45150 First Colony Wy, California
(301) 862-1018

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Sarah P.

Don't bother. It's faster to go to a sit-down restaurant than to be served here. Prepare yourself for a 15-20 minute wait in the drive through. Arrived at the restaurant at 10:25? You might as well leave now, you're not getting those chicken minis.


I have been going here for 10 plus years. In the past the food was on point no complaints from me. Until recently this place sucks the quality of the food is not the same anymore. I get the 4 peice tender meal and the tenders are crispy AF to the point you have to peel the tender just to eat it. The fries are crispy AF dont nobody want to eat some crunchy fries. Just about every restaraunt in St.Marys County is inconsistent including this Chic Fila you just never know what your gonna get. I want my old great tasting Chic Fila back

makayla williams

Whoever worked tonight’s shift on taking orders absolutely horrible. Why hire slow workers? The guy who took my order looked like he could careless about working there. Looking around while getting my order and then acts rude. Doesn’t even ask for my name for my order when I went to get my food it was all messed up. Even charged me for two things that I didn’t even ask for!! Do better chick fil a stop hiring high school kids who don’t care about there costumers or there job!

Donna C.

Drive through has gotten really bad. My order is always wrong when I get home. My fries are cold even if I munch on one before I drive away. It has really went downhill.

Chris A.

Always delicious at chick fil a, I don't get the tenders often but there so good, definitely will get them again. Spicy sandwich always hits and lemonade refreshing

Tim Estevez

Food was overpriced but tasty. The workers are somewhat friendly but seem irritated by the horrible process there. They have two drive thru lanes but one is for mobile order pick ups only. The main problem is you can’t even get into the parking lot to pick up your mobile order because of the super long lines. When you finally pull up the mobile order window no one’s there to greet you. It’s a horrible process. I think they could help 2X as many customers if the workers had a better process.

Michael Einbinder

Food is standard CFA (good), and the only thing I’ve ever had missing in my order was a straw. The downer is the traffic management. I don’t know if it’s the owner/manager who is dumb, or the customers, or both: the line regularly backs up into the street because the “mobile order” lane is consistently left empty while the single “regular” line backs up. Just use it as a second lane like every other CFA in the country. Nobody can even get into the parking lot or get to the 20 curbside spaces when this happens.

Sam Winters

The experience dining inside seems to be slower than the streamlined drive-through service. Over two visits, the cashiers keep adding waffle fries to my order even though I didn't ask for them (not for free either). The indoor play space has been closed for a while. I'm not sure when they plan on reopening it.

Julie Clarke

Just had horrible experience in drive thru. Rush to take our order and didn’t ask what sauces we wanted when we had 4 chicken orders. At window we give them the list of sauces and they have the nerve to be rude (what happened to their rule of conduct) and say under their breath we should just give themThe whole tray. Fortunate I didn’t catch their name. Yes, I guess you should have since we putchased over 50 pieces of nuggets in our order!!!!

Dennis M.

Gong show. Owner, this is the ONLY CF in SOMD. Get your drive though game in order. I had a mobile order and when I pulled up to the window, all the employees served the cars behind me and looked away when I tried to get their attention. Finally I got my CF sandwich. Only the sandwich. No drinks no side. Tossed it at me. I think I'm done.

Elizabeth M.

This has got to be the worst Chick-fil-A I've been been to, and I've been to a lot. Today my friend and I went through the drive-thru and the boy taking our order was blasting music on his phone while taking our order. Then, my friend and I each got ONE sauce with both of our meals. Is there a sauce shortage that I'm unaware of? Because this happens every single time I go to this Chick-fil-A and if you ask for extra sauce, you will be LUCKY to even get three. Last time I went was no better. They dropped the bag before my mom could even grab it. The bag ripped in half and her fries went all over the ground and some inside her car. The man at the window was clearly having a bad day as he proceeded to say "have a nice day" instead of apologizing and getting us new fries or a new bag. My mom was going to drive away when I said "can we at least get a new bag?" He reluctantly got us one and didn't say a word. As someone who has worked in the service industry for years, I know that a bad day should not be taken out on a customer. Between the horrible service, orders being wrong often, and giving one sauce with a full meal... this Chick-fil-A is beyond terrible. I've given it way too many chances but I'll just stick with driving the extra 45 minutes across the bridge to the Prince Frederick location.

Kyrsten Frank

So I drive 20 minutes away to Chick fil a for dinner & ordered a 12 count meal only to get home & find that they only gave me 10. The only solution “Jeffrey” had for me was to come BACK, knowing I have an infant, to only replace the 2 nuggets. I would’ve assumed that they would offer some type of coupon or something other than the 2 nuggets in compensation of me having to drive a total of 40 minutes out of my way for THEIR inconvenience. Traveling with an infant isn’t easy, let alone these gas prices. On top of that, the fries were super soggy, but I wasn’t even complaining about that because I was so hungry. Y’all need to do better.

Thomas Sleete

The food is great, but does anyone at the drive through listen? Twice in a row I’ve ordered egg biscuits and both times I’ve received chicken biscuits. It would be nice if one could get what they ordered. Poor service.

Big L.

Always super busy! Mr. B is always working hard here; and I notice because while waiting in the long line, I see him.

YungGuns T.

They messed my orders up multiple times, and took forever to get it right. I would check your orders before leaving the line!

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