Outback Steakhouse

440 Middlesex Rd, Tyngsborough
(978) 649-8700

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Katie Copeland

Do not order delivery from Outback directly! We’re live one town over from this location. We placed our dinner order at 5:37 with the understanding that it wouldn’t be delivered for an hour. The estimated delivery time was between 6:24 and 6:34. We anticipated a wait so this was fine. Our food did not end up being delivered until 8 o’clock. I called the restaurant twice and was only told the person was en route both times, no estimated new time or apology was given. The food is ice cold and had to be reheated. The buns and fries were all soggy even after we attempted to reheat them. Save yourself the trouble and order elsewhere for delivery!

Lilang N.

The food was decent and delicious but wasn't like woah! But the customer service was amazing! Even though we ordered their famous fried onion blossom they came out a little deformed. We didn't ask them but the moment they brought it out they say they going to give us another one so we had two 1 free. There steak was really good but at the end of the day there was a lot of food which was decent while the customer service was amazing. The best part: you can choose your steak size and shape. Also on the app you can get something free at least once

Melissa Fedele

My husband and i went for dinner. As always..food was great! Hot and delicious.

Blogger Star

Had their blooming onion for a appetizer, then a outback special, with fries and shrimp, the food was awesome and the wait staff were very friendly and professional.

Mike Bishop

Stop doing masks that sucks people that work there acted as mask Nazis all that work there are sheep and they smell like sheep with there masks on felt like I was in Iran no joke

buttery moves

Steaks are cooked nicely to request. Plenty of space inside, small outdoor eating area. For the $ right now though, you may as well just go to Texas Roadhouse in Manchester for a better steak for a little bit more $.

Robin Merritt

The food was fantastic and the girl at the bar that took care of me she was incredible that's what I call a waitress she deserved every dime choose one of the best waitresses I ever met in my whole entire life from the minute I entered the door to the minute I left they made me feel very warm and comfortable the food was yummy the girl at the bar that serve to me you don't get a better Pleasant and likeable person never loan the service that she gave well how busy she was she really knows how to bust her buns she's the best waitress I ever seen in my life

Andrew Patterson

My first visit to a sit down restaurant in quite a while. Boneless Delmonico with fries. It was fantastic. Staff was very eager to please and very attentive. One of the best dining experiences I have had.

Kim Kozlowski

We ordered from uere during the whole COCIX pandemic. Restaurant opens back up for regilar business and the food a great disappointment tonight. The way it was packaged it looked like it was literally thrown into a to go container and thrown out the door. The steaks were both severely over cooked as well. For 2 meals and paying over $50 and, supporting you during covid , i expected more Outback! So disappointed.....!

Lisa Lavigne

My daughter and her friend are having dinner and in the middle of eating her salad she sees something odd under the lettuce. She then pulls out a rubber glove that was under her salad. I have a picture of this nastiness! Sure wish I could post it.

Lisa Rudewicz

We have been frequent guests at the Tyngsborough Outback. During this difficult time we’ve been generous tippers. So when we look forward to a curbside meal I’d like to think it would not only have what I ordered but a few little percs. So I was disappointed in ordering steamed veggies & not getting them but a replacement. Asking for a side sauce that was skipped & not even a wedge of lemon for my fish. It seems like doing that little extra would mean a lot right now.

Joe Wilkins

Food is consistent! Staff is friendly and helpful. Love the Wings. Tilapia with crab stuffing is great. Ahi Tuna app fantastic.Curbside service done well .

Emily Rodriguez

Ordered to go, did not receive utensils and received old moldy bread. Emailed management to bring up my concern. I was disappointed as Outback normally provides top notch services.

Rene Menard

Too much salt on their food wings are good if you can stand the salt

Richard P.

Outback always comes through. Due to the virus we did ordered before and pick up. Everything was outstanding.

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