MOD Pizza

44940 St Andrews Church Rd, California
(301) 245-7590

Recent Reviews

Carol B

Mediocre, at best. Service was not great - the employees seemed to be inconvenienced by our presence. Dough was so super thin and burnt. Stingy on the cheese and sauce. We threw away more than we ate.

Ron H.

Ok build your own pizza. Nice sized family salad bowls with fresh greens. Good + quick online ordering.

Jared Angus

If you've never been to Mod Pizza it's a unique experience. You pay one price regardless of what all you put on your personal sized pizza and go down the assembly line as they put it together. Want more cheese? You got it. Still more? Okay! I went with my daughter for a school fundraiser night and it was great. I will definitely go again.

Essence Sandy

This location is so great! I am breastfeeding and my baby has a dairy allergy they always change there gloves and give me toppings from underneath! They never act annoyed that I have this allergy! All of the staff is great too!

Sailor X

This is the first and LAST time I will eat here. The pizza was disgusting! All I could taste was baking soda. And the mega dough pizza is so small. I wasted my money and my time. Now our stomachs hurt. Thanks.

Shameika Chittams

All I got was a salad for the family. Who knew a salad could be so good. They offer different sized salads-- I got the mega (family sized) and it was perfect for lunch for 5.

Kelly Rowland

MOD pizza is the Subway of pizzas. You get it your way. All of the ingredients are fresh, place is super clean. Great concept. Pizza (6 slices) and drink was $11.

Nick Sweetman

Hours say open until 10:00 PM but good service and food end well before 9:45 apparently. Might as well close earlier when employees are in the mood to make good food.

Tom Maddox

This is a great spot for great pizza. Always friendly quick service. Definitely cost more, however the ingredients always taste fresh and the combination of what you can put on your pizza seem endless. My go to is the Mad Dog with mushrooms and onions added but I do like to mix it up. Give them a try I don’t think you will be disappointed

Shannon Carroll

I love the service at this location. The staff and management are always courteous and ensures your order is prepared to your satisfaction.

Lisa Walker

This used to be my favorite place to get pizza from , it was always cooked perfectly, crispy bottom and cheese not brown but melted perfectly. Went there on 4/21 and service was unusually slow even though there wasn’t many people in the place , as we waited we noticed no pizza’s were coming out of over like normal , I told my husband that they were overcooking the pizza , no way should it be taking so long .We finally got our pizza’s and they were burnt up , the crust was not edible and all the cheese & sauce had cooked and was absorbed into the crust , we returned 2 pizzas , we made new ones , but they OVERCOOKED them AGAIN!By that time we gave up and ended up throwing them out at home .Going elsewhere from now on until they retrain the staff which looks all new , most looked like deer caught in headlights ,It’s unbelievable that they can ruin a place and I don’t see the owner responding to complaints on reviews so I guess they don’t care either .

Mary W

ATTENTION ATTENTION! If you are like me and like their spicy pizzas...PLEASE do yourself a favor and get The Jasmine. It is a gift from the pizza God's! DO NOT let all the veggies and stuff deter you from trying this pizza. It is SOOOO amazing and all you're eating is veggies, fruit and protein. If you like their spicy pizzas, you will love this! I will never feel bad of enjoying pizza night with the kids ever again! And it taste better than any pizza I've ever tried.

Stuart P.

Usually, I get a good meal with good service. Today, was the exception! Walked in ordered, went to get drink and the sofa machine was out. Said something to one of the employees and just got a glare. Then, was called up for my pizza And it wasn't even close to being what I ordered. Can't they just pay attention to the customers and our orders instead of chatting being the line!

Mary Stephenson

Great pizza and good price. I can choose any pizza or build my own, all for the same price. Awesome!

Ron Hoffman

Ok build your own pizza. Nice sized family salad bowls with fresh greens. Good + quick online ordering.

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