Nicolletti's Pizza

22741 Three Notch Rd, California
(301) 863-2233

Recent Reviews

Keri L.

While the pizza is great, the service and customer service is not. They changed their policy during the time of the virus to one plate at a time. They did not inform customer at time of order. Asked for a separate plate for pizza. Was yelled at by staff. I will not be back. They have lost a loyal customer who has gone here for years!!

Hilary H.

Best pizza in St. Mary's! The pepperoni and sausage pizza is my favorite. The sausage they use is so much better than your average chain pizza place. Their pizza is fresh and tasty. The mozzarella sticks and pizza rolls they have are delish too!

Pamela Cuda-Moore

My husband loves this place, and it's close to a New York pizza. They do have some really great subs. It's one of Southern Maryland best pizza places.

Derek Niehenke

Still a great place since it's been 20 years since I last visited. Was disappointed when I asked for extra cheese I could still see the crust. But I guess some things change over 20 years. Would still go back maybe in another 20 yrs they will go back to the old way because if this is how I'm gonna die when my arteries slam shut then I will die happy!

Rohan Patil

Wasn't too impressed with the pizza. Doughy and soggy pizza with dry chicken. Late on the carryout time and slightly messed up distribution of toppings.I'm guessing the quality changes a bit if you order in vs carry out just based on the reviews here, but it's ehh from the time I ordered.

Nik R.

Amazing pizza with the best staff ever! Our large group desperately needed food last night and didn't arrive until a half hour before closing. The staff was so kind and accommodating. Never made us feel unwelcomed, even when the kids in our group were a handful. I hope management sees this and gives props to the crew that worked last night!

Dave G.

I had the meatball sub. It was very good. They forgot my fries so they brought out some that weren't in the fryer long enough. I'll give them a pass as all my other visits have been great!

A S.

Excellent quality. I'm from NY and I know good pizza. This is good for Maryland for sure. We have been in the area for the summer and have gotten Nicolleti's 4 times. It has not disappointed once and I'm very easily dissatisfied lol. Cant wait until we are back in the area to indulge again.

Jason W.

The lunch buffet was pretty good, both the salad bar and pizza. I guess I hadn't been for a while as I was shocked it is now $17 with the drink.


Probably the best pizza around, but the last three times I've ordered and then come to pick up, my order has been lost. Getting really sick of coming in expecting almost done pizzas then having to wait 45 minutes as they start from scratch. Once is an accident but this is a trend I'm not enjoying.

Adam Farmer

Consistently good food. We love to ad garlic and extra cheese to our pepperoni pizza. The jalapeno poppers are good too. Up for something different? Try their steak ans cheese or Popeye pizza.

Deborah Stewart

Best pizza in town, nice service, and conformable seating.

Jason Thomas

Pizza has always been good, but my family also had some subs this time and thought those were great also. The sides with the subs were less than stellar this time though, with the fries being undercooked and the onion rings being over cooked. That won’t stop us from going back in the future, but we hope they improve those particular sides next time.


Best pizza in the county. Hilarious dinner tonight, though. I asked for a 12 slice pie as that (usually) results in the perfect slice size. What I got instead was this abomination 10 slice. C'mon guys, you bake the best pie, let's stay on target with the pizza cutter. LOL

Andrew Clark

Attempted to order using the online ordering system. It is not easy to use. The manager called after we had navigated the system and said they would not honor the price given online. He was very argumentative and difficult to deal with. He wanted to charge over $30 more than the online price. So about $80 for two take and bake pizzas and two orders of mozzarella sticks. You have got to be kidding me.

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