Mangia Italian Grill & Sports Bar

81 Main St, Annapolis
(410) 268-1350

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Jessica B.

So, this was a really odd experience overall. My friend and I decided to try Mangia's, since I had a groupon. Most of the other reviews were correct. We walked in and the waitress very abruptly asked how many people and we said 2. She said the upstairs was packed and we could sit outside or on the barstools downstairs. We said we would wait for upstairs and she was adamant on us not waiting. We said we'd eat outside and she said we could order with her inside first. We each ordered - now let me say this place is way overpriced for what they give. I mean, this was a really mediocre menu. We split a calamari (came out cold and chewy) and I ordered the chicken Franco (it was really good but the waitress couldn't find it on the menu and kept asking what was in it) and my roommate ordered ravioli Florentine (the sauce was amazing but the spinach in it was all clumped together and when it was broken apart, it was kind of just chopped spinach that wasn't incorporated). As most people stated, you had to ask for bread and when I asked for butter, the waitress said there wasn't any in the restaurant but brought us olive oil, which was nice - but really? No butter? After we were done, I went in to ask her for a container to go and the check. She didn't come out once to refill drinks or check up. She gave me a pizza box for my pasta (uhhhh) and said that she didn't know how to apply a Groupon and her manager wasn't there to do it so I'd have to wait awhile for someone to help me. I went back outside to My friend and I waited about 15 mins and then went back in and she said "it'll just be another minute". Her coworker did help us then and took my phone for about 5-10 mins to apply the groupon. The whole situation and human interaction part of this meal was strange. The food was good, which is where the 2 stars come in. I can't give more than that because I don't think this place is worth going to based on that

Dennis Barry

Pizza, pasta, Annapolis! What more needs to be said! Renzo, the new owner, is making incredible changes to better serve the locals of Annapolis and the traveling masses that visit this beautiful area! Located right on the water, you couldn't ask for a nicer, cleaner place!

Katiuska Pardavila

We had a great experience. The food was good and the service was perfect. Yes, the crab dip is wonderful!!

Amanda garner

Our waitress was knowledgeable on the menu and recommended the Lumpy Green Tomato’s & Ravioli Florentine & both were excellent! I cannot wait to come back for the food and delicious Sangria!!!

David N

I went to their take -out counter during their late night Friday hours. Their cashier stated that they were out of quarters and dollar bills. When I stated that I was not going to overpay, they asked security to escort me out.


Horrible experience. When I got to the place, there was a worker blocking the entrance to the dining area upstairs and tried to persuade me to not go by lying. He said that I would not be able to buy pizza by the slice. You can buy pizza by the slice if you sit near the bar. As a traveling litigation consultant, the amount of money I needed to spend was not an issue. Either way, I thought it could be a great place to have a couple of drinks and some pizza for my kids. Once upstairs, there was a 15 minute wait to get a highchair. I don't know why, most tables were empty. A simple cheese pizza took about an hour to come out. At that point, I was in a hurry to leave due to personal business reasons and asked for the food to be prepared as to-go. It came out the regular way, and forcibly set on the table by the self proclaimed assistant manager. When my wife told her we asked to-go, we were thrown a small container (no pizza box). She insisted it was our fault because we did not ask the correct server for it. The entire time the server was laughing as if it was a joke. I came with my family from out of town thinking highly of Annapolis, I hope this place does not represent the customs and courtesies of the city. As for the server, the "assistant manager", and the moron blocking the stair way, I hope they like the low ranks of the hospitality industry. Highly doubt their incompetence makes professionals out of them.

ShaNeirah Colbert

I hate doing reviews but this restaurant has racist staff members and I refuse to let that slide in 2019... tonight on the Fourth of July in downtown Annapolis, my family and I stopped here to grab pizza and watch fireworks. While my dad was standing in line my brother said he needed to use the bathroom and so we figured since were in line and planning to eat here we can use the restroom.. as we attempted to go up the stairs an employee at the restaurant told us we needed a receipt so I said to him “my father is in line we are eating here can he use the bathroom” he refused ya. So after my father paid for the pizza and the extremely overpriced lemonade he asked the SAME employee (who WATCHED him pay for the stuff from the stairs) could my brother use the bathroom and he still refused us saying we had no receipt (which I do have PROOF that I purchased both items from there) after we went to the entrance and sat down we counted him let two white men with their daughters go upstairs and use the bathroom and they cane RIGHT BACK out.. about 5 minutes later a black woman and her daughter came inside and asked to use the bathroom and he told them no they must purchase something and after they agreed to purchase a bottle of water and getting permission from the young lady behind the counter with the long brown hair that was in a pony tail he STILL refused them rights to the bathroom as PAYING customers. He did not have a name tag but I am 100% positive that the restaurant has cameras set up as I have eaten there several times. I would like to hear back from a manager or owner and if I do not I will be reporting this to the BBB because I KNOW the staff know the name of this person. Racial discrimination should not still be an issue in 2019... we paid for our pizza and drinks and had proof but still had to walk across the street to use the bathroom.

Patty W.

Nice friendly service. Went midday and food was prompt, had meat lovers pie and Caesar salad, both were delicious.

Wei Chen

One of the worst experiences in an Italian restaurant, first Italian restaurant that don't even serve bread and we had to wait on H2O alone for 45 minutes for petite amount of food. My boys had to go grab a sandwich after more than $80 of food for 4. The Groupon help ease the pain but this will be a one and done for us.


A very enjoyable meal. Great salad and pizza. We were surprised at how much we enjoyed it. Staff was warm and attentive. Will return!

Marie G.

This is a great little spot in town of Annapolis. We had a calzone that was loaded with cheese, onions, peppers and sausage. The side of marinara was absolutely delish. The other meal was a chicken Marsala cooked to perfection and not dried out. Our waiter was a charming young man named Matt be sure and ask for him.

Danielle Sherman-Mears

Waited about 20 minutes for an Italian Grinder/Sub to go (only one other family in the place w us). Order took way too long, then waitress asked what kind of salad dressing we wanted and took another 10minutes to hand over our bag. We headed back to our hotel only to open the bag and find that the sub was just meat stuffed in to a sub roll. No dressing, no lettuce or tomato—- just a wad of meat. And the salad “dressing” was nowhere to be found. Seriously beyond disappointing, especially since they weren’t even busy! I would NOT recommend.


Had the worst service ever. Took 20 minutes just for a server to acknowledge us. Some our our food did not show up until after 1 1/2 hours. The food that we had was good but not good enough to offset the lack of service.

riveted mood

great hardworking staff! we had a pretty big group but a very nice employee took care of us! the food there is good and there are a lot of items for people with allergies.

Vishal Hemlani

If you order pasta, you have to ask for bread... And by the time the bread gets to you, your pasta will be cold.

Jyotsna W.

If you order pasta, you have to ask for bread... And by the time the bread gets to you, your pasta will be cold. When I asked for bread, the waitress said, "oh you want bread? what kind of bread?"... As if bread was not something they serve with their pastas normally without request. I asked another waiter at the same restaurant if they serve bread with pasta normally without request, and they said yes. I ordered the worst chicken marsala ever here.

Daniel Wimberley

In fairness I had a stromboli and didn't try anything really 'Italian'. With that said, it was ok. Not much better than Sabarro at the mall.

anita patel

A lovely restaurant. Food was great. But most importantly the service was phenomenal. Amanda was a sweetheart and quick on her feet. We will definitely be back and ask for her table.

Justin H.

Good place for a taste of Italian. There was a good selection and great pricing, however the service was slow and the food was very basic. There was a single bartender/server at 2 in the afternoon which may have been the reason for the slower service, but the food made me wish I had just gotten a few slices instead. I had the nacho app and the sliders for lunch. The nachos were just basic pizza sauce, mozzarella, and other pizza toppings but on chips, and the sliders were very plain. Food was not bad, and ordering both for less than $25, plus being in and out just over 30 mins wasn't a horrible wait.

Tiffany Henson

Always feel like family when coming in and especially, when leaving out

Mangia Italian Grill & Sports Bar

81 Main St, Annapolis, MD 21401