45500 Miramar Way, California
(301) 737-4000

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I just went through the drive through and got home and found a hair in my burger. I’m so disgusted. Never eating here again. ? Make sure you check your food before taking a bite. ?


Food still delicious, although the size of the burgers have gotten much smaller.Food: 4/5

Valeria Brown

We've always swift service. The servers are always polite, very nice and not to leave out our food is always piping hot!!!!! Great job at California, MD location ?? ??Kid-friendliness: Never any rudeness or issues the servers are very pleasant!Parking: Parking is okay for the location...No complaints!

Karen Atchison

My food was pretty good. I have been to some places that can't seem to get your order right but I didn't have that issue with checkers plus I didn't have to wait long for it and that's always a good thing.Food: 4/5

Ms Amy

Food is pretty good,prices are ok and the workers have never gotten my order wrong the four years I been going there. I go there mainly for dinner sometimes a late hunger pain before or after church or something to munch on like fries a drink or just some ice cream, but not often for Ice cream because the machines are down.Parking: God amount of parking spot and a small not so safe for kids who lack self control.

kristen ledford

My boyfriend loves this Checkers so I go here all the time with him I don't really eat fast food what I love about this Checkers is the people. I always encounter the nicest friendliest people at this establishment. I hardly recommend this Checkers especially for people who love them some Checkers

Brian Jordan

We came after midnight and the server was nice and chipper. Speedy service and good food.


I've never had any issues and very good customer service and outstanding staff

Justin Fox

Late night after a concert and the food was perfect. Crisp fries, juicy burgers. Really hit the spot.

Ashlee Cessorsmo

They like to slam windows in your face directly after handing you your order before you can even get words out of your mouth they don’t even acknowledging you’re even talking to them. The most rudest staff I have ever encountered in a fast food industry

Chris M

Food is decent. Cost more than most fast food in the area

Danielle G.

What the whole hell!? This one meal was almost $10. I couldn't eat this. I had to settle with eating half my fries and calling it a day. My food was literally hard like a brick. My customer service experience was trash too. The cashier was abrasive and acted like me spending money with them was an inconvenience. They had a team member on the phone on FaceTime while dropping food in the fryer. I ordered 3 meals and only 1 was edible. The chicken sandwich meal that was also ordered was cooked the same way the tenders were cooked. This is just sad. There is no way the employees would have fed this food they served us to their loved ones.

Idalmy Concepcion Strong

This is what a $15.89 “10 piece” bone in order of Garlic Parmesan wings looks like ?

Tanya Abbasi

Food was great. Hot and fresh!!

Casey Mcrae

Poorly put together and sloppy. This burger is so gross it's impressive. Did you literally pour the sauce on?

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