash outstanding. Wish rouladen was offered, but wasn't on the menu. Wife is a vegetarian and she had ample choices, and she loved the Pilzmitspatze: Brussels sprouts, shrooms and spatzle. Quaint, if somewhat dated dining ambience. Only qualm was the Muzak in the dining room: piped in Muzak. Would have loved some German ooom-pa to enhance the ambience. Waitress was very good. Free valet parking is a nice touch. Was packed on a Saturday. Barroom looks like fun. Live singing doing oldies (Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor). Will return.

Suzanne Lamkins

Unique and delicious...I don't get over to the Fort often, but every time I do it is always top notch. The brussel sprouts are amazing!!

Lynn Baker

We frequent The Student Prince and Fort Restaurant quite often, though not quite as constantly as we used to. Many of our favorites have been taken off the menu with the new owners. I guess that is bound to happen when you have been a patron for over 60 years, having gone frequently as a child.

Debra Monday

Unappetizing Odors! Upon walking in, the odor of what I can only describe as a mix of urine & old spilled beer hit hard. The place looks good but getting rid of the old carpeting might help remove odors that are historically embedded within. I couldn't stay long enough to consider eating...

John B.

I love the food and I had only one beer,however the beer was a meal.They also have the best server(waiter) in New England. Patrick not only cares but he is smart because he knows how to space things apart. He does not bring all your food and drop the plate in front of you. He places it.In addition to that I am disabled and he made me felt welcomed not an inconvenience.

Ken M.

This a new one for me. German! Starting it off with a recommended Paulaner Brauerei Oktoberfest Bier (a half liter stein, 250 calories (like I care), Festbier, 6% ABV made in Munich, Bayern. This is the servers choice! Not bad. Not an IPA, but I like it. Tastes like Yuegling. For my appetizer, I am trying the "Our Famous" (flash-fried), crispy Brussels Sprouts with truffle honey and smoked paprika. I asked for them to be barely "flash-fried" since I like them borderline raw. This place is packed! Springfield must have a large German presence. I'm impressed! The food comes out quick! 5 minutes?! More important, it's done right. Next up, from the Raw Bar, (3) locally sourced oysters with cocktail sauce and mignonette. Curious how they put their spin on this. Yep. They are quite yummy. Next up is an "Apple Salad" made with kale, [more] Brussels sprouts, Julienne apples, diced carrots, candied pecans and "local" mozzarella with lemon (that's new) vinaigrette. This is a nice, light salad! I asked for extra kale and light on everything else. This place has a nice bar (which can get a bit loud, but hey, these are Germans!), and mellow music. The oysters comes with oyster crackers and a bottle of Tabasco sauce! Ok. I am beginning to like this place! Live band playing now too! The head (Executive) chef here (Orlando Carasquillo) is actually Puerto Rican and knows his stuff! Next up, the goulash (a soup made with braised beef, potato, onions and pepper in a spicy tomato broth). Of course, I asked for extra spicy! Very good! It also comes with oyster crackers. For my entree, a wurstplatte with bratwurst, knackwurst and boar/cranberry (?) sausage with a mustard/seed paste. This should be interesting! My first ever sausage sampling. For my sides, I am having the cucumber salad and the sweet and sour red cabbage. This is damn good!

Lucy L.

Gross place... they suck with the serve and food.. The bar is about the only good thing... new chefs please....

Jennifer Trimboli

It just isn't what it used to be. This was the first time we've gone since it changed hands and it really just is not what it used to be. The atmosphere was nice and the wait staff is great but the food really was not good. I got pork shank which was edible but not great. My husband got a Wurst plate which he also said was edible. My mother (whose favorite restaurant used to be the Student Prince) could barely choke down her steak. The beers were great and the drinks were fine but $29 for a steak you can't eat along with six other mediocre meals and drove over an hour for isn't exactly what we were looking for. Her dinner was so bad that we couldn't get her to order dessert and we were there for her birthday. We wanted to love it because it used to be such a treat to go there but it was just disappointing. We've been going there for 50 plus years and it never disappointed till now.

Carl Slicer

First and foremost our waitress was fantastic. The German food is authentic. It's versatile, it's fun to order from the Old world menu and The rustic old hardwood craftsmanship and stained glass windows are a setting for romance and a lot of fun. Food was great. Service was great. Valet service was great. Couldn't ask for better plus the prices are very reasonable.

Claudia Eberly

Food lately wasn't quite up to par. Tonight after not being there for sometime I will say we were pleasantly surprised! Food was very good. Menu choices very good. Yea the Student Prince is Back again at the Fort!!!

Arthur M.

The Student Prince exceeded my expectations by more than football field! The experience of the restaurant included perfect, personal table service by our server Jeff, who in addition to knowing every ingredient, every dish, it's inspiration and origin, and how it's best enjoyed, was our guide thru the 400 years of history on hand at The Fort / Student Prince. There is no possible way to say enough good words about Jeff, who gained our trust and steered my girlfriend away from her comfort zones (salad, burger) towards the German classics the restaurant is rightfully known for. Her bratwurst and my prime rib (the Sunday special - I would definitely recommend!) were both amazing - bravo to the kitchen on the Sunday in early September 2019 when we visited. I totally understand why Andre the Giant used to love to eat at the Student Prince. The amazing German food, the awesome selection of beer, the professional, witty, knowledgeable servers like Jeff. For a time traveling nerd like me, I have to add: Bravo for the preservation of the beautiful historic dining rooms and artifacts, really giving a deep sense of place and time to the experience.

M J.

They have some nice beers and it's great to come in and sit by the bar. Bartenders are very nice and helpful. The food does leave a lot to be desired. We ate here several times and it wasn't the best. One of the sausages I got ( beef) was ground to the consistency of a hot dog. I've had sausages in Germany and in Poland, which are the sausage capitals of the world. I've had pork, chicken, beef, boar, and venison sausages. They are usually nicely smoked, ground yet still retaining bits and pieces of whole meat, spiced heavily with garlic. The ones I had here were finely ground without the proper spices. Usually, in the sausage world, the more finely ground a sausage the worse the quality of the meat (it's easier to hide bad quality meat when you grind it very finely). The sausage I had here said it was house made. I'm not sure if the meat was of questionable quality or if it was an unknowledgeable chef that decided this was acceptable, but judging by the quality of the restaurant, I think it was the chef that didn't know any better. The sausages here are cooked not grilled. Usually sausage would be grilled. I asked for grilled and very well done since I like it charred. I still got it cooked. I told our server. She took it back and I got it slightly grilled after about 20 minutes, at which point my husband was done with his dinner. It was a fail. We've had other instances when we've come here and didn't receive good food (once we ordered the special of the day which was awful) but this time stands out since it seems they pride themselves on the sausages which are just not authentic. You are better off purchasing a sausage from an authentic Polish or German store and grilling it yourself. You will get a true feel for what it's suppose to taste like. This was not it. Perhaps all the great reviews are due to the fact that people don't know what the authentic taste is like. Not sure, but to me, this was disappointing.

Freddie R.

I went to the the restaurant, I'd say a month or so ago. It was great especially the service. Sheila was absolutely amazing, informative, polite and adorable. (The older gentleman there also that night was not). Ask for Sheila!

Jacquelyn O

Enjoyed our dinner before the Aerosmith concert good friendly service food was great food was tasty and tased Home made

George A.

Disappointed with their german dish of veinershnitzel and spaezel. Veal was " thick, very dry and heavily breaded. The spazel were heavily breaded and salty. Wont go again.

Michelle C.

The male bartender was quite rude to my travel companion who is disabled and hard of hearing. We were so insulted we left before dinner.


The atmosphere and heritage of place only matched by menu and beer list. Does the area justice as far as German/Bavarian history. Definitely recommend if in area!

Jonathan R

No big deal, rookie waiter wasn't very helpful....Interior was dark and not very inviting. Food & drinks are Overpriced and I was NOT excited about the menu selections at all. I had salmon w/apple-kale wasn't crispy on the outside, not very warm either, somewhat tasteless, the kale was too chewy. Meatloaf was just average, pork chops were fatty and the mashed potatoes were very dense. I enjoy going out for dinner and do so regularly, I just wont be back here, other local places prepare salmon with more care, better taste and with finer presentation.

Keith Hall

Wonderful Restaurant! The beer selection is outstanding with something for everyone. I had the meatloaf, which is one of the House specialties, and it was served over mashers....all prepared perfectly. Sautés garlic spinach on the side....yum! My favorite restaurant in Springfield!

Andrew Bennett

Consistently great food with top shelf service. People who expect a great meal know to go here.

Elizabeth D.

Love the shrimp salad with bacon if it is still on the menu it is a great starter...also music keeps up the vibes too...

Christine H.

Wonderful German food!!! Schnitzels were fantastic!!! Very good hot pretzels with jalapeño cheese sauce, and crispy brussel sprouts were a perfect side! Very large interior, good space for large parties.

Daniel Lussier

Fantastic food and Outstanding service.!!!


Really cool German restaurant. Several traditional dishes and time of beer. What stands out most is the atmosphere. Just this old school feel with steins looking the entire ceiling.

Christopher Pullen

We had the cheese wedges and they are incredible. We both ordered the roasted chicken from the prix fixe menu. Everything was great. And portion sizes were very large. For sides I recommend the steak fries or brussel sprouts. I had the lemon berry cake and my friend had the brownie. Both were good. The staff was very friendly and efficient.

Jennifer Ryan

Awesome food! The staff was wonderful! I have been there approximately 4 times and it is always the all around the best!

Ernesto Perez

Great place. Still quality food and ambiance for years and years. Their menu had Renninger and has become smaller. But their selection is still strong. Definitely a place to visit while at Springfield. This is a stipend of the city.


Love this place!! During Christmas they have people singing throughout the evening and are decked out for Christmas.

Clare C

Iâ??ll be honest, Iâ??m not generally a big fan of German food. This place is just the best â?? from the vintage charm to the beer selection to the best Brussels sprouts Iâ??ve ever tasted, itâ??s an easy choice when we are looking to dine in Springfield. The Roquefort salad dressing is fabulous and they give you enough to use on all your other food. Seriously, try it on the sliders, pretzel, or a chicken dish. Incredible. Whatâ??s more, the staff have always been courteous and attentive and (rightfully) take pride in the establishment with its rich legacy. If you havenâ??t yet, youâ??ve got to try this place.

Student Prince Cafe And Fort Restaurant

8 Fort St, Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 734-7475