Outback Steakhouse

23415 Three Notch Rd, California
(301) 863-5530

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Jason Raley

120.00 curb side pickup order. N this is my Toppings for my loaded baked potato! Unreal’ smh

John V.

First Outback in severeal years! My first impression was that this establishment was more high end than all other Outbacks i have been. For starters there was several open parking spots for a Monday night and even though there are several more for food delivery, physically going to a reataurtant is always fun. We were received by our waitress named Tay (spelling). She was by far the nicest, sweetest, and caring attendant ever; she came by and ensured we were taken care of and our food was at our expectation. Coming to outback a blooming onion is a must! and it sure did not disappoint. I got the steak sandwich, the wife got the salad, and the baby got a chicken w fruit bowl. All was absolutely delicious. The forst impression we got from this place as we came in did not disappoint, it was on par with the food served, the ambiance was great and will decinitely become one of our new go to places. Thanks! and Thanks Tay!!!!

Theresa P.

We enjoyed our meal and were almost finished eating, I cut into the remaining chicken breast and it wasn't cooked thoroughly. I cut up the rest of the chicken, and none of those pieces were done, either. We got the servers attention. She apologized, and offered me another chicken breast to take home. I almost didn't take the offer but decided to. They brought out a to-go bag in a few minutes, I explained that due to the other breast not being cooked entirely, I wanted to slice up the chicken while there. I sliced it up and it was cooked thoroughly. The manager came out to apologize and explained they have a new cooking method that is similar to a pressure cooker which shortens cooking time allowing them to prepare food quickly. Sometimes when meat is thicker on one side than the other, the cooking time isn't enough. I'm sure that they'll tweak this to avoid this issue in the future. Not only did they credit us for my meal in the restaurant but they prepared my entire meal to-go, at no cost to us. Why do I say this was a great experience? When the staff was alerted to the problem, they went above and beyond to make it right. I would have been satisfied to have my meal credited, and a thoroughly cooked chicken breast to take home. To have been given the potato soup added to the chicken breast is lagniappe.

Yvette F.

I had dinner with my husband at this Outback. The wait time was under 10 minutes. Pretty good for a Friday evening. Our server Amanda was very good. Attentive , very outgoing and friendly!! I had the Alice Springs chicken and my husband had the outback sirloin. Both were cooked very well.

towanda estep

Everytime I have been out to this restaurant, the staff is so pleasant. From the time we have walked in the door and leaving the staff is very courteous. Today when we're I'm there our server Glenn was exceptional and he did it with a smile. We met the manager, Shawn Grey and he explained to us about the manager coming out to meet the customers, which isn't enaf idea. I try want the corporate office to know that whenever you have a great staff, remember that they too have families and also, treat your staff as if they are your family. When you get a great staff you appreciate and acknowledge what your staff do to keep us as customers happy.

Rachel S.

Thank you Dylan for ensuring that the steak was well done! My bestfriend is pregnant and he had her check her steak before she started eating(:

Amanda Burgett

We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday evening and Sarah M. was our waitress. She was absolutely incredible! Sarah is the perfect example of a server. She made sure we had everything we needed, but also let us enjoy our food and company without being bothered too much. The food was delicious and the steaks were cooked perfectly. I would recommend this location for Sarah's service alone!

Bertricia Decat

My daughters and I went and the experience was HORRIBLE. We read reviews beforehand, but wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Never again. The wait was 20 minutes or longer. We were not provided with silverware or napkins when seated. We had to bring our own. We ordered steak and it was dry with no taste. The service was the WORST. Our waitress was the only person actually trying. We will never be coming here again.

Bill R.

We had dinner tonight and for a chain restaurant everything was great. I was very impressed with the service and the staff. The food was good for what it was. My wife had the sangria which was delicious and all of our food came out timely and tasty.

Caroline D.

I was blessed with having an amazing server named Tae ! She was super helpful and had an amazing positive attitude. I would definitely go back again, Great service and food.

Clark L.

I was really craving a steak while out with shopping with my girlfriend and grandma. So, we went to this Outback! And boy oh boy, were we not disappointed!! The service was not only speedy, but our server was extremely personable, friendly, and helpful! Beyond this, the sirloin steak was seasoned beyond phenomenal! The steak was also cooked just right! It was much better than other Outback's that I have been to in the past. Lastly, I tried the new strawberry salad and it was amazing too!! I don't normally like Pecans, but I found a new appreciation for them today. I highly recommend this restaurant! :)

Carol-Luanne Smith

Server was nice and drinks came out fast, but we waited so long for entrees that I nearly decomposed. Got our food and there was a hair in one of the salads, a steak was cold, and the prime rib sandwich looked like they scrapped the burnt bits off the grill and threw it on a bun. Don’t even know why I come back here, the service and food only gets worse.

Latosha Davis

Our bread was great and out quickly as well as our waitress. She was awesome. Our cheese fries barely had any cheese or bacon on them and our steaks were very undercooked. Ordered them well done and both of our steaks were bleeding when we cut into the middle. The last time we came in, the service wasn't the greatest, but everything was good until the steaks came out..they were burnt. Looks like the cook(s) need to watch the grill a little better.

Lavender Gooms

We went here on Father's Day for dinner. It was crowded, but that was to be expected. We didn't have to wait long for a table, though, which was good.The waitress warned us that the kitchen was backed up. It definitely was. We went through alcoholic beverages, at least 3 of the bread and butter boards, and a bloomin onion and were still waiting. The bloomin onion was too greasy and I think they overdid it with the spices. The margaritas didn't seem very strong, according to my family member.By the time our food arrived, I was so filled up on bread that I took my whole meal home. The loaded baked potato was very good. The grilled shrimp had that same spice that I think they put on everything there. I'm not a fan of it, but otherwise the shrimp were good. My dad liked the iced tea and his meal.

Elizabeth Marie Pope

Ask for Delainey!! She’s great with checking back with you to make sure everything is great, awesome with watching where she places the food so your young ones can’t get to it easily, and is always in a great mood!

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